I-71 Buying Guide

gentleman toker dc i 71 buying guide

Who has the best weed in DC? Who has the strongest weed in DC? Who has the cheapest weed in DC that ain’t some seed-filled shwag? These are three of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Gentleman Toker, so we thought, why not oblige? Every week, we hit up the District weed brands that our team has vetted for reliability and professionalism to check out their latest flower gifts. We consider the bag appeal of each sample, its scent, flavor, trichomes, resin production, structure of the whole bud, consistency of its grind, the exclusivity of the strain, and whether it is an exemplary representation of its genetics. Then we smoke it! The best of the best are presented here each week, a list curated by connoisseurs for...well, for you, whether you’re new to cannabis, returning, an everyday smoker, designer bag-chaser or exotic strain hunter. Good weed for everyone, huzzah!    

Please note! DC gift menus change frequently. All the strains listed below have been confirmed available on the publish date, but you know what they say- good gas travels fast, so get yours ASAP! FYI, this list is just for cannabis flowers. If you’re more inclined to eat your weed then smoke it, then check out this guide to our favorite marijuana edibles brands and products in Washington DC, all vetted for efficacy by our team (usually me. Hi /waves awkwardly) 

Best Sativa of the Week

Jamaican Lamb’s Bread from Legacy DC






One thing about us here at Gentleman Toker, we love a little wake and bake. I mean, are you a true stoner if you don’t make extra time in the morning just for a quick toke? It’s like a form of meditation or self care ritual for us honestly. That’s a big reason why we were so excited to see this strain pop up in our samples! Jamaican Lamb’s Bread is not only one of our favorite sativa strains of all time but also Bob Marley’s. As you can probably tell from the name, this strain is a land race from Jamaica. The buds, reminiscent of sun-soaked terrain, boast vibrant greens accented with fiery orange pistils. The trichomes are plentiful and remind us of morning dew glistening in the Caribbean sun. Upon cracking the seal of the bag, a wave of sweet, earthy aromas dances in the air, reminiscent of the rich Jamaican soil. Hints of citrus and a touch of pine invigorate the senses, confirming to us that a complex flavor profile is to follow. The aroma is reminiscent of Jamaican spice markets and sweet cocktails. When it was time to light the spliff, the smoke was smooth on the throat. The first inhale graced our taste buds with a distinct sweetness, akin to ripe tropical fruits, mingling with a subtle herbal undertone. As the smoke caresses the palate, a gentle spiciness emerges, leaving a delightful peppery finish that lingers in the mouth. The Jamaican Lamb's Bread unfurls an energetic high, making it the perfect wake and bake strain. A couple tokes in and we were feeling so uplifted, it was like the rhythm in a Bob Marley track! (I couldn't resist!) A cerebral buzz sets the stage, inspiring creative thought and a mellow sense of well-being. With this strain, you can save the hassle of buying a vacation ticket to experience a bit of Jamaica. Head over to Legacy and experience it for $65/eighth.

Best Hybrid of the Week

Cotton Candy from Gifted Curators DC






If you’re new to reading the Buying Guide then let us tell you about the Gifted Curators menu! Not only is it ever changing, but you just can’t seem to go wrong with ANY of the picks from the menu. This week, Cotton Candy is a great hit and we'll tell you why you should go grab it before it disappears from the menu. It may or may not return ever again, muahahaha. First things first, Cotton Candy is a cross of Power Plant and Lavender and was originally bred by Crop Kings Seeds. Imagine a meadow after a sprinkle of stardust! These buds boast a delightful mix of pastel greens and delicate lavender hues. The trichome-laden nugs have a soft, fluffy appearance, akin to the fluffy clouds of spun sugar. Opening a bag of Cotton Candy reveals a bouquet that combines sweet, floral notes with a subtle earthiness. It's just like strolling through a garden of blooming flowers with a hint of sweetness in the air. Inhale deeply and let your senses feel what we did! Once the nug is broken down, the aroma turns playful, mingling with a subtle citrusy twist. The taste is where Cotton Candy truly lives up to its name. As you inhale, a burst of sugary sweetness dances on the palate. This is followed by a smooth, herbal undertone that adds a layer of convolution to the experience, leaving you with a gentle, lingering sweetness on the exhale. Once the toke session comes to an end, it induces a euphoric, uplifting high that can boost and enhance sociability. (Lord knows I needed this!) The initial burst of euphoria had us giggling like a kid in a candy store, setting the stage for a fun, lighthearted high. Strap in, as Cotton Candy is your ticket to the cosmic carnival! If you missed the fair this year, let Gifted Curators give you a ride for $55/eighth   

Best Indica Of The Week

Orangutan Glue from Tree of Life Art Collective






Maybe we’re a broken record, or possibly just love being spoiled for choice, but Tree of Life Art Collective DC also has an always changing menu full of really great options. It’s like being in a candy store as a kid and not being able to choose. As you all should know by now, new strains? We love them! It excites us. It’s what we live for!!! (Jk, or am I? Haha) Jokes aside, this week we got to sample some Orangutan Glue. This strain is a triple cross of Gorilla Glue x California Orange x a Ruderalis. The breeders at Fatbush Seeds state that there are 4 years of breeding work behind this strain. Upon first inspection, the buds of Orangutan Glue reveal themselves with a blend of earthy green with pistils that have a vibrant orangutan-orange zest. The trichomes on these nugs start sticking to everything they touch like velcro on a fuzzy sweater. The initial whiff of Orangutan Glue is a sweet, citrusy burst, like a freshly peeled tangerine. The scent of freshly peeled oranges mingled with a hint of earthiness and a whiff of glue (not the school supply kind!) definitely felt like getting a bear hug from an orangutan holding a fruit basket. Taking a toke of Orangutan Glue is like sipping on a mimosa at 420 friendly brunch. The tangy burst of citrus invigorates the taste buds, leaving a subtle, glue-like stickiness on the palate that's strangely delightful. As you continue to smoke, the flavor profile maintains its citrus dominance. Exhale, and you'll detect the signature Gorilla Glue spiciness lingering, a pleasant reminder of its heritage. The high starts with a powerful, euphoric headrush that gently morphs into a profound sense of relaxation. Our thoughts would swing from canopy-high creativity to tranquil forest stillness, making it a versatile choice for both day and night. If you’re looking for a citrusy strain that isn’t sativa, Tree of Life got this for $45/eighth.


Best Indica Strain of the Week

Slurricane from Voyager Club DC






When you think of Slurricane, do you also think of big waves of relaxation? Good, because that’s exactly what this batch from Voyager Club is packing! Any flower from Voyager Club is unique and distinct from every other bud we review here on the Buying Guide. Every strain is not only district-grown but always boasts long, bright orange pistils on each fluffy nug. It’s hard to mistake it for any other flower and this week’s sample fits that to a T. Slurricane is a duo cross of Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch was originally bred by In House Genetix. This batch was grown and harvested by Voyager Club themselves. The buds of Slurricane boasts a rich tapestry of colors. Deep shades of green intermingle with purple and are adorned with Voyager Club’s signature fiery orange hairs. The trichome coverage is generous, giving it a crystalline, shimmering appearance. Upon first whiff, Slurricane unleashes a complex bouquet of fragrances. It’s like sticking our nose into a bag of mixed berries while standing next to a pine tree. Yeah, it's fruity with a hint of the Voyager Club’s signature earthy goodness. The flavor profile of Slurricane stays true to its aromatic promises. Inhaling this strain reveals a sweet taste that coats the palate. As we exhaled, an earthy, almost nutty quality emerged, followed by a whisper of tropical fruitiness. The aftertaste is pleasantly lingering, making each hit a smooth one. The high started with a gentle cerebral euphoria that quickly cascaded us into a profound body high. It's as if a warm, comforting blanket enveloped us, easing away all the tension in our bodies. We were elated when we got the chance as we felt at peace after winding down after a long day. If you are looking to do some self care while you relax, Slurricane is the strain at $60/eighth

Best Hybrid of the Week

Pink Runtz from Violet City DC






Violet City DC has always brought flowers to the table but now you can enjoy them at one of their members-only events too! We’re talking good music, good times, and most importantly, good vibes! If you tune into their instagram page (violet_goodies_dc) you will be able to inquire on these fun events they're having. This week, we got to try Pink Runtz. Now, we know what you’re thinking, Runtz being a hypebeast and most times not living up to the hype. Well, Violet City has come to help you enter the Runtz world without absolutely hating it. Pink Runtz is a phenotype of Runtz which is a cross between Zkittles and Gelato with the original breeders being Universally Seeded. The nugs on this strain are like ominous nuggets of the upcoming spooky season arriving ahead of schedule. Royal purple leaves are punctuated with small brown and dark orange pistils. The nugs are adorned with shades of forest green and the trichomes? Yeah. They shimmer like fairy dust, just waiting to be sparked so they can work their magic.  
Now, onto the bouquet, and let me tell you, the olfactory experience is a journey. Pink Runtz greeted us with a medley of floral notes. Hints of berry, grape, and tropical sweetness intermingle with subtle earthy undertones. Imagine stepping into a botanical garden filled with fruit trees and cacti. How did it taste, you ask? Pink Runtz is like a bag of Skittles with notes of Gelato. Our taste buds picked up on hints of tropical fruits, and berries. Our throats felt a creamy, dessert-like finish that makes the smoke smoother. But there's more complexity beneath the surface. A subtle herbal and spicy essence adds depth to the overall experience, making it more than just a one-dimensional sugar rush. Pink Runtz brung about a balanced high that's ideal for both recreational and medicinal users. Midsmoke and we felt a euphoric, uplifting bliss, while being kept grounded and relaxed. This equilibrium makes it versatile, suitable for creative endeavors or if you’re like us, social interaction. It's not too overwhelming, though; we were able to stay grounded enough to enjoy the journey. As our interstellar adventure came to a close, Pink Runtz gently eased us back down to Earth with a calming, soothing sensation. No abrupt crash here, y’all. This mellow high could be yours for $55/eighth.   

Best Exotic Of The Week

Ménage from Elevated Lounge DC



Complex Flavor


White Ash

If you’ve been keeping up with our Buying Guide, then you know, if you’re looking for consistently good smokes…Elevated Lounge is the way to go. This week, we were excited to try the Ménage as we have never smoked this strain before. Ménage is a cross of four different strains, Zkittles x Triangle Kush Bx3 x Gelato 41 x Kush Mints and originally bred by Seed Junky Genetix. Menage’s dense buds exhibit aesthetically rich, emerald green leaves, boasting chestnut yellow pistils, all cloaked in a shaggy layer of trichomes. They glisten like a disco ball at a party, and that's not even an exaggeration! We caught ourselves taking extra deep sniffs just to savor the aroma a bit longer. Menage teased our olfactory senses with a beguiling blend of earthy notes, hints of citrus, and a touch of floral sweetness. The floral note is like a bouquet of freshly picked fruits and a hint of mint dancing in the air. It was like walking through a eucalyptus forest after a rain shower, with a bouquet of wildflowers in hand. The first toke unfolds its symphony of flavors with finesse. A complex profile, where the earthiness takes center stage, followed by subtle citrus undertones and a whisper of mint. Smoking this strain is like savoring a high-quality herbal tea with a citrusy twist. Menage didn't just flirt with our taste buds; it waltzed through our mind and body with a tantric charm. First, we felt a gentle cerebral buzz. Then, it cradles our body in a warm embrace. The initial heady euphoria gradually gives way to a soothing body relaxation. It's as if our mind and body were engaged in a delightful dance of relaxation and bliss. If you’re looking for this kind of high, it can be yours to experience for $65/4 grams.