GRADED: Natural Vibes DC

Today we're checking out Natural Vibes, a weed delivery service in Washington DC. The Gentleman knows all about vibes, daddy-o. I'm rocking black tourmaline to ground me, blue calcite to freshen up my aura, and a pocket full of pennies to chew whenever I'm under psychic assault from the astral plane so I can spit mad mindfire at Nega-Dragons. What's so funny? Oh, you thought I meant the other kind of vibes. A coitus joke, what hilarity!

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So What's the Process Like?

Natural Vibes DC makes it a breeze to schedule your order and delivery.  Their website has a refreshingly clean, simple, and appealing layout with a clearly identifiable menu and “specials” page. FYI, the Fire tier of Flowers is their top-shelf gift. After perusing the beautiful photos of their expansive list of offerings, Natural Vibes directs you to their main business line to text your order, delivery time, and address for the meetup. 

I placed my order an hour or two in advance of my expected pickup.  I received a response minutes later confirming my appointment.  It’s that easy!  Better yet, Natural Vibe’s delivery driver arrived within five minutes of my requested delivery time with my gift in hand. I’ve been scarred by multiple deliveries where I’ve been stood up or left without a response for hours.  

Sometimes, it’s just nice to win one.

GRADED: MAC 1 "Miracle Alien Cookies"

Dumping the contents of the mylar bag onto the rolling tray, I found myself looking at a collection of small-to-medium sized buds boasting a chartreuse to pear green complexion. Typical of a MAC strain grown properly, the trichome coverage is impressive and literally glistens in the light.   

For the novice nose, this cut of MAC 1 has a fresh, sweet and herby aroma that demands a second whiff. MAC connoisseurs will be equally pleased as they pick up on doughy and creamy notes, with hints of lemongrass and citrus. Through a water pipe, MAC 1’s smoke was malty, earthy-sweet, rubbery and ever slightly tart. 

Here is how the flower graded out:

MIracle Alien Cookies
Natural vibes DC GPA

Like the Millenium Falcon jumping into hyperspace, MAC 1 instantly grabbed ahold of my senses and took me for a trip or two around the moon. I found the strain to possess a “heady” and cerebral-dominant effect that had me feeling flush in the face and loose all over. Despite the obvious potency, the high was delightfully functional and without any lingering heaviness tying me down as the day wore on (and the number of bowls smoked exponentially increased).  I spent the afternoon with MAC 1 and a laundry list of chores.  The results… well, depends who you ask.  Instead of the actual laundry or the dishes in the sink, I did a really nice job color coding the bookcase and vinyl collection, all the while binging a fascinating podcast about sports betting by NBA referees. Great day in my book.  You’ll get things done with the influence of MAC 1, it just may not be what you were expecting...

MAC 1, rated a 3.7/4.0 GPA (Gentleman Point Average), remains AVAILABLE at Natural Vibes DC. Check the website for hours and text 202-246-6013 to place an order.

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