How to Find and Buy NJ Marijuana in 2021

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NJ marijuana is now legal recreationally! Don’t pull out your pipes yet, because laws and licenses are still being processed for NJ legal weed dispensaries to actually sell recreational cannabis. So while the Garden State waits, a new market of NJ weed dispensaries are opening and transactions are being done through a system known as “sharing”. A lot to take in? Not to worry, my friends, in this article we will be showing you some of the best New Jersey marijuana dispensaries from medical to recreational “sharing” and help you get your hands on some cannabis today! Click below to see the best NJ cannabis brands in your area. If you are interested in learning about NJ marijuana legalization, NJ marijuana laws, or learn how to get a medical marijuana card in NJ then keep reading! Click Your Location in New Jersey to Find the Best NJ Weed 

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NJ Marijuana Legalization 2021

So is weed legal in NJ? The laws of NJ marijuana are completely new so it's understandable if you are confused by the seemingly overlapping rules surrounding weed in the Garden State. Don't worry, after reading this article you will understand everything you need to know about NJ weed laws and how to purchase your cannabis safely even without a medical card.

Is Weed Legal in NJ Recreationally?

Yes and no!  NJ recreational weed is much like New York and other states where it is legal to possess and consume but laws for selling and buying are still in the gray area.  On January 1st, 2021 the state of NJ approved a constitutional amendment legalizing recreational use of cannabis, and in February 2021, this was finalized by the signing of three pieces of legislation by Governor Phil Murphy. Some notable details in the legislation include:

  • You can purchase up to one ounce.
  • You can gift up to one ounce
  • You can possess up to six ounces.
  • You must be 21 years or older.

Buying weed recreationally gets confusing, however because NJ is still in the process of deciding which providers will get their recreational license to sell. With that being said, there are thousands of people still looking to exercise their legal right to smoke recreational weed. A new market has emerged in New Jersey, known as the “sharing market”.  You can call it sharing, gifting, donations, but ultimately the dispensary you visit will let you know how their process works. These are technically not real recreational dispensaries, but this is how the majority of the state is currently purchasing recreational NJ marijuana. The act of sharing weed is legal and so these providers are not selling you marijuana directly but instead “gifting” up to one ounce. This means you may buy a pack of stickers, t-shirt, art print, and then you will be given the cannabis. If you are concerned about legal ramifications  you should consult a lawyer. We do advise you to stay far away from providers that are directly selling you cannabis as this can get you and the provider in a heap of trouble. Luckily, with any of our trusted providers listed above at Gentleman Toker, you can get your NJ legal weed now, and not have to wait for the kinks to be worked out in the New Jersey recreational marijuana system.

Is Weed Legal in NJ for Medicinal Marijuana?

NJ medical marijuana has been around for more than a decade now and the rules are continuing to evolve.  In 2010, the Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act (CUMMA) was passed. With this NJ marijuana bill, patients are free to buy, possess, and use cannabis in NJ.  Since then, multiple other NJ marijuana bills have been passed to expand the permissions that NJ medical marijuana patients have. Click here to skip below to learn how to get your medical marijuana card and how to buy medical cannabis in NJ.

NJ Marijuana Law Breakdown

NJ marijuana is now legal for both medical and recreational use. Currently the NJ marijuana bill allows for use and sales of medical marijuana for card holders only. NJ recreational weed, however, is legal for consumption and possession but not quite there yet for sales. Similar to alcohol, NJ recreational marijuana will still have rules and guidelines.

  • You can't smoke or vape weed in public places in New Jersey.
  • You can't drive under the influence of weed in NJ.
  • Only 13 dispensaries are officially licensed to sell medical marijuana in NJ.
  • NJ recreational dispensaries are allowed to sell you up to 1 ounce.

Recreational marijuana dispensaries in NJ will be able to open once they get their licenses, but this can still take months. Currently residents are buying their NJ marijuana recreationally through the grey-market “sharing system”. With a focus on diversity, minority-owned, woman-owned, or disabled veteran-owned businesses will receive priority on getting the first recreational NJ marijuana store licenses.  Social equity will be the number one priority for the new New Jersey Recreational Marjiuana Program.   For now, only NJ medical marijuana dispensaries have the official license to sell medical weed of any kind, but if you want to try out the “sharing” market where purchases are made buy buying gifts or giving donations, we ordered from some of the top brands and put their claims to the test. See the Gentelmans official review on NJ marijuana brands below. Click here to skip below to learn more about the “sharing system”.

Best Providers of NJ Weed - North Jersey

A hub rich with culture, food, and even multi-generational Italian families, North Jersey is also a hub for some delectable sticky buds.  Looking for the best Northern NJ legal weed provider? The Gentleman did some digging to see what other people had to say. Whether you’re near Sussex, Hoboken, or down through Newark to Bergen Country if you stick to these weed services and storefronts you’ll be in good hands. Here are the most trusted legal NJ marijuana providers of the Northern part of New Jersey. Note: Due to the large area that NJ weed dispensaries cover, it is a good idea to contact the dispensary you’re interested in at least 3-5 hours before you want to receive your NJ marijuana. For a seamless NJ weed transaction, give your provider 24 hours notice in advance.

RISE Paramus - Best Medical Marijuana NJ

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RISE Medical Dispensary in Paramus, New Jersey is one of the thirteen officially licensed storefronts participating in the NJ medical marijuana program. RISE Paramus has a huge selection. Currently, it may be the biggest selection of NJ weed products in the entire state and the only NJ marijuana dispensary with a sizable edible collection.  Keep an eye out for Rise’s selection of Kind Tree Flower, one of the most popular NJ marijuana brands! Rise has perhaps the best price point for Kind Tree and carries another brand we’re excited about, Rythm! They even have a reward system to allow New Jersey marijuana patients to save even more money. With their High Risers Club, patients are eligible to earn rewards with your NJ medicinal marijuana purchases!  For every dollar spent on their NJ medical marijuana products, you earn 1 point. After 100 points, you’ll be eligible for your first reward. Don’t have a medical card? No need to worry, the rest of the brands here participate in the sharing system for NJ recreational cannabis.

Doctor D - Top-Notch NJ Recreational Weed

NJ legal cannabis doctor d

If you are without a NJ medical marijuana card, don’t worry. There are plenty of options for you to get your NJ legal weed through the recreational weed sharing system. There are fewer Northern New Jersey cannabis providers, but Doctor D is one of the best options for your NJ weed supply further up in the Garden State, with or without an NJ medical marijuana card.   While they keep their website pretty “cannabis clean”, we love how safe they are making the transaction process and we heard great things about them through Reddit forums.  Doctor D is one of the many NJ recreational weed providers that is able to operate through the gray market of sharing/gifting.   You must become a verified member of their website to order NJ weed through Doctor D. To be verified, you must submit a selfie with your ID, or you can become verified by being referred by another client.   Located in Bergen County, their New Jersey weed gifts are available for pickup, or hit them up on Instagram to arrange an NJ weed delivery.  The best way to contact Doctor D to become verified and order NJ weed delivery is through their website at

Pop’s Smoke - Marijuana NJ Storefront

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Recreational marijuana storefronts are now serving NJ cannabis through the sharing system! Pop’s Smoke is an actual store you can visit for your cannabis needs when you are up in Northern NJ.  We checked out their IG and while the post were pretty slim, the stories showed us some amazing flowers rich with trichomes. Loving their selection of NJ marijuana, and if the videos are anything like how it is in person I think you will be more than happy. Located about 45 minutes away from Manhattan, Pop’s Smoke storefront is in Parsippany, New Jersey.  No need for a medical card, here, as Pop’s Smoke operates under the giving/sharing system. Hit their Instagram up @popssmokenj for more pictures or if you have any questions! We found some great reviews on Reddit mentioning how friendly their staff was.


Gotham Apples - Huge NJ Weed Menu

One of our favorite vendors from our NYC guide, Gotham Apples, recently expanded service to New Jersey! These folks have a huge menu of high quality cannabis gifts to share with you- flowers, edibles, wax, you name it. And they're not limited to North Jersey either, they deliver all the way down to South Jersey, too. Check out my review of Gotham Apples on our NYC guide for more details. Check 'em out for yourself on Instagram @gothamapples


Best Providers of NJ Weed in Central Jersey

Central Jersey is full of charm with its beautiful, free flowing towns that refresh the East Coast spirit. A great place for festivals, but where there are festivals, there are stoners and recreational weed users aplenty.  Luckily, if you’re in Central Jersey, there are quite a few NJ weed delivery services that will be able to reach you! Whether you’re near Trenton or New Brunswick, give these NJ weed providers a spin!

Dank Donations NJ - Marijuana New Jersey Delivery

new jersey cannabis

Official Gentlemans Review August 2021DANK DONATIONS NJ was a pleasure to work with. What you’re buying are their kits- mine was loaded up with useful loot, including gum, candy, a scented freakin’ candle- and they give you NJ weed free as a thank you gift. I hit DDNJ up on Instagram the morning after I arrived, got a response within five minutes, and it was quick, clear communication from that point on. They had an extensive, photo-filled menu of New Jersey cannabis flower gifts with several tiers and designer options available. They also have weed concentrate-based kits and gifts, but limited edible gift options. Dank Donations serves the entire state with NJ weed. They weren’t in my neck of the woods when I hit them up, so they gave me the option to drive about an hour to meet them or just cool my jets and they’d see me the next day. If it were up to me, I would have made the drive for those luscious nugs. But I was thinking of you, my precious dalmations, and asked for NJ weed delivery the next day so I could see if they’d remember me. They did! And provided updated ETAs throughout the next day.

NJ cannabis legal

I was quite taken with the Do-Si-Dos flower gift, an easy smoke that also exhibits an excellent aroma and flavor. I hit half a jay for my adults-only “Dark” Tour of Philly hosted by the Grim Podcast team and was well and truly stoned, awkward, and weird throughout the two-hour guided walk of the local haunts. You can ask anyone!

NJ Green Selects - Central New Jersey Weed Gifting

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Another gift-giving provider of NJ cannabis with tasty marijuana treats is NJ Green Selects. NJ Green Selects is a delivery-only service that aspires to be the best cookie delivery service in New Jersey. They operate through the “gifting” system where you buy an item and receive your edibles or flower as a gift.  Check out their Instagram @NJgreenselects for pictures of all of their marijuana gifts. They offer discounts daily, including 10% off your purchase if you are a medical card holder.  For Central Jersey, delivery is free but a $110 dollar purchase is required!

Breakwater - Central NJ MMJ Provider in Middlesex County

medical marijuana NJ 

For those of you that have gone through the process of getting your medical card in New Jersey, you have the option of going to Breakwater for your central New Jersey cannabis needs.  Located in Cranbury, NJ, Breakwater grows, produces, and dispenses it’s own variety of high-quality NJ cannabis products.  With consistent pricing, the flower here will be reliable but their selection is small compared to other NJ marijuana dispensaries.  Plan ahead and be ready, as Breakwater Flower is exclusive to the Breakwater store, and it will often sell out! If you are a NJ medical marijuana card holder, use this link to schedule your first appointment. After your first visit, no appointment is necessary and you can waltz right in, as long as you have your prescription.

Best Providers of New Jersey Marijuana in South Jersey

South Jersey is rich with culture, and scenic rural drives, but, either way, our trusted providers below will have no problem reaching you wherever you are in Southern Jersey. South Jersey is where our New Jersey marijuana journey began, so we can give you the complete low-down from our first-hand experience. With some great competition stewing up in the NJ marijuana scene, these are our top picks from our New Jersey weed toking adventures. If you’re near Vineland or all the way down to Cape May, these places will deliver to you!

Gifted Jawns - Professional Provider of Weed NJ

new jersey marijuana

Gifted Jawns also proved they could come through in the clutch as a professional provider of NJ marijuana! What you’re buying here are packs of incense. The reason to use them is their free gifts! They’ve got a professional, easy to navigate, photo-packed website full of flowers, edibles, and concentrate- even some solventless hash options. NJ weed delivery is free if you’re willing to wait up to 24 hours for delivery; there are several degrees of upgrades available if not. The Gentleman decided to try out their fastest service to see how they did - three hours, ten minutes. Damn impressive for any NJ marijuana dispensary! And Gifted Jawns serves the entire state of New Jersey, so you can count on quality New Jersey cannabis fast no matter where you’re visiting.

 NJ marijuana dispensary 

The Platinum OG I picked up turned out to be a savory, pleasant smoke. It became my erstwhile companion as I ambled about Center City, admiring the beautiful skyline across the Schuylkill River and parks below with the tranquility and beneficence of a monk. One that gets to use Dexterity instead of Strength for unarmed attacks and refills his Ki with every short rest, naturally.

Hot Donna - Vast Selections of New Jersey Legalized Weed

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Hot Donna’s hails from Philadelphia proper but serves South Jersey, too (selfie with ID required). This well-reviewed service on LeafedOut has a minimum gift size of a quarter for flowers, so it can get a bit pricey. That being said, they definitely live up to their reputation for NJ marijuana! The menu features a staggering amount of tiered flowers, some very interesting edible selections for home bakers like cannabutter and THC-infused sugar, and the concentrates provide a nice value. I hit Hot Donna up on Telegram as instructed on their handy Etiquette page and got a response within 20 minutes. I received updated ETAs and delivery ahead of my NJ weed delivery schedule.

 NJ joint legal 

The Space Cake I picked up was a gorgeous bag, filled with large, glistening nugs, not a popcorn nug to be seen. Space Cake supplied the much-needed anxiety buffer the Gentleman needed to take on the Mutter Museum, which is full of medical oddities taken from...gulp...human specimens. Why, it must have been weeks since I’ve last come face to face with my own mortality. What terrible fun we’re having, aren’t we, Harold? Suffice to say, the Mutter isn’t to be missed for any fan of the macabre.

Medically Legal Weed NJ - Columbia Care

NJ Legal marijuana 

As expected, if you have a doctor’s prescription for cannabis in New Jersey, your options almost double! Columbia Care is one of the dispensaries that are available to medical card holders in Southern NJ.  Columbia Care is open 10am - 6pm but is closed on Sundays, typical for medical marijuana dispensaries.  Columbia Care has lots of cannabis gear to keep your smoking setup pristine and fully supplied. Get your whole set up with a bong, grinder, lighter, and jar of the very popular and exclusive brands of weed, Seed and Strain.   They even offer one-on-one consultations with pharmacists and experts so that you can get super personal with your THC health care. Pretty Rad!

Best Weed NJ Providers in Jersey Shore

Famous for the boardwalks, amusement parks, arcades, and all around fun, Jersey Shore has entertainment. That’s for sure. But we all know that rides are much fun when you had your toke session right before. If you are in Jersey Shore looking for the best NJ weed, you can order from just about any of the weed delivery services around Jersey.  For the quickest Jersey Shore weed options, there are a couple of magnificent marijuana companies right around the corner.  The following brands serve the entire NJ state including the Jersey Shore:

Marijuana NJ to Try - Green Street Gifts

weed nj

Green Street Gifts is an NJ weed delivery service that I'm pretty thrilled to give a try on my next trip to the Garden State. Customers are leaving raving reviews about their turn-around time making them one of the most popular NJ marijuana delivery services. Their NJ legal marijuana selection is vast with multiple tiers of flower quality.  Green Street Gifts has all your favorite forms of NJ cannabis for your consumption, including various edible treats and NJ weed concentrates. Along with their great value on NJ marijuana gifts, they offer free delivery to anywhere in the entire state of New Jersey for orders of more than $300.

Medicinal Marijuana NJ - MMJ Bud Klinic

new jersey weed 

Another popular Jersey marijuana dispensary making the rounds in weed connoisseur discussions is the Bud Klinik located out of Jersey Shore.  Bud Klinic is a delivery-only weed provider, operating within the gray area of weed gifting/sharing.  If you’re a little far from Jersey Shore weed stores and want to give their heavenly-looking concentrates a try, Bud Klinic will serve the entire state. The Bud Klinic even has NJ medical marijuana clone plants available as a gift you can choose.

Piff Kings - Recreational NJ Weed Delivery to Atlantic City

nj weed legal 

A go-to for Atlantic City locals that has been serving the Tri-State area for years is Piff Kings. Piff Kings has small-batch, quality NJ cannabis available through the gifting/sharing system.  Voted number one weed delivery service in Connecticut and in NYC in 2021, Piff Kings is making its way to the top New Jersey Marijuana market. Call, text, or email them to get yourself an order going!

The Botanist - Atlantic City NJ Medical Marijuana Dispensary

marijuana legal in NJ

 If you have a NJ medical marijuana card, you have theoption of checking out The Botanist of Atlantic City.   The Botanist is one of New Jersey’s 13 officially licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.  The Botanist is an Atlantic City storefront that has a flawless website layout with an easy to navigate menu. They have some of our favorite brands but they mostly carry their own line of Botanist flower products. With their beautiful plant family and aged wood aesthetic, The Botanist lounge is designed to relax your mind before even your first puff.  The Botanist has a sweet royalty program that kicks off with a bunch of points at your first visit and purchase. Choose from any of these New Jersey marijuana gifting services that serve the entire state. The magnificent people of these NJ weed brands will accommodate you and your smoking needs!

How to Get Your Hands on NJ Medical Marijuana

Getting weed is easy if you have a medical card in NJ, but there are only a handful of options for medical marijuana dispensaries, aka Authentic Treatment Centers, in New Jersey.  Additionally, NJ medical marijuana patients are only allowed to register to one ATC (Authentic Treatment Center) at a time. But fortunately, you are allowed to change your ATC registration to a different NJ medical marijuana dispensary at no cost.  If you have your medical card, you still should check out all of your options, recreational and medical, at because of the restrictions the NJ medical marijuana program creates.  If you don't yet have your NJ medical weed recommendation, you'll want to keep reading the next few sections to learn exactly how to get a medical marijuana card in NJ.

How to Find your Medical marijuana Doctor

To register to be a part of the NJ Medical Marijuana Program (MMP), you must get your doctor or physician to provide you with an Attending Physician Statement saying that you are qualified to receive NJ medical marijuana treatment. You won’t have to go looking for any special NJ medical marijuana doctors. Your regular doctor can easily provide you with a marijuana recommendation. It is 2021, don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor about NJ medical marijuana.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in NJ

If you are a New Jersey resident and have a qualifying medical condition, you can easily sign up to be an NJ medical marijuana patient at, once you get your Attending Physician Statement from your doctor. Visitors from other parts of the US that have medical cards from their respective states can get a temporary ID by consulting with a registered New Jersey health care practitioner. This temporary ID will be good for six months.

How to Find your Medical Marijuana Dispensary

If you are part of the NJ medical marijuana program and you already have a card, you can visit one of the 13 medical weed dispensaries that are licensed to legally sell NJ medical weed.  But, with over 100,000 registered medical patients in the state of New Jersey, and so many other unregistered patients and recreational users, there is no way for these licensed stores to successfully supply everyone. If you don't have a NJ medical marijuana card or you are not near one of the 13 NJ medical dispensaries, then you will need another option for getting your daily cannabis. Try our trusted providers operating within the sharing. You will not be disappointed by the top-notch quality of buds or by their seamless customer service. Keep reading to learn exactly how the current NJ marijuana recreational market works!

NJ Recreational Marijuana and How It Works in 2021

As of January 1st, 2021 NJ recreational weed is now legal for adult use.  However, there are no officially licensed recreational weed dispensaries in NJ as of date. But where there's a will, there's a way. Luckily, handfuls of marijuana storefronts and delivery services are open and running, out here making magic happen and getting you your medicinal marijuana.  Keep reading to learn how to buy NJ recreational marijuana without a card or NJ medical marijuana doctor recommendation.

Buy NJ Recreational Weed Through The Sharing System

In places such as New Jersey, New York, and Washington DC, recreational weed laws can be confusing because of how new they are. Recreational weed laws in these states are currently having to operate in a gray area because of the time it is taking for laws to be implemented and new licenses to be issued to NJ marijuana dispensaries. But people are going to get their NJ weed no matter what, right? Luckily, there is a system for residents and tourists alike to get weed in New Jersey. This is known as the sharing system. With the sharing system, stores and providers of recreational weed in NJ are able to give you your weed through either sharing, gifting, or donations. Every NJ recreational weed store front and delivery service is different so make sure to read their website carefully to follow their procedures.  If they participate in the sharing system then you want to make sure to never ask to purchase any NJ cannabis directly! Continue reading to find out more about how to buy NJ recreational weed with no medical card through the gift-giving and sharing system.

How to Buy Recreational NJ weed with No Medical Card

Whether you are a tourist toker or a Garden State local smoker, you are going to want the best options for getting your weed in NJ, and times have changed from having to risk your freedom for simply getting your stash.  Fortunately, there are quite a few NJ weed stores and delivery services that operate legally and allow you to get your weed supply without a NJ medical marijuana card. These non-medically licensed stores operate within the sharing system, meaning they do not sell weed, but they have the option of gifting marijuana to a customer for purchasing another item, such as a t-shirt or sticker. It is important to remember that using the correct language for NJ legal weed is required for staying legal within the sharing system. With the gift-giving/sharing system, you are not purchasing marijuana. You are purchasing an item, such as a t-shirt or sticker, in exchange for your choice of an NJ marijuana gift. In some case, you may be asked for a “donation” for receiving your free NJ cannabis gift. No matter what vendor you are buying from, just remember you are not buying the weed. This is important to remember because recreational dispensaries in NJ will not be able to serve you if you keep demanding to buy the actual cannabis.

Risk of Buying Weed in NJ

Unfortunately, not all NJ recreational marijuana dispensaries are following the rules.  There are some New Jersey recreational weed stores that are slipping up and not abiding by the gift-giving rules.  If you find yourself in a recreational marijuana store in New Jersey and customers or even employees are not using the correct gift-giving language, you know you are in the wrong place. However, the risk of buying weed in NJ is ow as a customer! The dispensaries are the ones that are taking most of the risk!   Local authorities are much, much more interested in dispensaries that are not playing by the rules than the quarter of buds in your pocket. That being said, you definitely don't want to be involved with rule breaking NJ marijuana dispensaries being raided - not fun. Skip the headache and only purchase NJ cannabis through our trusted brands above.

NJ Marijuana Buyers CHeckist

Unfortunately, not all NJ recreational marijuana dispensaries are following the rules.  There are some New Jersey recreational weed stores that are slipping up and not abiding by the gift-giving rules.  If you find yourself in a recreational marijuana store in New Jersey and customers or even employees are not using the correct gift-giving language, you know you are in the wrong place. However, the risk of buying weed in NJ is ow as a customer! The dispensaries are the ones that are taking most of the risk!   Local authorities are much, much more interested in dispensaries that are not playing by the rules than the quarter of buds in your pocket. That being said, you definitely don't want to be involved with rule breaking NJ marijuana dispensaries being raided - not fun. Skip the headache and only purchase NJ cannabis through our trusted brands above.