I-71 Buying Guide

gentleman toker dc i 71 buying guide

Who has the best weed in DC? Who has the strongest weed in DC? Who has the cheapest weed in DC that ain’t some seed-filled shwag? These are three of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Gentleman Toker, so we thought, why not oblige? Every week, we hit up the District weed brands that our team has vetted for reliability and professionalism to check out their latest flower gifts. We consider the bag appeal of each sample, its scent, flavor, trichomes, resin production, structure of the whole bud, consistency of its grind, the exclusivity of the strain, and whether it is an exemplary representation of its genetics. Then we smoke it! The best of the best are presented here each week, a list curated by connoisseurs for...well, for you, whether you’re new to cannabis, returning, an everyday smoker, designer bag-chaser or exotic strain hunter. Good weed for everyone, huzzah!    

Please note! DC gift menus change frequently. All the strains listed below have been confirmed available on the publish date, but you know what they say- good gas travels fast, so get yours ASAP! FYI, this list is just for cannabis flowers. If you’re more inclined to eat your weed then smoke it, then check out this guide to our favorite marijuana edibles brands and products in Washington DC, all vetted for efficacy by our team (usually me. Hi /waves awkwardly) 

Best Sativa of the Week

Amnesia Haze LSD 25 from Tree of Life Art Collective DC






Whenever I seem to talk about Tree of Life Art Collective of DC, I always have to bring up the fact that they have 150+ strains on their menu. This week we got to try a rare fusion called Amnesia Haze x LSD 25 bred by Sensi Seeds and Barney Farms. Upon first encounter, the citrusy zest of this strain harmonizes with the earthy, almost metallic tang of the LSD 25, creating a unique acidic terpene profile that overpowers the nostrils. Rich greens and short pistils intermingle with light greens. These buds are like a neon sign at a winter light festival – bright, vibrant, and definitely giving a show. The initial inhale is a journey through a real all you can eat buffet of flavors. The haze notes awaken the palate, followed by a citrus harshness that awakens the experience. As the smoke unfolds, the distinctive metallic undertones reminiscent of LSD tabs emerge (Or so we’ve been told…), creating a complex flavor profile that is both surprising yet satisfactory. The flavor profile is like a DJ spinning beats on my taste buds. Imagine zesty lemons doing the cha-cha with acidic undertones, all while a subtle metallic tang sneaks in for an encore. Amnesia Haze kicks in with a blast of energy that made me feel like I just discovered the secret to time travel. I was doing more than one task at a time which is unlike me. Meanwhile, lighting the joint back up adds a touch of psychedelic whimsy – colors pop, thoughts dance, and suddenly, I’m the star of my own Marie Kondo show. The Amnesia Haze influence brings a euphoric, energizing head high, perfect for checking off your checklists or engaging in productive creativity. Let the Tree of Life’s genetics introduce a busy bee body buzz that kept me tethered to a state of tranquil motivation for $55/eighth.

Best Hybrid of the Week

Pink Kill Moe by Terp Lords from Gifted Curators DC





Gifted Curators has been providing us with some of the best locally grown exotic flowers. These new strains bred by Terp Lords x Wizards of Za have been a recent addition to their rotating menu. In my opinion, Pink Kill Moe is one of the best names for something grown in the city. It’s giving culture and with the bag appeal of Courage the Cowardly dog smoking a joint, I was elated to open this bag. According to the breeders, Pink Kill Moe is a cross between two infamous Runtz strains, Pink and Obama. 
Upon first inspection, the buds boast a blend of dark pink and purple hues with frosty trichomes. The aroma is an interesting tapestry of sweet berries, citrus, and a subtle earthiness, immediately setting the stage for the sensory adventure ahead.The aroma? Imagine walking through a candy store on a cloud – sweet, fruity, and a hint of something mysteriously similar to Gelato. Upon inhalation, the Pink Kill Moe delivers a smooth and velvety smoke, indicative of a well-cured flower. The initial few tokes are a burst of sweet berries, followed by a pronounced pine undertone that adds a refreshing twist. As the smoke lingers, an earthy note becomes more pronounced, grounding the overall flavor profile and providing a well-rounded experience.Exhale, and watch the room fill with clouds with remaining sweet loud aroma lingering. The high kicks in gently, inducing a cerebral euphoria that gave me a slight mental stimulation. This is complemented by a soothing body buzz, a nod to the relaxing characteristics inherited from Obama Runtz. It felt like a wizard casting a spell of pure bliss over my mind and body. It's uplifting, energizing, and might just make you feel like you’ve just discovered the philosopher's stoned. No abrupt crash, just a gradual descent back to reality, leaving you with a sense of calm and satisfaction. It's like the strain whispers, come get me from Gifted Curators for $75/eighth. I heard if you sign up on their newsletter, you may get a deal. Shhh!   

Best Indica Of The Week

Sin Valley OG from Voyager Club DC




Small Batch


Voyager Club seems to have the perfect small batches with each strain topping their other. This may be the first indica leaning strain Gentleman Toker has reviewed from Voyager Club as we’re much more familiar with their Sativa small batch flowers. From the moment I cracked open the bag of Sin Valley OG, it started teasing my senses with a pungent mix of kush notes and a hint of diesel. Upon inspection, the Sin Valley OG buds boast a lush green hue, adorned with bright orange hairs. The dense, resinous nuggets practically beg to be dissected, revealing an even more appealing landscape of crystalline structures that would put any constellation to shame. When smoking the Sin Valley OG, the first inhalation delivers a lung-expanding wave of flavors. Earthiness takes center stage, reminiscent of a forest after a summer rain, accompanied by subtle undertones of pine that add a refreshing twist. The resin ring it brews around the joint is providing yet another unique fingerprint to this strain. Once the high began gradually escalating, we found it encouraged introspection, making it an ideal companion for a solo evening or a laid-back gathering of like-minded enthusiasts.
It seamlessly bridges the gap between the calming characteristics and the pain relieving indica elements. The body high unfurls like a relaxed snake, soothing tension without inducing lethargy. It's a strain that welcomes both relaxation and engagement, making it a versatile choice for various occasions, like my favorite… smoking all day! Sin Valley OG can also be yours for $60/eighth. 


Best Indica of the Week

Pluto Kush from Elevated Lounge DC



Heavy Hitter



Now you all know, it wouldn’t be a TRUE Buying Guide without our latest most favorite strain from Elevated Lounge. This selection changes every couple weeks with their menu but it’s such a fun selection to look forward to. We were looking for a heavy hitter this week, & Elevated Lounge knew exactly what to put in our rotation! Pluto is a kush variant that came into fruition with all thanks given to Mendocino Farms.  The aroma hit me earthy and pungent vibes with a hint of creaminess. The bouquet of Pluto Kush is a combination of aromas with the initial whiff, having a pronounced earthiness, reminiscent of the rich soil that I use for growing. This robust foundation is complemented by subtle hints of sweet cream, creating a fragrant contrast that sets the stage for the journey ahead. Upon closer inspection, the nugs reveal themselves as dense dark clusters, adorned with bright orange pistils. Amongst the leaves and pistils, teichomes peak through and say hello, shimmering with a stardust glow. Pluto Kush doesn't disappoint on the initial inhale as it radiates a fusion of woody notes with a subtle sweetness that dances on the palate. As the smoke lingers, an even sweeter creamy undertone emerges, leaving an aftertaste that reminds me of Captain Crunch, the cereal. Soon enough, i found myself pondering the complexity of the flavor as I exhale the rich, flavorful clouds. Pluto Kush took me on a slow, gravitational pull into relaxation. It's not an instant blast-off; rather, it's a gradual ascent into a state of exhilaration. The high unfolds with waves of tranquility washing over both mind and body. Pluto Kush gives the high that made me feel like i was floating in zero gravity—weightless and carefree. The comedown is as smooth as the first toke. No harsh re-entry here, just a gentle return to Earth, leaving me relaxed and ready for an otherworldly nap. Join me on the dream side for $65/4gram gift.

Best Hybrid of the Week

Super Runtz from Violet City DC





As you all may know, here at Gentleman Toker we smoke through a lot of the strains. Most of the strains now a days happen to be a cross of Runtz or Gelato. We must admit out of all the Runtz we have reviewed, we have never tried some Super Runtz. This strain is a triple cross of Lemon Runtz x Cherry Runtz x Gelato that was originally bred by Medcare Farms. This batch was cultivated by Chief City.  
The aroma sets the tone with a mixture of sweet and skunky notes. Once I broke apart a nug, a slight melange of berries start dashing about in the nose. Upon grinding the buds, a burst of more fruitiness intermingled with a subtle funk undertone emerges. The attention to detail in the curing process is evident, as the essence is preserved without overpowering the olfactory senses. These nugs are like nature's confetti, splashed with lush greens and vibrant purples. The fiery orange pistils hairs are the gold accent to the bud. Once the buds were broken open, I found trichomes glistening like the hidden tiny stars. Upon grinding the buds, a burst of tropical fruitiness intermingled with a subtle gas undertone emerges. The attention to detail in the curing process is evident, as the essence is preserved without overpowering the olfactory senses. I inhaled, and immediately was on a flavor rollercoaster – sweet candy clouds with hints of petrol and earth. Exhale, and the smoke is milky and very easy on the throat. As I was toking, Super Runtz delivers a euphoric uplift without inducing overwhelming intensity. The cerebral effects are accompanied by a gentle relaxation that harmonizes with the uplift. Whether seeking for a moment of introspection, engaging in creative pursuits, or simply winding down after a long day, Super Runtz and Violet City accommodates with grace for $50/eighth.   

Best Sativa Of The Week

Terpedelic from Legacy DC






Legacy DC is coming in hot with their samples this week with a new drop from Terp Lords themselves. Terpadelic is a collaborative strain bred by the Terp Lords and Wizard of Za. After contacting Terp Lords Official, we have found that this strain is a cross between “91” Triangle Kush x Gelato #33. The bag appeal on Terpedelic is quite high leaving us all with some flair. The turquoise pops out amongst the psychedelic patterns that remind me of the DMT reenactments and play well with the name. I opened the bag, and the initial whiff reveals a Gelato kind of blend where earthy notes intertwine gracefully with a slightly citric zing, followed by a subtle kush undertone. The breeders’ careful cultivation in living soil is evident in the Terpadelic’s visual appeal. This setting the stage for these dense nugs that are covered in sunset orange pistils with crystalline trichomes poking through them. The first hit was like a biting into a ripe mango while standing in a pine forest. It was sweet, fruity, and earthy all at once. As I exhaled, the kush notes linger on the palate, leaving a kush aftertaste. The effects are like a sped up dance between relaxation and euphoria, a ballet that transported me to a state of blissful tranquility without sacrificing mental productivity. It's as if Terpedelic opens a portal to a dimension where couchlock and slacking off are mere echoes in the vastness of space. Terpedelic unlocked the hidden chambers of my imagination, invited me to explore the recesses of my thoughts with newfound clarity. Head over to Legacy and get let yourself be transcended into a sensory experience for $75/eighth.