Our Favorite DC Edibles

When DC first legalized weed, it was super interesting to see the local community enthusiastically raise the bar for what cannabis edibles could look like. I attended pop-up events with infused chicken wings, pizzas, ice cream, cotton candy, and way, way more. Those are the ones that made an impression on me because I eat like a child. As the pop-ups went, so, largely, did the work of these ingenious chefs (though I’m sure you can still find some on Instagram to cater your next hootenanny). Now firmly in the storefront era of I-71, embers of that original fervor can still be found, and I want to share some of my personal favorites with you. 

This list is in no way exhaustive or in any particular order. What I want to do here is give you peace of mind about some common edibles you’ll find at I-71 services today, the ones I’ve tested personally and can confirm are effective. Y’know, just in case you want to avoid smelling like weed around your family this holiday season. 

Athena’s Gifts Baked Goods

It’s rare to find weed edibles infused with marijuana flower in 2021. The industry as a whole has moved to distillate, as it’s far easier to ensure accurate dosages. My personal preference is for flower-infused edibles, as the experience tends to be a lighter, brighter, more organic high. Athena’s Gifts honors these ancient ways, so when the Gentleman wants to get thoroughly stoned, this is what I reach for.

Athena’s Gifts has a fantastic edibles menu of cookies, cereal bars, and brownies along with a rotating specialty selection, like cheesecakes! All of it is made fresh locally (and also available from Lucky Chuckie). Oh! They also make infused juices and tinctures. The dosages may not be strictly accurate — if you’re new to weed, start slow and gauge your tolerance. Eat like, a quarter of a cookie. If you’re a daily smoker, have at it!Now, I want to acknowledge that daily cannabis users, especially dab aficionados, are going to have a tough time feeling high from flower-infused edibles. I’ve come up with a solution to our problem, friends! Don’t rely on the edible alone. Smoke something along with it, and you’ll feel a boost as the edible comes on that is unmistakably higher than your baseline. You are welcome.

Puff Kings Gummies

What I like most about Puff Kings’ edible selection is the many options that include THC and CBD in the same product. This eases the weight of a THC-only edible high considerably, making it a more relaxing and long-lasting experience. It’ll still help you sleep at night, but it won’t knock you out in the middle of the day at responsible dosages. In my experience, this synergy is also better at relieving pain and anxiety. There’s some research that indicates CBD acts as a neuroprotectant against the side effects of THC, like memory loss. I really can’t stress enough what a beneficial combination these cannabinoids make.

Puff Kings typically offers impeccably crafted gummies, chocolates, cake pops, rice krispy treats, and brownies. Every so often, they come up with something really unique, like infused buffalo sauce in the summer and infused cornbread kits in the fall.  Commendably, they’ve  offered giveaways of their CBD-only edibles frequently throughout the pandemic. Great folks, great products, what’s not to love?

MOTA Tinctures

Don’t let the fancy new packaging with the candy skulls fool you — the MOTA brand of edibles has been around since the early days of I-71, supplying this city with some of the most consistently potent products around. I’ve tried just about every type of their locally-made distillate-based edibles and they all work: the hard candies, the gummies, the rice krispy treats, you name it. Their tincture, however, is the best I’ve had anywhere.

Tinctures can function like an everyday edible when added to a drink, with a typical onset between 25-60 minutes. But you can also take a tincture sublingually, which means under your tongue if you don’t feel like Googling it. When I tried a sublingual application with MOTA’s tincture, I was high AF in five minutes, and it subsided after a couple hours, like I had smoked a joint (ingested edibles usually last much longer). Mercifully, MOTA tinctures do not burn, so you can keep them under your tongue long enough to get every precious molecule of THC in your bloodstream. 

These days, you can find MOTA edibles at almost every storefront in town. I know for a fact that The Garden and All the Buzz keep them in stock!

Georgetown Kushcakes Truffles

Georgetown Kushcakes creates upscale desserts to delight foodies and cannaseurs alike. They concentrate primarily on two products that you’ll find in I-71 storefronts across the city: truffles and gummies. The gummies come in exotic flavors like pomegranate, lime, and tangerine. The everyday truffle lineup is Chocolate Chip, Milkshake, Mint Chip, and Peanut Butter, but they also release seasonal flavors like Pumpkin Spice and Red Velvet Cake. Speaking of seasons, they’ll break out some special treats every now and again to spice things up. Earlier this year they had jars of crème brûlée available and for the holidays, they’re breaking out the fudge!

Georgetown Kushcakes typically uses distillate for their edibles for guaranteed potency, which I can personally attest to, but they did release a collaborative truffle project this year that used live hash rosin! I haven’t had the pleasure of trying that one yet. My own sweet spot for the distillate version was at three-quarters of one 75mg truffle (they come in ornately designed boxes of four 75mg truffles in a 300mg pack, or a single 200mg truffle). More than that would have put a daily smoker like me to sleep, but I could coast on a little less than 75mg, man, really let my ass breathe. If you have a low tolerance, or don’t know your tolerance, then you want waaaaay less than that. Just nibble out 10mg.

Jackpots Gummies

Jackpots are vegan and gluten free gummy cubes that you’ll find in some of DC’s favorite I-71 shops like Gifted Curators, Legacy, and Peace in the Air. They come in brightly illustrated jars of 20 weighing in at 20mg of THC per piece, so you end up with 400mg. I had the chance to try these out myself recently. I had a 7 hour Amtrak ride, 'cuz I hate the whole experience of flying so much that I’d rather my trip take twice as long to avoid it. I’m not scared of crashing, I just loathe being rushed, taking off my belt so that my pants fall off my ass, my shoulders being cramped in the seat, and on top of all that, it doesn’t even feel like you’re moving. I mean, sure, you’re going faster than a train, but it feels like you’re in stasis. Shark’s gotta swim, man! What were we talking about?

Oh yeah, so I popped 2.5 Jackpot gummies for a total of 50mg before I got on the train. Within an hour, I zonked out, and caught up on some much needed sleep. I was roused about 90 minutes later feeling fine, no lingering oogey-ness in my head. That’s how you know you’ve got your dose right, you don’t wake up drained and fog-brained. Jackpots, baby!

A Cure by Design Plus Gummies

Talk about a blast from the past! If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you might remember me talking about A Cure by Design Plus from the old pop-up days and how their CBD tincture was a godsend when I got back from my cross-country roadtrip. My leg was jacked the hell up and A Cure’s tincture was the only thing that relaxed my muscle spasms long enough to sleep. I was slapping it on three times a day for the first month, at which point I was able to reduce it down to an as-needed basis. 

I happened to be in No Kids Allowed recently and what did I find? A Cure by Design Plus’ RSO-infused gummies and syrups! I am so glad to see these great folks represented in I-71 storefronts! In case you’re not in the know, RSO stands for Rick Simpson Oil, a.k.a. whole-plant extraction. Anecdotal evidence suggests that blending up every bit of the cannabis plant, roots and all, is its most medically potent form. A Cure by Design also makes Delta-8 THC and CBD-only versions of their products for sale in area hemp and head shops.