Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC)

Miracle Alien Cookies (a.k.a. the MAC) is one of the most popular weed strains available today, but its rise to glory was indeed something miraculous. In the early 2010s, a breeder called Capulator crossed a Colombian plant he sourced from South America with Alien Genetics' Starfighter and saved the seeds.

Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC)

About four years later he decided to pop the seeds and put them in his pocket, but forgot about them and did laundry first! Luckily, he retrieved the seeds before putting his clothes in the dryer. To Capulator's surprise, they all germinated — but only one plant survived. He dubbed this male Miracle 15.

In need of a female, Capulator chose Alien Cookies from JAWS, telling Cannabis Now that Alien Cookies is "probably the most incredible flower many people will smoke in their lifetime" but that it's "incredibly slow growing and doesn't stretch at all, so yields are terrible."  Although he didn’t have much time to work with the Miracle beforehand, he felt it would outcross the growth rate and yield to Alien Cookies. Even though only one of the first 10 Miracle x Alien Cookies seeds popped, it did exactly what Capulator had hoped, and the MAC1 was born!

After giving clones to trusted friends, the first Miracle Alien Cookies seeds to be distributed were given out at Chalice Festival 2016. Later that year, the remaining pack of MAC strain seeds was auctioned for $15,000!

FYI, the original and most popular MAC clone is the MAC1 pheno, referred to as Cap’s Cut. The breeder has also released MAC4, however, and since Miracle Alien Cookies seeds were also released, there’s a number of other phenotypes that could be in circulation.

Miracle Alien Cookies Genetics

Vintage: 2015

Breeder: Capulator

Lineage: Alien Cookies F2 #7 (female) x Miracle 15 (male) 

It’s rare to find newer exotic strains that are bred with landrace strains, but the MAC strain lineage has a paternal grandparent that was sourced directly from Colombia. Its other paternal grandparent, Starfighter, contributes to its hardy growth characteristics, and the Alien Orange Cookies mom is to thank for the MAC strain terpene profile. Despite maintaining much of the soaring potency from that Colombian grandparent, the most popular MAC1 pheno of Miracle Alien Cookies has a flowering time of only nine weeks. More information on growing MAC is below — including where to get MAC seeds!

Miracle Alien Cookies Effects

The MAC strain is a great balance of all its components: an heirloom Colombian, a legendary American vintage (Starfighter), and a modern elite (Alien Cookies). Dark Heart Nursery says that the “heirloom South American genetic provides a clear, soaring, cerebral experience” to complement the “chill, modern polyhybrids” to provide effects which are “euphoric and long lasting.” According to Capulator, MAC1 has an uplifting high that puts him “...in a good mood, allows me to be productive, talkative. I don’t lose my train of thought or get stuck when I smoke it.” 

Reports from users agree that the MAC strain offers a happy, relaxing buzz that enhances focus and productive energy, boosts creativity, and doesn’t inhibit social functioning. 

Miracle Alien Cookies Medical Benefits

Miracle Alien Cookies is a fairly versatile strain for a number of therapeutic intentions but its well-balanced effects are particularly useful to users with chronic pain or conditions that require powerful relief. User reports suggest MAC1 helps alleviate anxiety, depression, stress, and fatigue while also relieving the muscles, joints, and nervous system. This strain is a great option to uplift both mind and body without being cumbersome or losing productivity and social skills. 

The primary side effect of MAC1 is increased appetite, but with higher doses it may induce paranoia and dizziness in some patients. 

Miracle Alien Cookies Characteristics

The MAC strain is a dark green strain with purple tints and heavy  trichome coverage. Its buds form into long oval shapes with football-shaped tops.

It has gassy, pungent, and spicy smells according to Dark Heart Nursery, but Capulator says that when grown properly, “MAC smells kind of like sour cherry Yoplait yogurt.” Some may also notice sweet and earthy aromas. 

As for flavor, MAC1 tastes a lot like it smells: At first sour and sweet, but then funky, spicy, and finally earthy, with an incense-like exhale.

Growing Miracle Alien Cookies and MAC Strain Seeds

MAC1 is a vigorous plant with sturdy, thick stems that stretch into large central colas with minimal side branching.  Main branches will stretch but yield heavily without the need for support or intensive training. High leaf-to-calyx ratio means some pruning is probably necessary and that it will take longer to trim than some commercial strains. 

Seeds of MAC V2 are now available, but the original MAC seeds will be hard to track down. Not to worry, though! This batch is the same cross with a different male selection for an improved MAC terpene profile. It’s not easy to track down, but it’s currently available at Insane Seeds.

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