Today we are looking at Washington DCs newest I71 storefront, Legacy! There comes a time in everyone's life when they begin to ponder what mark they will leave of their existence on this dusty planet, what their legacy will be. The Gentleman's is already assured, of course. I've skateboarded over Springfield Gorge, sent the girls volleyball team to state, took my vengeance on and invented the Fing-longer.

Taking a trip to Legacy last week, Washington DC’s newest I71 recreational dispensary, put me in mind to ponder my own. Surely, the Gentleman will one day be posthumously honored with the title of Poet Laureate when the critics finally discover the sensuous volumes of his Mega Man/RoboCop slash fiction, Pleasure is the Prime Directive, but is it enough to merely be a literary sex symbol? Should one not aspire to some higher purpose, some further benefit to society than inflaming its base, carnal drives with the potency of my prose? True fact, half of the people that read that last sentence are pregnant now. Oh woe, what a terrible burden greatness be or some jazz like that. Speaking of greatness! Allow the Gentleman to introduce Legacy…

Shopping at Legacy

You can find Legacy above the Capital One bank at 1937 14th St NW, on the corner of 14th and U Street. Its presence here is subtle, announced only by a sandwich board on the sidewalk outside and their name on the glass door. It blends in seamlessly with the nearby offices & shops, and which is cool, I like max Stealth builds. Parking isn’t that difficult at this end of Columbia Heights, and your closest Metro is actually the U St/African-American Civil War Memorial/Cardozo stop. In fact, the AACW Museum is open 11am-4pm Mon-Sat if you’ve got some time for sightseeing on your visit.

Legacy DC Store

Legacy’s got a fair bit to see itself. Calling it a dispensary actually does it a disservice, since Legacy is a legit art gallery dedicated to street art, hip-hop, and DC culture. Adorning its walls are framed posters and photos of local graffiti, musicians, festivals, and historical buildings, but I find my eye drawn most to the poster for the movie DC Cab with 80s icon Mr. T wielding an entire car door for some reason. I gotta see this movie. Check out the vinyl collection in the back and all the cool books for sale about music, art, and cannabis! You can peruse their titles on their website, too.

Legacy DC with GT

And, yes, Legacy has weed gifts! They’ve got the Next Level kief & rosin-infused prerolls that I like, plus a rock-solid edible line-up that currently features Jackpots, Baghead Boys, and Rockets, all of which are approved for reliable potency. Legacy was kind enough to allow your Gentleman to review their entire menu of flower for their grand opening and I was mighty impressed. You really can’t go wrong with any of their options, their curation team did a fantastic job. But if I had to choose just one…

Legacy DC Wedding cake

GRADED: Wedding Cake

Legacy’s Wedding Cake is a sublime example of expert cultivation and presentation. I was immediately taken by its sweet aroma, reminiscent of confectionary sugar, and its superbly smooth smoke- especially remarkable for a flower that exhibits such large, bushy trichomes. This is the second time I’ve found a perfect trichome and smoke score in the same flower in recent months. Perhaps the correlation between big trichomes and heavy smokes isn’t quite as strong as I’d thought. I’ll twirl my mustache on it…

I found this Wedding Cake sample to be quite relaxing, with a slight mood boost and easy laugh. Some fatigue is noticeable but easily surmountable, but I still wouldn’t recommend it for the daytime unless you have nothing better to do than binge the entire Yu-gi-oh Abridged series, as I couldn’t concentrate on brain-tasks at all. I kept visiting my thought bank and being told my account was overdrawn, come back tomorrow. Socialization, on the other hand, came easily, as this strain doesn’t put me on a different planet from everyone else. It’d be a great option for hanging with friends, if that’s the sort of kink you’re into, the Gentleman don’t judge.