Lemon Haze Strain Review: Perfect for Productivity 2023

Lemon Haze is a Sativa dominant strain (70%) and is a cross between Lemon Skunk and Silver Haze. One of the most dominant terpenes found in Sativa dominant strains like Lemon Haze is Terpinolene which is believed to have both an uplifting and relaxing effect.

In this article, I review the Lemon Haze strain from Green Label Grinders, a recreational dispensary in Washington DC, and I’ll share my thoughts on the effects, flavors, aromas, and the overall entourage effect. Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways for Lemon Haze Strain

  • Lemon Haze delivers a very smooth and gentle buzz that promotes euphoria, relaxation, focus, and energy and is amazing for feeling uplifted.
  • One of the dominant terpenes found in Lemon Haze is Phellandren which is believed to increase energy.
  • Lemon Haze is perfect for smoking in the morning or for productivity and social settings.

How Does the Lemon Haze strain feel?

Lemon Haze Strain Review

Lemons Haze from GLG Dispensary


What makes Lemon Haze such a beautiful smoke is how mellow and smooth the high is. It’s a very euphoric high with a very gradual climb, so make sure to take your time with the first few hits as the effects take time to kick in. I smoked this strain during the day and I had amazing concentration and clarity for work, and on top of that a nice abundant flow of great ideas.

This is a long-lasting smoke with a very smooth come-down. The come-on was slow and gentle as well, so for work and productivity, it’s an amazing option because there are no overwhelming stages from beginning to end. This makes it perfect for anyone worried about losing mental clarity for a task that requires your full attention.

Who this strain is for: I recommend Lemon Haze if you are looking for a very gentle but efficient strain for productivity, work, creativity, and brainstorming. It’s an amazing mood booster and a very heady-focused high. I would not recommend this strain if you are looking for deep rest and pain management. For an Indica dominant strain that’s perfect for at-night smoking, I recommend the Animal Cookies strain, or for a 100% body Inidca I recommend the Blueberry Kush strain.

Lemon Haze strain Entourage Effects

When you think of the “high” from consuming marijuana, you typically think about the main psychoactive component: THC. The entourage effect theory finds that cannabis products measured by their diverse array of cannabinoids and terpenes produce an even stronger psychoactive experience that lasts longer than just the higher generated by pure THC products.

In this section, we break down the four primary terpenes found in Lemon Haze and the potential effects that it may have on your experience when smoking this marijuana strain.

Disclaimer: The terpene profile may vary depending on what medical dispensary you purchased your Lemon Haze strain from. This section is meant to help you understand how the terpenes influence the effects of this strain, but more research is needed to understand fully how terpenes affect the body from consuming cannabis.

Lemon Haze Terpene profile:


Pinene: 0.15%

Myrcene: 0.17%

Ocimene: 0.11%

Humulene: 0.04%

Limonene: 0.08%

Linalool: 0.11%

Terpinolene: 0.14%

Phellandrene: 0.14%

Caryophyllene: 0.08%

What are the dominant terpenes in Lemon Haze?

The two most dominant terpenes found in Lemon Haze are Myrcene and Pinene. Myrcene is typically found in many cannabis strains and is believed to help promote a relaxing effect. One of the overall feelings I felt when smoking the Lemon Haze strain was how relaxed I felt in both the mind and body. Even though the head high was strong, the flow of thoughts was very stable and smooth.

While Myrcene is also believed to promote a sedating effect and help patients with sleep, the second most dominant terpene, pinene, plays an important role in why this strain is great for focus and productivity.

Lemon Haze is rich in the Pinene terpene which is believed to increase attention, memory, and alertness. While I did feel deeply relaxed when smoking this strain, I also had a deep sense of focus and clarity with my thoughts even when working. More research is needed to see how much terpenes in cannabis play a total role in physiological and psychoactive effects.

Why Lemon Haze is perfect for productivity and creativity

The third and fourth most dominant terpene found in Lemon Haze is Terpinolene and Phellandrene in equal amounts. Terpinolene is often found in Sativa-rich cannabis strains and is believed to promote an uplifting and euphoric feeling. What I loved about this strain was how smooth it felt from beginning to end. Everything was gentle and the overlying feeling was euphoria in the head.

The Phellandrene terpene is another terpene found in Sativa strains that are believed to increase energy. While more research is needed to see just how much of an impact cannabis terpenes have on the human body, in my personal experience smoking the Lemon Haze strain I found that I had a ton of clarity, focus, and energy to stay on daily work tasks.


The fourth dominant terpenes found in Lemon Haze make this strain perfect to smoke in the morning or day for productivity, creativity, or just for feeling uplifted alone or in a social setting. With the Phellandrene and Pinene terpenes, I had an increase in energy and focus, yet it was never in overdrive causing anxiety because of the Myrcene terpene which kept my body completely relaxed. Finally, the Terpinolene terpene helped to give me an overall euphoric feeling that rode out the entire time with the smoothest transition from start to finish.

What are the primary cannabinoids in Lemon Haze?

The four most dominant cannabinoids found in Lemon Haze are THC, CBC, CBG, and THCv. Lemon Haze is abundant in both THC and CBC (cannabichromene). CBC does not generate an intoxicating feeling but is believed to promote a feeling of relaxation and happiness. What makes Lemon Haze strain a great productivity and mood-boosting strain is just how happy and euphoric I felt throughout the entire buzz.

Disclaimer: The cannabinoids in your Lemon Haze can vary depending on what medical dispensary you purchased your strain from. This section was meant to help you understand the effects of the cannabinoids in your strain.

THC: 20 - 23%

CBD: 0.15 - 0.4%

CBC: 0.32 - 0.66%

CBG: 0.24 - 0.81%

CBN: 0.02 - 0.28%

THCV: 0.28 - 1.06%

How does Lemon Haze strain taste and smell?

The Lemon Haze strain has a very predominant citrus smell just like lemon with earthy and spicy notes as well in the taste. The citrus aroma and taste are from the Limonene and Ocimene terpenes, while the earthy and spicy notes are from the Pinene and Myrcene terpenes.

Pinene: (earthy, herby, bitter)

Myrcene: (sweet, spicy, peppery)

Ocimene: (fruity, citrusy, sweet)

Humulene: (spicy, herbal, bitter)

Limonene: (lemon, citrus, sweet)

Linalool: (sweet, floral, spicy)

Terpinolene: (sweet, flower, pine)

Phellandrene: (woody, minty, herby)

Caryophyllene: (spicy, peppery, spicy)

What do Lemon Haze nugs look like?

Lemon Haze nugs usually have light green and yellow foliage, with an abundance of fiery orange-yellow pistils. Depending on your cultivar you can often see amber hairs weaving through the trichomes which gives this nug its unique yellow lemon tint. However, this isn’t always the case as the Lemon Haze I purchased from Green Label Grinders, (seen in the photo above) was abundant in trichomes and very dense orange pistils but had no yellow tint, and that’s ok.

Final Thoughts

Here at Gentelamntoker, our team reviews medical marijuana strains all across America. I’ve reviewed the most popular dispensaries in HawaiiNew YorkOklahoma, and New Jersey. In this article, I reviewed the famous Lemon Haze strain from Green Label Grinders in Washington DC. 

Lemon Haze is the perfect strain if you are looking for a smooth and euphoric buzz that sparks creativity, motivation, and focus. I found that this strain was perfect for smoking in the morning and if you need to be productive. It’s also a great social smoking strain because it gives a nice boost in confidence. Make sure to check out our Gentlemantoker’s guide to the best marijuana strains.