Where to Buy Weed in NYC



Things are changing fast in the New York cannabis scene. New dispensaries are opening up every month as the state grants new licenses for recreational use. Legal questions are being raised, court battles are raging, and millions of dollars are at stake. 

For those of us who like to just sit back and chill out with some fine kush, it can be a little too much to sort out. But that’s why we’ve created this handy guide. If you want to know where to buy weed in New York City, we’ve got you covered.


Is Weed Legal in NYC?

Yes! New York fully legalized cannabis in 2021. Since then, we've taken a look at their laws, and we have to say, we’re downright jealous of the Empire State right now. Just look at all the goodies they get!


NYC Weed Laws 2023

Disclaimer: Gentleman Toker doesn’t provide legal advice. Check with a lawyer to be certain of your rights to grow, buy, carry, and consume weed in the city that never sleeps.

  • Adults 21 and over can possess up to three ounces of cannabis flower or 24 grams of concentrate.
  • You can share your cannabis with any other adult of age without compensation.
  • You can smoke weed anywhere that cigarettes are allowed under NY's Clean Indoor Air Act.
  • The smell of cannabis is no longer grounds to be stopped or searched by police.
  • In addition to licensed dispensaries, there can be licensed lounges for consumption!
  • A single adult is allowed to grow up to six plants, of which only three can be in the flowering stage at any time. However, you’ll have to wait 18 months (less for medical patients) after licensed dispensaries have opened before you can plant your seeds.
  • You can double your home-growing allowance if you have more than one adult in a single household, which means up to 12 plants at a time with six flowering.
  • Home growers can possess up to five pounds at home, so long as they take "reasonable steps" to secure it.
  • Qualifying conditions to become a medical marijuana patient have been greatly expanded.
  • Got a cannabis charge on your record? Not anymore, you don't! If what you did back then would be legal under the new law, then your charges are automatically expunged. This process is expected to take approximately two years.


New York Medical Marijuana Laws

Since 2014, medical marijuana has been legal in New York. Under the current laws, state-registered healthcare providers can certify that medical cannabis is appropriate for treating specific conditions and provide a prescription for up to 60 days. With this prescription, you can purchase weed from medical dispensaries after registering with the state. 

The big difference between medical and recreational marijuana is the tax rate. To qualify for a lower tax rate and purchase cheaper marijuana, you’ll need a medical marijuana card in NYC. Also, using a medical card can occasionally allow you to buy specific strains that may not be available at recreational retail outlets. Otherwise, it’s really not necessary anymore. 


Getting a Medical Marijuana Card

If you want to get a medical marijuana card in New York, you must get certified first. You’ll need to contact your healthcare provider to see if a prescription is appropriate for whatever diagnosis you’re interested in addressing with cannabis. Only certain healthcare providers can write prescriptions, so you’ll want to make sure they’re certified by the state.

Then, you can register online using your New York identification number listed on your driver’s license, learner’s permit, or non-driving ID. You’ll also need to show proof of residency, like a utility bill or pay stub. They’ll want a photo of you that shows your head and shoulders with a plain background, along with any proof of name change. A registry ID card will be mailed to you, and you’ll get a temporary card that can be printed and used right away.

Be sure to bring your registry ID card with you to the medical dispensary when you’re ready to buy weed in NYC.


A Guide to Buying Weed in NYC

You may have heard that weed in New York is expensive, but there's actually a wide range of prices due to all the competition—and the competition is only going to get stronger. Several of the brands we’ve tried out had pretty reasonable pricing, like $50 to $60 for an eighth of excellent-quality buds. I mean, that's expensive for Cali, but not the East Coast. The highest pricing we’ve seen was a whopping $120 for an eighth.

Also, if you're hoping to find someone that'll take cards or app payments, you're going to have a rough time. Cash is king for the cannabis industry. But operating on a cash basis protects the consumer, too. There's a good chance that anyone asking for payment upfront is going to rip you off. None of the services we tested required payment in advance.


Where to Buy Weed in NYC

If you’re looking to get weed in NYC, you’ve basically got three choices: delivery services, weed trucks, or recreational dispensaries. If you want to make it easy, you could start with one of the shops we’ve already checked out.

Weed Stores in NYC

How is weed sold in New York? The most traditional method, now that weed in NYC is legal, is selling at regular brick-and-mortar stores known as dispensaries. 

While New York has become home to some great medical dispensaries over the years, only two recreational dispensaries had opened by the start of 2023. But there will be plenty more very soon. As of January, New York had granted 66 licenses for recreational dispensaries throughout the state. Most are set to open in the city this year.

Weed Trucks in NYC

Don’t you just love a good ice cream truck? What could be better? Well, how about a weed truck? They’ve already become a popular item on the streets of the Big Apple. 

So what do the weed trucks in NYC sell? Well, you can purchase the same flower, concentrates, and other cannabis products that are available online or at any brick-and-mortar store. 

The tricky part is finding the truck. While the law may be easing up on cannabis, it's been cracking down on the true menace—illegal parking! One company operating weed trucks in NYC was hit with $500,000 in parking tickets last year. That means they’ll be keeping on the move to keep their business operating.

Your best bet to track down a weed truck in New York is to find them on social media first. Then you can send them a message and ask where you can find the truck. That may sound like a lot of work, but we think it's actually kind of cool.

Medical Dispensaries in NYC

While recreational cannabis is still getting started in New York, medical dispensaries have been legal in the state since 2016. There are plenty of great medical dispensaries in NYC to choose from, and they’ll likely remain one of the best ways to buy weed in NYC for people with a medical card for at least another year or two. Plus, getting a card for medical marijuana in New York has become a lot easier in the last couple of years.


How to Buy Weed Online in New York

It takes a lot longer to get licensed to open a brick-and-mortar store for cannabis in NYC than it does to set up a delivery or pickup business. That’s part of the reason why there are already so many ways to buy weed online in New York. If you don’t want to hike across the city to go inside one of the few cannabis shops in town (or you don’t want to chase down a truck), delivery or pickup is a great option.


Is there anything better than placing a weed order online and having someone deliver it to you while you just chill at home or in your hotel room? With weed legal in NYC, enterprising New Yorkers have created many weed delivery businesses throughout the city. However, it’s not exactly like ordering a pizza. 

You may have heard that you can get weed delivered in an hour or less in New York City, but that's probably only true if you’ve got the right connections. From what we’ve seen, it can take some places more than an hour just to get back to you, and your delivery time can be quite a bit longer.

Most places have a minimum purchase requirement to get delivery, and that’s going to depend on where you are. It will be cheaper the closer you are to their location, which is usually in Manhattan, so expect a significant increase in the outer boroughs.

You should also exercise patience in your communication with these brands. Nothing turns people off like being an overeager beaver. Ask or answer one question at a time, and go one step at a time. It might take 10 minutes or more between messages, but don't be pushy. It's a city of millions of people, and they'll move on to another customer if they think you're gonna be a headache.


If you don’t want to wait for your weed, and you’re looking for a lower minimum purchase price, most delivery services offer a pickup option. If you’re willing to meet the driver at a set location, you can cut down on your wait. 

Keep in mind that you could be paying $50 or more each way if you plan to take Uber to your appointments. That's $100 there and back! You might get a better deal paying for a higher delivery minimum to Brooklyn than running all over the city.


Where to Buy Weed Online in NYC

Gotham Apples


Gotham Apples "Fozzie"

We found Gotham Apples advertising their delivery service on an NYC subreddit. After sending a chat request through Reddit, they replied about an hour later asking for our number. Their enormous, emoji-filled menu arrived minutes later via text. It was one of the most in-depth menus we’ve ever seen.

The menu had more than 30 strains of flower to choose from and over 20 different vape and concentrate options, including carts, pods, and disposables. Most of their supply came from Maine’s medical program, and we have to say, they were some of the best options we’ve seen from Maine. 

They also have rotating specials for every day of the week. The “Manic Monday” special caught our eye, offering a free cart with the purchase of three! If you’re looking for a reliable, hassle-free option for weed delivery in NYC or NJ, look no further.

Gotham Apples now offers delivery to every borough of New York City, with additional pickup locations in Long Island.

Gotham Meds

The menu for Gotham Meds is staggering in its range of options and intricately detailed with instructions, sales, and product details. It took about an hour for us to make contact and another five to receive the delivery. They do offer pickup if you're in a hurry, and they serve all five boroughs. You can now order from their website as they’re phasing out ordering on Telegram.

We tried Halo, a flower from their most expensive tier, which was above average. We also enjoyed their Thai Candy pre-roll.

King of New York Cannabis


King of New York Cannabis "24K Gold"

King of New York Cannabis is a Manhattan-based pickup service. You call or text them at (718) 690-8425, and they'll give you an address and time at which to meet. 

Most nights, you'll find them at a swanky new flat since they change locations regularly. Inside, you'll find their selection of flowers, pre-rolls, and edibles arranged neatly for your perusal prior to purchase. Think of it as an appointment-based, private dispensary hosted by a professional and courteous staff. 

Oh, and they do events, too! The last time we dropped by, they had just done an album release party for hip-hop artist Jungle.

King of New York Cannabis is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day for the discerning consumer's convenience. In case you forget the number, it's on their website, kingofnewyorkcannabis.com.

Weed in NYC


Weed in NYC "Lime Slurps"

Weed in NYC has a nice, functional website with a shopping cart checkout system that makes ordering a snap. Like in DC, they will request a selfie and a photo of your ID before they'll serve you. Their prices were pretty expensive compared to other services, but we did like their Lime Slurps flower.


No Minors Club

No Minors Club is one of the most popular services for weed delivery in NYC. We met them on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for a smooth and easy pickup. They are quicker and easier to work with than some of the other weed shops in NYC, and they had reasonable prices. The Hindu Z we picked up was decent, but we were disappointed that the flowers were smashed into a bag far too small for them.


Where to Buy Weed in Manhattan

Housing Works Cannabis Co.

The first recreational cannabis dispensary in New York City, Housing Works Cannabis Co. is located right on Broadway. The shop was actually created to support Housing Works, a nonprofit organization created to advocate for people experiencing homelessness and those affected by HIV and AIDs, though it has taken on additional missions as well. They offer a decent selection of flowers, prerolls, and vape pens, though they’re a bit light on edibles.

Street Lawyer Services

After opening up dispensaries in Miami and DC, Street Lawyer Services has opened up a weed store in NYC. They’re known for their exotic flowers and boutique strains, and their edible selection includes gummies, candy, and some infused Belgium chocolate.

Smacked Village

The second-ever dispensary store to allow you to legally buy recreational weed in NYC, Smacked Village opened on Bleecker Street in January 2023. They’re just getting started and don’t have their full site or menu up yet, but they’re one to keep an eye out for.


Weed Delivery in Manhattan, NY

Right now, most of the major services that deliver weed in NYC are located in Manhattan. That makes Manhattan the best place to order weed from since their delivery times will be shorter and their minimum purchase price will be lower. 

Pretty much any of the delivery services that sell weed in NYC will deliver to Manhattan, so you’ll have your pick. Gotham Apples and Gotham Meds have some of the best selections available.


Where to Buy Weed in Brooklyn

Unfortunately, as of early 2023, there’s still an ongoing lawsuit that’s preventing new cannabis licenses from being granted in some parts of New York, including Brooklyn. A company in Michigan is alleging that New York’s requirements for new cannabis business hurt its business. Eventually, this will all be sorted out, but for right now, it means that new weed stores in Brooklyn are on hold. Fortunately, there are a few other options available.

Gifted BK


Gifted BK Gallery & Storefront

Gifted BK operates an art gallery/storefront gifting service in the trendy Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. It is by far the easiest, most reliable option for you to get weed whilst traipsing through the Big Apple. All the hip-hop-themed art and clothing displayed are for sale. 

When we last visited, they were hosting a vivacious group painting session in the front of the house while we checked out the flowers and edibles on display at the counter. The selection was impressive! Gifted BK had eight different types of flower available to examine before your purchase, along with various pre-roll and edible options, including some interesting products like locally-made THC honey.

Safe and simple, Gifted BK offers the dispensary experience you're looking for. They're open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily at 153 Grand St in Brooklyn, NY. You can reach them at (347) 547-5445.


Bushwick Buds


Bushwick Buds "Corleone Kush"

Bushwick Buds is a pickup service in Brooklyn's Bushwick neighborhood. The photos we found on Instagram looked downright scrumptious, so we slid into their DMs and inquired. They sent their menu 45 minutes later, and we arranged a no-hassle meet-up outside a local landmark to take place in 30 minutes.

They had a good selection of eight different flowers along with edibles, cartridges, and concentrates. The prices were very reasonable. We ordered two eighths and got the discounted price offered for a full quarter. 

Bushwick Buds shared with us that, with so many services around, they compete on quality. We can attest to that! Both of the flowers we tried, Corleone Kush and Goldilocks, smoked like a dream. The latter was mostly popcorns, but still an enjoyable smoke.


Where to Buy Weed in The Bronx

Currently, there aren’t a lot of options to buy recreational weed in-person in The Bronx, but that is set to change soon. Two dispensary licenses were granted to future weed stores in The Bronx back in November, with another four announced in January. Keep your eyes peeled for more licenses and some grand opening announcements. 

Until then, you can go to Verilife in the Fordham neighborhood if you have a medical card. They’ve got flower, vapes, edibles, tinctures, and topicals. Don’t want to make the trek? Try one of their delivery or pickup services. Their minimum purchase requirements will be higher, but nobody’s judging if you buy in bulk.


Where to Buy Weed in Queens

Right now, there are three popular medical marijuana stores in Queens: The BotanistCuraleaf, and Vireo Health of New York. They’ve been around for a few years now and have a pretty solid selection. 

The state has approved eight licenses for recreational dispensaries in Queens in the last few months, so your options will be opening up soon. Until then, you’ll have to stick with delivery and pickup services. While many services were previously exclusive to Manhattan, they have been expanding to the outer boroughs recently.


Where to Buy Weed in Staten Island

Your options for where to get weed in NYC are a bit slimmer if you’re on Staten Island. Currently, just two licenses have been granted to dispensaries planning to open in the borough, though that could easily change at any time. Until then, the medical dispensary Be. has a location in Staten Island, and some businesses are now offering delivery or pickup there.


Where to Buy Edibles in NYC

Lots of recreational marijuana dispensaries, delivery services, and medical marijuana stores in NYC offer edibles of some kind, though some may have smaller selections than others. We saw some decent options at Gifted BK and Street Lawyer Services.

Stoned Gourmet Cannabis Pizza

Pizza Pusha NYC cannabis

Photos by Alexz Rose at Stoned in Coney Island

Stoned (formerly known as Pizza Pusha) is probably the most famous cannabis delivery service in New York right now. They started out delivering their signature THC-covered pies (drizzled with infused olive oil) and other products to all five boroughs and New Jersey. 

Now, they've also got a pair of event spaces where you can enjoy your pizza in public. The East Village location is more of a club atmosphere, while the weed garden we visited in Coney Island can only properly be described as a Stoner's Paradise.

Behind an unassuming fence lies the largest outdoor cannabis lounge we've ever seen. The work of prominent street artists has transformed the space into a veritable art installation. You're welcome to bring your own weed and light up at will, but they do sell ridiculously large blunts on the premises. 

Here's how it works: You book seating for two at one of their all-inclusive dinner services that night. Each dish and drink contains between 20-30mg of THC apiece, which is a lot for the inexperienced. Even for regular smokers, the drinks, salads, pizza, wings, gelato, and cannolis mount up over the course of the evening. We were still flying high late into the night. 

During our visit, guests were treated to a smooth funk band. Around 9 p.m., we were invited to take a seat in the weed-leaf-shaped wooden lounge chairs and enjoy the movie of the night. It was such a welcoming, relaxed environment that we really can't recommend it enough. Reserve your tickets online. 


What to Avoid When Buying Weed in NYC

As soon as recreational cannabis was legalized in NYC, unlicensed shops started popping up all over the city. Law enforcement put together a task force to find and close the shops, and it's been a game of whack-a-mole ever since.

The New York Medical Cannabis Industry Association said that some of the cannabis products at those unlicensed shops had harmful chemicals, like E. coli and salmonella, along with inaccurate THC labels. Doesn’t sound great, does it? It’s important to take this report with a grain of salt, though. The association still hasn’t released the full details of its testing process (at least at the time of this writing), and the report itself was commissioned by a business group that would benefit from chasing people away from those products. Still, it's always best to do your research and check out any products carefully before you buy.


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