How to Find the Best DC Carts & Pens for THC

What Makes a Great THC Cart?

All the high, none of the mess! A great THC cart can make for a very fine evening, but making sure your cart is actually of good quality can be a job in itself. You’ll need a well-crafted design, usually glass or ceramic, a safe and flavorful extract, and a deal that doesn’t break the bank. Well, just as you’ve trusted Gentleman Toker to find the finest bud, allow us to help you find the highest quality carts.

The Best THC Carts in DC

Let me tell you, we can’t believe the amount of fake and even unsafe carts you’ll find for sale in DC. Looking for a good cart can be a minefield of deceptive packaging, unsafe processes, and suspicious alloys. Bet you didn’t think you’d have to learn about alloys just to get high! But we’ve spent countless hours scouring this fine city to find the goods, and below you’ll find the only Gentleman-approved list of high-quality THC carts in DC. 

Friendly Farms Carts

If you’re looking for some flavorful resin housed in quality AVD hardware with a surgical steel post, Friendly Farms is the way to go. They’re one of the biggest vape oil processors in the United States and extract for big brands like Doja, TerpHogz, and Connected/Alien Labs. Their popularity makes it a lot easier to do a bit of research and make sure any product you find with their name on it is actually theirs. Another way to make it easier is to buy from our friends at Green Kings DC. The cost of their carts changes based on the release, so be sure to keep an eye on trusted vendors’ menus to find the best deals.

Cure Carts

The cure for all your troubles, Cure Carts are sold by The Highway. They’re available as CAT 3 lab-tested distillate with cannabis-derived terpenes or a blend of distillate and live resin extract called “refined live resin.” Cure Carts are offered in a 510 thread in a surgical steel construction or glass unibody cell option. A disposable O2 bar hardware option is also available. 

Kind Prophet Carts

These carts are a craft collaboration home brew by Shmu the Prophet and Kind Collective. Their ceramic-body AVD hardware is filled with CAT 3 lab-tested distillate with cannabis-derived terpenes. And at $30 per one-gram cart, they’re pretty affordable, too.

Sugar Grove Carts

If you’re looking for excellent flavor and performance, then Sugar Grove carts from Cannakin Farms are the way to go. Their ceramic-body AVD hardware is filled with top-quality, decarbed hash rosin. We recommend buying the half-gram carts for $60 over one-gram carts, due to their superior performance.

Hive Carts

Hive carts’ porcelain ceramic bodies are filled with live diamonds and suspended high-terpene extract sauce. Their unibody filling process is designed to be more sanitary by preventing any contact between the extract and the air. Hives run for $60 per one-gram cart from the artists down at Lotto Terps, where they’ve also got a half-gram Lovely Hash Co. version for $70.

Gob’s Carts

A local homebrew made with a ceramic body and heater design, Gob’s carts have the safest hardware and extracts you can find. And that’s a good thing because they also have the most saturated flavor and potent, broad-spectrum effects on the market. Carts made by GobShop run $60 per one-gram cart.

Watch Out for Fake THC Carts in DC

When it comes to vaping, safety should always be your top priority. Unfortunately, fraudsters find more ways every day to scam unsuspecting customers into buying low-quality or unsafe products. That’s why we’ve created a breakdown to help you sort through the noise and find something you can truly enjoy.

How to Find Safe Carts

The best carts in DC usually come in ceramic or glass body designs, so it's good to start there. You should also take a look at the extract to make sure it has the right viscosity (thickness). Distillate really shouldn’t flow at all, while live resin is a bit less viscous and should flow a bit more. We recommend always comparing what you find in the store to research you’ve done online to make sure the packaging, batch number, and hardware all match up.

How to Spot Counterfeit Carts

We recommend comparing traditional market listings with listings of the brand online from legal sources. Compare pictures of the product and packaging that the brand displays online to what you see for sale in DC. If they don’t match, then run far, far away. Bad grammar and incorrect spellings are also a dead giveaway. Some brands have started to make unique QR codes and serial numbers to help customers spot imitations.

Sadly, however, even that might not be enough. We wouldn’t put it past some retailers to buy their own tamper-proof tape and copy the serial number or QR code onto it. One good method I’ve discovered is to check to see if the THC test is printed on the box or a label. Since a legit, state-licensed brand will actually test each batch individually, they won’t be able to print their results on a whole run of boxes. Labels are always a good indicator. You can also usually spot a bad resin if it has a funny taste, irritates your throat, or isn’t viscous enough.

There are several things to check for to see if your hardware might be unsafe. If the design seems out of date, the intake holes are in weird sizes, or the connection points seem flimsy or poorly fit, then it's probably no good. You should also be sure to check the center post. If it's too thick, too shiny, or isn’t silver-colored, it may have some unsafe alloys and poor design.

But we know not everybody can be experts—that’s why we’ve done some of the legwork in spotting fake carts for you. Check out our full list so you’ll know which ones to avoid. While it behooves us to say that we can’t guarantee that what you’ll find will be 100% safe, we can at least steer you away from the stuff we know is no good.

Options for DC Cart Delivery

Making the trip across town to find some fine weed for sale can be a chore! That’s why we’ve done the research and compiled the info on all the best delivery options for vapes, pre-rolls, edibles, and all other fine forms of THC. Check out the Gentleman’s listings to check out where to get a good deal delivered right to your door.

Learn More About Cannabis in DC

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