I-71 Buying Guide

gentleman toker dc i 71 buying guide

Who has the best weed in DC? Who has the strongest weed in DC? Who has the cheapest weed in DC that ain’t some seed-filled shwag? These are three of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Gentleman Toker, so we thought, why not oblige? Every week, we hit up the District weed brands that our team has vetted for reliability and professionalism to check out their latest flower gifts. We consider the bag appeal of each sample, its scent, flavor, trichomes, resin production, structure of the whole bud, consistency of its grind, the exclusivity of the strain, and whether it is an exemplary representation of its genetics. Then we smoke it! The best of the best are presented here each week, a list curated by connoisseurs for...well, for you, whether you’re new to cannabis, returning, an everyday smoker, designer bag-chaser or exotic strain hunter. Good weed for everyone, huzzah!    

Please note! DC gift menus change frequently. All the strains listed below have been confirmed available on the publish date, but you know what they say- good gas travels fast, so get yours ASAP! FYI, this list is just for cannabis flowers. If you’re more inclined to eat your weed then smoke it, then check out this guide to our favorite marijuana edibles brands and products in Washington DC, all vetted for efficacy by our team (usually me. Hi /waves awkwardly) 

Best Sativa Cannabis

Crescendo from Legacy DC




Fry-Oil Scent/Flavor

Heavy Smoke

Legacy DC has provided us with this sample of Crescendo that’s so good that we think it’s still a must-get just two months after the last time it made this guide. These dense, sticky, lime-green flowers are packaged fresh and absolutely reek when you crack the bag. While the last Crescendo we got was a bit more lemon diesel, this version is much more stinky fry-oil Chem that assaults out nostrils. We love Crescendo because it delivers exactly what we’re looking for out of a wake & bake strain.

We suspect this version of Crescendo is the Ethos version which is a cross of ({Chem D x I-95} x Mandarin Cookies). The nugs appeared bright green, more stout and triangular with a heavy sprinkling of trichomes. The scent is dominated by the funky fry-oil loudness that reminds us of frying burgers in a small apartment, with a flavor to match. The effects were a potent, long-lasting combo of relaxation and focus. Crescendo is an easy recommendation for smokers looking to start their day on a relaxed and uplifting vibe. $75/eighth gift

Best Indica Strain

Zkittlez from Gifted Curators



Grapefruit Rind Candy


Rare Genetics

Finding a good Zkittlez is always a genuine challenge, as the cut is supposedly very closely held. Thankfully, Gifted Curators has got us with a great sample of Z that’s perfect for folks wanting to see what the hype is all about. The origins of the original Z are highly disputed, and even the creators of Z don’t agree on what it is. The one thing everyone agrees on though is that Z has captured the hearts and wallets of stoners and earned itself a spot in the Hall of Flame. This version that we have is textbook with its bulbous, dense bright green nugs, and that overall eye appeal (or lack thereof) that shows you’re dealing with the real Z and not one of the watered down versions, such as the Wonderland Nursery bagseed S. The newer versions often have a more defined nug structure and more purple undertones, but the consumption experience is worse overall.

Zkittlez was created by the collaborative effort known as 3rd Gen Family Farms and is a {Grapefruit Kush x Grape Ape} donor that pollinated an unknown clone-only receiver. Some speculations claim the clone was Key Lime Pie, some claim it was Dying Breed Seeds’ Gas Station Bob (Gas Pedal x OG Eddy Lepp), and TerpHogz’s Tony Mendo claims it was Sweet Tooth (Pink Grapefruit x Blueberry). Whatever the case, this particular sample of Z checked off every one of our boxes with excellent smoothness, a saturated grapefruit tamarind candy flavor, and powerful potency that will slump smokers of all experience levels. Z has been one of the most influential strains of the last five years, and we recommend readers who haven’t smoked it before to try it for the first time from Gifted. $65/eighth

Best Hybrid Weed

Flurry from Elevated Lounge





Excellent Appearance

One thing we appreciate about Elevated Lounge is that they are able to maintain excellent quality among smoke from all eras. We’ve covered samples from them with heritage that goes back decades to samples that are on the cutting edge of genetics, and they never fail to impress. This week, Elevated provided us with Flurry, which is a solidly mid-school hybrid with a unique flavor and the droopy-eyed potency of legend.

Flurry is a cross between (Colorado Flo x {Pure Kush x Uzbek Hash Plant}). Flo is sort of the chocolatey offshoot cousin of Blueberry (both produced by DJ Short) and the Pure Kush Hash Plant side produces an earthy gas scent and flavor profile. Together, the flavor is absolutely mouth coating and leaves us with Kush on our breaths. The most notable feature of this sample is the potency, which creates a proper couch-lock effect that lasts for quite some time. Overall, we recommend this to anyone looking to veer sharply off the beaten path with a funky and earthy Kush of notable potency. $65/4 gram gift

Designer Cultivar

Black Market Vikings’ Yama Gucci from Good Boy Flower



Modern Genetics


Complex Scent/Flavor

It’s no secret at Gentleman Toker that we love what Good Boy Flower has gotten up to, and we’re always hype when we’re able to get a drop from them. We saw a sneak peak of the bag design on an IG story a few weeks ago and were curious as to what this Yama Gucci was all about. Even though Japanese inspired designs have been the rage this year, we’ve never really seen a design at the intersection of animé and high fashion until now. Additionally, this is the most expensive thing we’ve seen on Good Boy Flower’s menu to date, and we wanted to see whether it was worth it.

We were not provided with the genetics of Yama Gucci by Black Market Vikings or any of our friends at Good Boy Flower, but our best guess is that it’s a cross between (Runtz x GMO). We speculate this because the nugs have the similar forest green and black-purple plant matter that looks like a mix of the parents, as well as funk and savory notes that sit on top of the candy gas. The nugs were quite fresh and of perfect humidity upon arrival, which made the olfactory traits even more pronounced. Most notable about this strain is the outright potency, which is particularly notable considering we only filled the volcano chamber half as much as usual. So is this worth the premium over other amazing Good Boy flowers? Absolutely. Yama Gucci is an easy recommendation for anyone looking for a potent couch-lock and funky-candy flavor. $80/eighth gift


Best Sativa Cultivar

Super Silver Haze from Elevated Lounge



Bright-Eyed Effect


Old School Flavor

The biggest reason why there’s been a distinct lack of true Hazes and other heirloom sativas is because they’re less efficient to grow. They grow much taller than more modern genetics that have been selected for being stout and bushy as well as take 16 weeks or more to flower properly. Luckily for us, Elevated Lounge has managed to find a grower who simply does not care about the efficiency issues, and has grown an excellent Super Silver Haze. This sample is in the running for our favorite Sativa of the year thanks to an effect that could replace your morning coffee along with an olfactory time machine of old school scents and flavors.

Super Silver Haze is an heirloom sativa originally created by Greenhouse Seeds in collaboration with Neville Schoenmaker and has a fairly complex phylogeny of {Original Haze F2 x Skunk #1} x {Original Haze F2 x NL5Haze}. The lineage provides mostly for the motel bible scent and flavor with some peppery notes and an undertone of gas. This cross was the top Haze amongst Dutch cannabis enthusiasts until it was crossed to Lemon Skunk and Super Lemon Haze was born, supplanting Super Silver. This sample of Super Silver Haze is chunky and so covered in trichomes inside and out, busting down this beauty to smoke is almost bittersweet. The effect on this sample is a bit more mellow than a lot of the more modern samples we usually see at Elevated, but energizing enough that our wake & bake session with the sample cleared our morning cobwebs before we even turned on the coffee machine. Chalk up another stand-out sample from Elevated that is sure to capture the heart of East Coast sativa lovers and old heads alike. $65/4 gram print

Best Indica Cannabis

Alien Labs’ Xeno from District Chiefer






Two weeks in a row now District Chiefer has assisted us with debuting new brands on the Buying Guide, and this week we’re excited to report on Alien Labs cultivar Xeno. Alien Labs has a strong reputation for creating some of the most elite flavors in the California scene while cultivating some of the best quality flower in the country, and both remain true even after their acquisition by Connected Cannabis. Today, Alien Labs is essentially the boutique cultivation and R&D end of Connected’s operation, and after trying their Xeno we believe they’ve truly been able to scale the love up to production scale. We loved their Guava 2.0 that we tried this summer, so we had high hopes for Xeno (which arrived in a blacked-out “miron” style UV-protected 3.5g jar FYI).

Xeno is a cross between (Zkittlez x Kush Mints) selected in-house at Alien Labs. We’re not entirely sure whether this was popped from the Z x KM11 seeds dropped by Seed Junky Genetics or whether Alien Labs bred and selected this expression themselves with their sanctioned cut of Zkittlez, but either way the results are one of the best off-the-beaten-path hybrids we’ve evaluated. The flavor is a perfect melding of the grapefruit rind tamarind candy of the Z with the salty mint flavors of the Kush Mints to create something that smells & tastes like grape Ice Breakers. While the nugs aren’t huge, they are more resinous, substantially more defined and overall prettier than any nugs you’ll find from original Z, which really brings the presentation to what you would expect for cannabis at this price point. The smoothness and ash quality in the joint are also exquisite. If you’re looking for a unique flavor from an elite producer in California to treat yourself for the holiday, Xeno from Alien Labs is the option we’d recommend, and District Chiefer has you covered! $70/eighth gift

Best Hybrid Weed

Sherbinskis’ SF Runtz from Gifted Curators



Cutting Edge Genetics


Eye Appeal

Over the past 10 months writing this guide, we’ve evaluated more than our fair share Lemon Cherry Gelato and Runtz samples, to the point where we’re able to keep some on hand at all times almost as a control for our testing. That said, we think SF Runtz is among the best in class. We expect the average Runtz sample to be low-medium grade indoor flower imported from California, which entails soft, medium sized purple-ish buds that reek of blue Airheads and have potent effects.

We’re not exactly sure of the lineage on SF Runtz, but judging by the pyramid shaped calyx stacking and the funkiness in the scent and flavor, we suspect it’s a cross of (SFV OG x Runtz). We truly enjoyed the funky and savory flavors that sat on top of the unmistakable candy, and like just about every cut of Runtz, the flavor was quite saturated on our palates.The burn and ash quality on this joint were predictably light with a strong stack, and the smoking experience was also quite smooth. Most notably, this sample got us monumentally high. If you’re looking for true designer genetics this week, Sherbinskis continues their streak of putting their money where their mouth is, and Gifted Curators is the spot to get it. $90/eighth digital art print

Best Designer Sample

Super Dope Brand’s Mega Z Dark from Green Kings DC



Hype New Release

Genuine Branded Product

Exceptional Potency

Hi-Tech over the last year has become one of the biggest producers of premium indoor cannabis over the last couple of years. Their LA mega-facility (dubbed Starship 1) is responsible for producing flower for some of the biggest brands on the scene like Doja Pack, Dubz Garden, and their Super Dope Brand Collab. Super Dope Brand has been making waves for their provocative Popperz series, which garnered an unbelievable amount of hype for Amarena De Limon, Gelonade and Runtz. Now, Super Dope Brand has been pushing their Mega Z series, which started with Mega Z Blue and continues with Mega Z Dark, which is what we were given by Green Kings. Super Dope also has a third release, suspected to be Mega Z Red, coming down the line.

Mega Z Dark is Hi-Tech’s version of Zoap, an F2 cross of Rainbow Sherbert #16 with itself, originally bred by Deep East. If you’re not familiar with the award-winning Zoap, you have probably been living under a rock since the beginning of 2021, as it absolutely took the world by storm until Doja decided to shelf it for their newer releases. However, this sample of Mega Z Dark provided by Green Kings is easily the best Zoap has been in basically every regard. It’s fresh and has an immense, musty tamarind candy scent, analogous flavor, and smokes like a dream. This production of Zoap has the lightest ash and smoothest inhale we’ve experienced from any Rainbow Sherb cross at the time of writing, and it’s truly deserving of this Super Dope facelift. Overall, if you’re looking for the best thing on the market in a branded bag, Mega Z Dark is a serious contender, and it’s not one readers will want to miss out on. $70/eighth photo