I-71 Buying Guide

Who has the best weed in DC? Who has the strongest weed in DC? Who has the cheapest weed in DC that ain’t some seed-filled shwag? These are three of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Gentleman Toker, so we thought, why not oblige? Every week, we hit up the District weed brands that our team has vetted for reliability and professionalism to check out their latest flower gifts. We consider the bag appeal of each sample, its scent, flavor, trichomes, resin production, structure of the whole bud, consistency of its grind, the exclusivity of the strain, and whether it is an exemplary representation of its genetics. Then we smoke it! The best of the best are presented here each week, a list curated by connoisseurs for...well, for you, whether you’re new to cannabis, returning, an everyday smoker, designer bag-chaser or exotic strain hunter. Good weed for everyone, huzzah!    

Please note! DC gift menus change frequently. All the strains listed below have been confirmed available on the publish date, but you know what they say- good gas travels fast, so get yours ASAP! FYI, this list is just for cannabis flowers. If you’re more inclined to eat your weed then smoke it, then check out this guide to our favorite marijuana edibles brands and products in Washington DC, all vetted for efficacy by our team (usually me. Hi /waves awkwardly) 

Diamond Hands Sample

Dat Flava from Street Lawyer Services

  • Extreme Potency

  • Next-Gen Genetics

  • Perfect Humidity

There are a lot of people who complain (mostly on Reddit) about the fact that flower in the $85+/eighth range is too expensive for DC. They’re correct in one sense — cheaper good weed is ideal — but I feel that in many cases the buyer is not being ripped off outright. Every now and then, you’ll run into a gem that offers excellent quality for something likely grown in a multi-hundred light facility. This week, that hidden gem is Dat Flava from Street Lawyer Services: a flavorful, potent cutting-edge cross. 

Dat Flava’s genetics are disputed, but the experience lines up with Grandiflora’s version which is (Project 4516 x Lemonhead). It’s a hybrid between what’s essentially an amped up Gelato and a crowd-favorite Lemon OG, resulting in a nug that checks many of our boxes. The flower has excellent eye appeal with its multi-peaked shape and deep purple hues, and the buds smell of sour gummy worms. The buds are soft, properly humid and quite resinous as well. The scent and flavor match, with the flavor hitting as tart candy on the front end and fume-y gas on the back. Overall, this sample was quite relaxing without being completely overwhelming, and is something we recommend to anyone looking to treat themselves this week. $90/eighth

Best Sativa

Chewy’s Power from Giving Tree DC

  • Energizing Effect

  • Excellent Freshness

  • Nostalgic Scent

Many people say they like sativas because they feel it gives them a burst of energy and focus in the morning, but out of many of the sativas we’ve tried in the Skunk/Haze/Jack part of the gene pool make us feel pretty exhausted at the end of the experience. A lot of smokers have only tried mids-y sativas that offer a lighter effect, but as exhibited with the XJ-13 we featured in our guide last week, a properly-cared for Jack can come with some knockout potency. That’s why many smokers enjoy crosses from the Sour Diesel part of the gene pool, because the energizing effect comes from a different group of cannabinoids and more volatile terpenes and metabolites that give the user a more relaxing experience. Giving Tree continues purveying high-quality energizing strains with this sample of Chewy’s Power, which an incredibly fresh Sour cross that no one should (or could) sleep on. 

While the cross on Chewy’s Power was not revealed to us, we speculate it’s something akin to a cross of East Coast Sour Diesel and Death Star, bringing forth a scent of skunky sweat socks with gasoline fumes on the back end. This sample was fresh, sticky and a bit tough to grind, but the sour gasoline scent comes through on the pungent blend. The flavor is almost the same as the scent, and the effect put a pep in our step. If you’ve found success searching for the best sativas in town by following our coverage, this is a sample you don’t want to miss. A solid Sour is only ever available for a heartbeat in time; this is one we highly recommend for anyone looking for a boost without overextending themselves. $50/eighth

Best Indica

Prison Mike Scott[i] by Schrute Farms from Tenth Planet DC

  • Budget-Minded Flower

  • Excellent Flavor

  • Knockout Potency

When it comes to the branded bags game in DC, there are few vendors who have it on lock like Tenth Planet does. They’re known for stocking legit traditional market Backpack Boyz packs which are only available from a select number of representatives with specific chains of custody. Aside from the Backpack Boyz, Tenth Planet has been carrying flower from Gas Station 415, which has proven to be some of the freshest flower and most innovative genetics available in the I-71 market. Now, Tenth Planet has brought Gas Station 415’s brand new collaboration to town in the form of Schrute Farms, a brand inspired by The Office that’s dedicated to bringing old favorites to our scene with the same quality as ever, at more affordable prices. This week, we got to try Prison Mike Scott[i] to test if the claims are true. Luckily we can report to our readers, this offering is sure to be a hit (and you don’t have to subscribe to Peacock to get it on demand).

Prison Mike Scott[i] is a cross between (Biscotti x Oreoz) as the name suggests. It gives off a fruity kerosene scent like the legendary Original Biscotti from Gas Station 415 that Tenth Planet has on the higher tier of their menu, but with a little more bitterness and fuel than most Biscotti crosses. While we expect Biscotti to be quite relaxing, euphoric and couch-melting, Prison Mike Scott[i] takes the potency to a whole new level, which makes it a great before-bed toke. This sample made us feel pure body relaxation and increased appetite but without any dry mouth or heavy feelings around the eyes. Overall, this sample is something we highly recommend for anyone looking for excellent potency without breaking the bank. If Biscotti and Oreoz aren’t for you, Shrute Farms also released Angela’s Sprinklez, Kevin’s Famous GMO Chili, and Kelly’s Hindu Kush, all on Tenth Planet’s menu. $50/eighth

Best Hybrid

Black Caviar from DC Source

  • Great Eye Appeal

  • Solid Value

  • Exceptional Potency

We’ve been following DC Source for a while to see what all the hype is about, and we’re proud to say that there’s no overhyping about their shop. DC Source is known for having one of the most extensive menus in the I-71 scene, purveying some of the best products from California, Maine, Washington, Nevada and right here in the District. Just about any flavor or effect you can think of is on the menu, which was why evaluating which is the best of the best was quite the undertaking. We decided that Black Caviar was the peak quality option, so we evaluated a sample. 

Black Caviar is listed on DC Source’s lookbook as a cross between (Skunk x Hindu Kush) x Jack Herer, but Riot Seeds lists that cross as one of the parents, along with Blackberry Kush as the other. The large multi-peaked dark purple buds ground up to a fluffy blend, and on first inhale, the flavor absolutely burst on my palate. The flower smelled of tart berry with a little bit of peppery zest on the back end and the flavor was much the same. The flower was also incredibly potent with the effect lasting for hours in my head. While some of us at Gentleman Toker have tried many offerings from all of DC Source’s menu tiers, Black Caviar has eluded us, and we would say it definitely earns the prestige of sitting on DC Source’s highest menu tier. Overall, we recommend this sample to anyone looking for a powerful hybrid to smoke after lunch, and stay medicated until dinner. $60/eighth

Best Cali Candy Sample

Black Cherry Gelato by Darwin Farms from Green Kings DC

  • Pungent Candy Scent

  • Genuine Branded Product

  • Good Value

We’ve mentioned Doja and Darwin Farms a couple of times before on Gentleman Toker, but this is the first time we’ve been able to feature Darwin Farms in our buying guide. Darwin Farms is one of the main facilities that Doja uses for their prepacks, but they also have a whole other collection of crosses that they release under the Darwin Farms brand. Black Cherry Gelato is part of that collection, but it shouldn’t be judged like it’s in the minor leagues. Green Kings brings us Black Cherry Gelato from Darwin Farms, and it’s a potent, cream-of-the-crop example of branded Cali flower.

Black Cherry Gelato’s genetics are disputed, but it’s believed to be a pheno or offshoot of Lemon Cherry Gelato that has been distributed by Backpack Boyz and Preferred Gardens. This sample of Black Cherry Gelato is basically everything we could expect from flower in a branded bag: an incredibly pungent tart candy scent, perfect humidity, intact trichomes and great bag appeal. Green Kings has a ton of options on their great quality menu, but our experience with Black Cherry Gelato was predictable in the best kind of way, and something we recommend for someone who wants high-quality branded flower with no surprises. $60/eighth

Best Sativa

XJ-13 from Giving Tree DC

  • Super Fresh

  • Great Flavor

  • Energizing Effect

Jack Herer has been a staple for many longtime smokers, including many younger smokers who some might think only smoke candy flavors and carts. XJ-13 is an offshoot of the classic Jack that doesn’t generate a whole lot of interest except from longtime fans and trad market brokers with picky whale customers.  XJ-13 and G-13 Haze have eluded many of us for years, since cultivators in North America have little incentive to grow low-yielding Haze crosses that have long flowering periods. Now, we finally have XJ-13 in the stash!

XJ-13 is a cross of (Jack Herer x G-13 Haze) and this example from Giving Tree DC is prime. It’s fresh, with dense resin development; this is expertly grown indoor flower. The scent is a blend of the typical sweet zesty skunk you get from Jack Herer with a bit of bitterness and pine on the back end. The flavor is a perfect blend of coniferous tang and peppery zest that truly coats the mouth on inhale. The effect was potent and energizing as expected from the cross, and also quite refreshing on the come-down. Overall, this sample will make sativa lovers very happy. $70/eighth

Best Candy Strain

Waffles by 4Hunnid Flowers from Legacy DC

  • Candy Scent

  • Excellent Potency

  • Great Scent and Flavor

4Hunnid Flowers has been making waves for the last year. Backed by rapper YG, 4Hunnid hit the scene hard with their YG OG and Bompton Berries collaborations with Backpack Boyz and continued to make waves with Bompton Cherries, which was featured in Winter Za-Lympix at Green Wolf. While the genetics of these strains have never been released, traditional market operators have speculated these cultivars share lineages with some releases from Grandiflora Genetics, but that hasn’t been substantiated. Regardless, this sample from Legacy is a killer in every way, and should be enjoyed for whatever it is.

Waffles’ cross is unknown. The Raw Genetics version of this strain is (Apple Fritter x Stuffed French Toast), and while the powerful potency and tart flavors are akin to what we’d expect from that cross, Raw Genetics did not confirm that this release was from their genetics. Despite that, Waffles is an elite example of the sour candy scent, bursting with flavor. The sample burns beautifully in a joint, and isn’t at all throaty. The potency sets in quickly and feels like a blast of euphoria and relaxation. For all we know, this could be a Lemon Cherry Gelato that 4Hunnid copped from the Bay; no matter what it is, Waffles is a must try that we recommend for all potency candy-flavor lovers. $90/eighth

Best Indica Sample

Honey Crisp x Gary Payton from Super!

  • Cutting-Edge Genetics

  • Exceptional Potency

  • Great Value

Many incarnations of Gary Payton have found their way to the I-71 market, and it’s clear to see why the strain has become such a staple among heavy cannabis smokers and enthusiasts. The Cookie x OG lineage makes for a cross with dominating potency and a palatable sugary gas scent that’s hard not to like. Over the last year, cultivators and breeders have decided they like the strain so much that they crossed it with all the popular releases from the previous year, and we suspect that’s how this unique cross with Cannarado’s Honey Crisp came about. Currently, Gary crosses have seen wide releases from Exotic Genetix and Always Be Flowering Genetics; one of Fiya Farmer’s current main breeding products is also a Gary Payton cross. This cross with Honey Crisp brings some unique features to the table that puts it on a whole other level.

The cross doesn’t have its own name yet, but Cannarado’s Honey Crisp (TriFi x Apple Juice) crossed with Powerzzzup’s Gary Payton (Snowman x Y Life) pheno #20 is somehow more baller than the pure Gary Payton. The Honey Crisp adds a bit of tartness and kerosene gas to the savory dough notes from the Gary, and the nug structure is more defined. The nugs are evenly split between a hunter green and tinges of purple with copper-toned pistils and dense resin development. The nug doesn’t look machine trimmed, which is a huge value add for the price point. This sample was also incredibly potent with a quick onset, long-lasting, full-body narcotic effect. This flower is perfect for nighttime smokers looking for a final smoke of the day, as well as seasoned smokers looking for more potency. Overall, we highly recommend this sample to anyone looking for a powerful punch to the lungs, and not to the wallet. $70/eighth, $60 if this article is mentioned

Best Hybrid

Blue Bacio from Elevated Lounge

  • Excellent Eye Appeal

  • Unyielding Potency

  • Gassy Flavor

Sunset Sherb and Gelato 41 have been popular crosses among enthusiasts for the better part of the last decade. They’re mass production strains, but the average quality you’ll find for them is quite high. Sunset Sherb came first, and became the talk of the town from its deep purple hue, unmistakable tart flavor profile and novel potency. It became so popular that Sherbinski (the original breeder) used it for his Gelato project, which crossed Sunset Sherb with Thin Mint Cookie and started the tsunami we’ve all been drowning in ever since.

Blue Bacio is (Gelato 41 x Blue Sherb) and out of all the Gelatos and Sherbs we’ve tried, this one is for sure in the higher echelon. The eye appeal, scent, flavor, and potency are dialed to 11. The nug is quite large and bulbous with a manicured trim. It’s almost neon green in hue and quite resinous which makes the nugs sticky and shiny. The cultivar hits you in both the head and body with a sense of urgency followed by a wave of stoney chill. Overall, this is one of the most potent samples we’ve received from Elevated Lounge, and something that we recommend for seasoned smokers and smokers that want to vibe all day. $65/4 gram gift