The Best Weed Gummies in DC

What cannabis lover doesn’t enjoy an excellent weed gummy? They’re simple, tasty, and discreet. Also, they get you high! We’re happy to say that as cannabis legalization has advanced in the United States, so has the quality of edibles. There are some great weed gummies in DC, and we’ve tasted all we could get our eager little hands on. So here’s our list of the best THC gummies DC has to offer.

Our Favorite Weed Gummies in DC

Puff Kings

We love the blend of CBD and THC in Puff Kings’ weed gummies. CBD has a way of taking the edge off the THC and letting you enjoy a long-lasting, easy-going high. These gummies will help you sleep but won’t knock you out. They’re also great for easing pain and anxiety.

Adose Wellness

A newcomer to the DC edibles scene, Adose Wellness products come in some unique flavors like blue raspberry, blackberry lemon, and peach Bellini. They’ve got great texture and taste and are designed to be welcoming to newcomers. For instance, their “Level 1” products have 9 mg of CBD and 1 mg of THC, which is great for microdosing or for newbies. For people looking for some stronger stuff, their Level 4 weed gummies have 10 mg of THC and 5 mg of CBD each.

Jackpots Gummies

The sugar-covered gummy cubes pack a bigger punch with 20 mg of THC per piece. Each jar of Jackpots Gummies comes loaded with 20 gummies for a grand total of 400 mg of THC. We tested out these gummies by munching on two-and-a-half cubes for a power nap. They put us to sleep fast without leaving us feeling foggy and tired the next morning.

Acure by Design Plus

These sweet little DC gummies are infused with Rick Simpson Oil. An extract named for the man who discovered how to make it, RSO is a blend of every part of the cannabis plant. Some people believe that there are medical benefits to RSO beyond the effects of THC, but the research is still ongoing. Either way, they taste great and are offered in both THC- and CBD-only versions.

Where to Find THC Gummies in DC

Athena’s Gifts

One of the best places to get homemade-style edibles in Washington DC, Athena’s Gifts also has some of the strongest weed gummies in town. Just know that these gummy worms aren’t for the faint of heart; Athena’s Gifts labels them as “high tolerance.”

Georgetown Kushcakes

One of the more upscale spots for DC edibles, Georgetown Kushcakes has low-dose gummies in tropical flavors like lime, pomegranate, and tangerine. They also have fancy desserts, truffles, and some Heisenberg Sour Shards Hard Candy that will have you growling, “I am the flavor!”

District Hemp Botanicals

If you’re looking to get CBD gummies in DC, District Hemp Botanicals is a great place to start. Their store has a chill, peaceful vibe with friendly staff who will be happy to help you sort through their massive stock of hemp products. They have a good selection of CBD gummies without any THC, which are great for helping with pain, stress, or sleep without the high.

Puff Kings

We waxed eloquent about the quality of Puff Kings’ gummies and their mix of THC and CBD above. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention their milk chocolate, sour bears, brownies, and rice krispies.

Legacy DC

If you’re looking to get weed gummies in DC from a place with a cool vibe that honors the art and history of the city, you’ve got to check out Legacy DC. They’ve got some 2.5 mg THC gummies that are perfect for microdosing, along with plenty of candies and chocolate bars.

Trying THC Gummies for the First Time?

As you might have guessed, we here at Gentleman Toker love lighting up a good joint. But we know that smoking weed isn’t for everyone. A lot of people who aren’t too hot on the idea of smoking are drawn to weed gummies because they’re something familiar. 

But the familiar form of THC gummies can also lead many people to underestimate them. We’ve seen plenty of people take too many weed gummies because they weren’t feeling the effects at first, or they just underestimated the level of THC, and they didn’t have a great experience.

The edible experience can be much more intense than smoking flowers. That’s why we recommend that even for people who’ve smoked weed before, it's good to take it slow at first. The great thing about THC gummies is they’re a lot easier to measure out than other forms of cannabis. Pay close attention to the amount of THC printed on both the packaging and the label, and don’t be afraid to cut those gummies into smaller pieces to get the exact dose you want.

Always Find the Best Weed Gummies in DC

Thankfully, you’ve got a lot of choices if you’re looking for weed gummies in DC. But there are also plenty of great tinctures, topicals, flowers, pre-rolls, and more. To keep up with all the latest be sure to subscribe to the Gentleman Toker newsletter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Strong is a 10 mg Weed Gummy?

The effects you’ll get from a THC gummy will vary depending on your body and whatever built-up tolerance to cannabis you may have. To an experienced cannabis user, 10 mg will probably feel small. But if you’ve never tried THC before, 10 mg can be too much. You might want to try a 2.5 or 5 mg dose if it's your first time.

How Long Do Weed Gummies Take to Kick in?

Your mileage will vary, but it typically takes between a half hour and an hour to start feeling the effects of THC edibles. You should fully feel the effects within about two hours.

How Long Do Weed Gummies Last?

The effects of THC gummies last much longer than the effects of smoking weed. While the high you get from smoking weed will typically be gone within a couple of hours, edibles can last much longer. It will depend on your metabolism, and how large a dose you’ve consumed, but it can last 4–8 hours or so. There may be some residual effects for about a day, so keep that in mind if you’ve got something important to do the next morning.

Do Weed Gummies Expire?

Like just about all food, weed gummies can start to go bad after a while. If you keep them sealed up and stored in a refrigerator, they can last a long time. If not, the quality may start to degrade after about six months or a year.