I-71 Buying Guide

gentleman toker dc i 71 buying guide

Who has the best weed in DC? Who has the strongest weed in DC? Who has the cheapest weed in DC that ain’t some seed-filled shwag? These are three of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Gentleman Toker, so we thought, why not oblige? Every week, we hit up the District weed brands that our team has vetted for reliability and professionalism to check out their latest flower gifts. We consider the bag appeal of each sample, its scent, flavor, trichomes, resin production, structure of the whole bud, consistency of its grind, the exclusivity of the strain, and whether it is an exemplary representation of its genetics. Then we smoke it! The best of the best are presented here each week, a list curated by connoisseurs for...well, for you, whether you’re new to cannabis, returning, an everyday smoker, designer bag-chaser or exotic strain hunter. Good weed for everyone, huzzah!    

Please note! DC gift menus change frequently. All the strains listed below have been confirmed available on the publish date, but you know what they say- good gas travels fast, so get yours ASAP! FYI, this list is just for cannabis flowers. If you’re more inclined to eat your weed then smoke it, then check out this guide to our favorite marijuana edibles brands and products in Washington DC, all vetted for efficacy by our team (usually me. Hi /waves awkwardly) 

Best Sativa

Sour Diesel from Legacy DC



Sour Funk



We’re quite finicky about our Sours here at Gentleman Toker, but we can give an emphatic recommendation for the Sour Diesel at Legacy DC this week. The flavor is textbook lemon rinds over BO funk and the effect feels something like chugging a (hypothetical) extended-release Red Bull. If you’ve been searching for a genuinely good Sour Diesel, we suggest running to Legacy to get this version.

The genetics surrounding Sour Diesel are still disputed to this day but the current consensus is that it’s a cross of (Chemdog 91 x Mass. Super Skunk) selected from seeds made by Sour Silicate. Sour Diesel is known for being one of the first strains with a properly citrus sour flavor profile. It’s also particularly difficult to find good examples because it requires up to 11 weeks of flowering, which is inefficient for production. Sour Diesel is one of those strains where you know immediately just by smelling it whether or not it’s an acceptable expression, and this version from Legacy exceeds our expectations. $70/eighth gift

Best Hybrid

Durban Mintz from Elevated Lounge






We’re strong advocates of buying with your nose, but in a perfect world we would also advocate for being able to feel the nugs for humidity. Some enthusiasts in internet spaces have lamented the rarity of really sticky buds, the kind of weed that makes your grinder lock up. If that’s you, then Durban Mintz is exactly what you’re looking for, not to mention the nostalgic flavor and heavy effect that we think folks looking for heavy hybrids will love.

We’re not entirely sure of the genetics, but Elevated Lounge tells us that is a cross of (Durban Poison x OG Kush). The flavor is very similar to some of the original Cookie cuts bringing together equal parts earth, funk and gas notes. The effect is also mid-school heavy, the type of experience that induces cotton-mouth euphoria and Kirby-level munchies. Of the many samples we’ve tried from Elevated, this is one of the best mid-school flavors we’ve had and (as usual) it’s a great value. $65/4 gram gift


Best Indica

Papaya from Violet City DC



Grape Popsicle Flavor

Exceptional Potency


We haven’t had a strain that’s as clear-cut a late night smoke as this Papaya in quite a while. Immediately upon cracking the bag and having the crushed wine grapes scent waft up to our nostrils, we could tell that this was going to be one heavy experience. Papaya is one of the most popular hash and rosin strains, partially due to the unique flavor and properly sized trichomes, and has become an almost ubiquitous flavor among hash processors across the country. We assume that 710 Labs’ production and selection of this particular version of Papaya, as well as the marketing they’ve done around water hash, has also greatly influenced its popularity.

Papaya is a cross between (Mango Kush x Afghani) commonly attributed to Oni Seed Co. In the sample we got from Violet City, we noticed the bright green resinous nugs were quite smooth on inhale. We also found that the flower retained its flavor through our entire testing, so we think it’s a great choice for herb vape enthusiasts. Despite having flavor that keeps up with most modern strains, the crash after the effect is similar to Jack Herer, but the journey up to the peak is much more relaxing than cerebral and buzzy. Due to the exhausting nature of this effect, we recommend heading to Violet City for this Papaya if you’re looking for something to help you call an end to your night. $70/eighth gift


Best Sativa Cultivar

Dirty Sprite from Gifted Curators




Lemon-Lime Flavor


In over a year of writing this guide, Dirty Sprite is our white whale of modern sativas, one that we’ve finally caught thanks to our friends at Gifted Curators. We first learned about this strain when Blackleaf called it the gem of his garden, so we knew we had to find a prime example to properly evaluate. Dirty Sprite’s genetics are quite unique for a sativa and we think the end result is worth the hype. What we really appreciate about it are the uplifting and euphoric effects it provides without heavy exhaustion on the way down. The peak of the experience is a bit more delayed than your typical Trainwreck hybrid, as well.

Dirty Sprite is a cross between (Arcata LemonWreck x Fruity Pebbles OG) which gives it the aroma and flavor of a grape Sprite slushy scent. FPOG is normally known for dominating its hybrids with a grape Flintstones vitamin scent, but those notes are not overpowering in our sample. The OG lineage really shines through in the effect, tempering the buzz with relaxing notes. If you’re looking for a new sativa experience from familiar flavors, Dirty Sprite from Gifted Curators is the best choice this week. $65/eighth

Best Indica Strain

Blackberry Cheesecake from Elevated Lounge




Astringent Scent


We’ve been treated to a variety of intoxicating aromas from Elevated Lounge’s buds, but Blackberry Cheesecake is just completely different. Cheese is more popular in European markets, with Americans opting for Jack and Skunk instead. But in this example, it gives the sample almost an astringent scent and flavor to it reminiscent of charcuterie plate cheeses at fancy dinner parties. This all sits over a cherry soda sweetness that all dazzles our palates.

Blackberry Cheesecake is suspected to be a cross of (Black Cherry Soda x Cheese) supposedly from TGA Genetics, and in our mind this is one of the best offerings Elevated Lounge has ever put on the menu. The nug is gorgeous as well as quite resinous. The scent we described earlier is exceptionally pungent and the effect will leave you slumped. If you’re looking for the perfect strain for decompressing after a long work day, this is our best recommendation, and we think you’ll enjoy how unique this flower truly is. $65/4 gram gift

Best Hybrid Cannabis

Gary Payton x Fish Scale from Green Kings DC





Cutting-Edge Genetics

Green Kings never ceases to deliver some of the most hype genetics out there, case in point– this Gary Payton x Fish Scale cross. One of the newest releases from Compound Genetics’ stable (before founder Chris Lynch split from the team), we think it’s one of the most slept-on genetics from the Fish Scale hybrid wave. The Gary Payton receiver gives it the textbook soapy-gas scent but the rest of the traits mix together for an unusual, but pleasant, surprise.

In terms of effect, Gary x Fish Scale is very relaxing, instigating the infamous eye-droop you’d expect from most Cookie line strains. There’s also a little bit of sour in the flavor and scent from The Menthol which translates to enhanced focus. The nugs are also completely purped out (down to the blend!), which is exciting to see. The smoke and the overall experience are quite smooth, meeting us behind the eyes with the potency, which is what you can expect from Green Kings’ menu. If you’re looking for some serious new-age gas this weekend, this sample is definitely for you. $60/eighth gift

Best Homegrown Weed

Champagne Showers from Bloomingdale Organic



Carbonated Gas Scent

Locally Sourced

Fresh Harvest

We’ve been fortunate enough to try a lot of fire selections from Bloomingdale Organics but we think this latest run is their best work yet. This week we got to try their Champagne Showers, originally bred by LIT Farms, which was expertly selected for aromas that hit just like sprayed champagne. The effect on this strain had us stuck, literally, so thinking of the best ways to describe it is tricky. The easiest way to put it is that we wished we’d waited to smoke it until later in the day.

Champagne Showers is a cross of (Bubble Bath x Temptation). The former is one of Seed Junky’s heaviest hitters, while the latter is LIT Farms’ own selection of two of the most forcefully sedative strains in the gene pool right now. The fermented berry and soapy-gas notes evoke an equal fusion of both parents, which really shows off Bloomingdale Organics’ selection prowess. If the growers we’ve featured recently are any indication, the heat is rising in Washington DC, and we recommend checking out Bloomingdale Organic if you’re looking for some excellent local buds this week. $60/eighth