Best THC Cannabis Tincture and Oil Brands in Washington DC

THC Tincture and Oil Use  

THC tinctures and THC oil are an incredibly convenient method of consuming marijuana that has become popular among those who don’t prefer smoking. The high from THC oil and marijuana tinctures lasts up to three hours, similar to other cannabis products. Gentleman Toker has listed the best cannabis tincture and oil brands in DC for your convenience. 

Best THC Tincture Brands in DC

If you’re familiar with the DC area, you know there are plenty of great cannabis gifting shops around. These shops carry high-quality marijuana tincture products that will give you an amazing high. 

Terp Lords Green Dragon Tincture

Terp Lords Green Dragon Tincture, available at V.I.Peace, is an alcohol-based THC tincture that contains 1000 mg of THC and comes in a 15 ml bottle. 

Kush Kitchen THC Oils

THC Oils by Kush Kitchen come in many delicious flavors, including chili, lemon, lime, and grapeseed. Talk about variety! From Street Lawyers Services DC, these flavored oils come in 10 ml bottles and have 1000 mg of THC packed in. 

Best THC Oil Brands in DC

THC oil is the undiluted version of the main psychoactive compound in THC tinctures. They’re just not always in a tincture bottle. There are plenty of phenomenal THC oils available in Washington DC shops, and we’re eager to share the best brands in our directory. 

Pure Distillate Syringe

This distillate syringe by Pure comes in a variety of strains and flavors including sunset sherbert, lemon haze, and original. With 1000 mg of clean, refined THC oil, their syringes are available in indica, sativa, or hybrid formulas. The syringes are available at Green Kings DC.

Gatz Living Organic RSO Oil

Rick Simpson oil, containing both THC and CBD oil, is a perfect choice for the stoner who wants the best of both worlds. Gatz Living Organic RSO Oil, available at Green Kings DC, comes in a 10 ml bottle and contains 1000 mg of a mixture of THC and CBD. 

Abatin Wellness THC Oil

Containing 500 mg of active THC and organic canola oil, the Abatin Wellness THC oil comes in a 1-mL dropper. One drop contains 25mg of THC. These droppers can be found at Takoma Wellness.

Why THC Cannabis Tinctures Stand Out

There are several benefits to cannabis tinctures that other methods of cannabis ingestion may not offer. Here are a few that should be considered. 

Accurate Dosage

Smoking cannabis, or even consuming edibles, can result in a person absorbing more THC than they intended. The droplets of a cannabis tincture or syringe are measured out and highly specific, providing an accurate dosage of THC. 


Getting complaints from neighbors that a certain fragrance spreads a little bit too easily? We’ve all been there. Unlike smoking, ingesting a THC tincture doesn’t result in a scent that carries throughout the atmosphere. Dropping a few milliliters of oil is quick and inconspicuous. 


Nothing’s worse than bud that’s gone to waste. With oil and tincture THC, there’s no worry about a short expiration date. THC tinctures have a long shelf life and can last for years if properly stored. 

To make the most of your weed tincture, keep it in a refrigerator or freezer. This minimizes the rate of degradation. 


There are three ways to take a tincture, which can have varying immediacy. Users can take their preferred method at their convenience. Sublingual ingestion, a method of placing drops under the tongue, is the most fast-acting, taking only 5-15 minutes to kick in. 

The other two methods involve essentially turning the cannabis tincture into an edible. Users can drop it on top of the tongue directly, or mix it into a drink. THC oil, pure distillates, and RSO oil can be dabbed as a concentrate, used to infuse an edible, or eaten directly by placing on food. 

THC Tinctures vs. CBD Tinctures 

THC tinctures are popular for both recreational and medical purposes. The high experienced with THC oil and weed tinctures is similar to that of smoking cannabis when taken sublingually. If taken as an edible, you can expect a longer onset, longer duration, and potentially more intense effects. THC oil is derived from marijuana and may or may not contain other cannabinoids. 

CBD tinctures may also contain varying concentrations of other cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, or even synthesized cannabinoids like Delta-8 THC. It’s also common to find tinctures in dispensaries that have been crafted to provide multiple ratios of THC to CBD to help patients find the perfect combination for their needs. Both THC tinctures and CBD tinctures may contain terpenes to help steer their effects. 

THC & CBD Extraction, Explained

CBD is typically extracted from hemp, which is the same plant that produces THC, Cannabis sativa. Any plant that has under 0.3% THC is classified as hemp under federal law, while anything over that percentage is considered cannabis. 

There are many ways to extract cannabinoids from the plant depending on whether a person wants to include the full spectrum of compounds in their final product or isolate a single cannabinoid. Distillation is most common for isolated cannabinoids, while carbon dioxide extraction and rosin-pressing methods provide a broad spectrum. RSO goes a step further to create a product from the entire plant, roots and all!

Is CBD Psychoactive?

It is an incredibly common misconception that CBD tinctures are not psychoactive. CBD is psychoactive but not intoxicating. Most consumers experience a sense of calm instead of the high of THC. CBD tinctures sold outside of licensed dispensaries may contain up to 0.3% THC by volume according to federal law, but exact rules may vary from state to state. 

Is CBD Legal in My State?

While CBD products that meet hemp regulations are federally legal, FDA guidance continues to lag, and in its absence, many states and cities have introduced a handful of different rules and regulations for CBD products. Be mindful of local laws while at home or traveling.  

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