Animal Cookies Strain Review by Gentleman Toker 2023

Today I’ll be reviewing the Animal Cookies strain I purchased from my local DC recreational dispensary: Baked DC. Animal Cookies is a potent Indica dominant strain, crossing the famous Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG strain. One of the primary terpenes found in Animal Cookies is Caryophyllene which is believed to promote a relaxing and soothing effect.

In this article, I break down exactly what I felt, tasted, and the aromas of Animal Cookies weed strain. We’ll take an in-depth look at the overall entourage effect of Animal Cookies from the many terpenes and cannabinoids as well, that give this popular strain its unique bodily and cerebral effects. 

Key Takeaways for Animal Cookies Strain

  • Animal Cookies delivers a strong body high perfect for relaxation and sleep
  • One of the primary terpenes is Caryophyllene which is believed to promote relaxation and soothe the body.
  • Animal cookies is not recommended for social smoking, and productivity, and in some cases can stimulate appetite and cause couch-lock syndrome.

How Does Animal Cookies strain feel like?

Animal Cookies Strain

The Animal Cookies Strain Reviewed


Animal Cookies have a very slow-creeping sedative effect. Smoking this strain starts with a heavy feeling in your head which then melts down to your body for a nice deep relaxing couch-lock state. The cerebral effects are relaxing but not stupefying and the general mood I felt was euphoric, happy, and not over aroused. I recommend taking your time on the first few hits because of the delay it takes to feel the full effects of the first initial hit. The overall feel that Animal Cookies strain gave me was: deep body relaxation.

Who this strain is for: If you're looking for a marijuana strain that is perfect for sleep and relaxation Animal Cookies is perfect for smoking in the evening after a long day of work or at night for deep rest. This strain can promote couch-lock syndrome depending on how much you smoke and your tolerance, so I wouldn’t recommend this strain for productivity and social smoking. For a great beginner strain to smoke socially I would check out the Laughing Buddha strain.

Animal Cookies strain terpene profile

If the term “ entourage effect” doesn’t ring a bill, it refers to the unique synergy of all the active compounds of the cannabis plant. The entourage effect is used to describe the way the 80 cannabinoids and over 100 terpenes work together to give each cannabis strain such as Animal Cookies, to give it its unique physiological and cerebral effects.

In this section, we break down the four most dominant terpenes found in Animal cookies and their unique effects.


Disclaimer: The terpene profile may vary depending on what medical dispensary you purchased your Animal Cookies strain from. This section is meant to help you understand how the terpenes influence the effects of this strain, but more research is needed to understand fully how terpenes affect the body from consuming cannabis.

Pinene: 0.04%

Myrcene: 0.09%

Ocimene: 0.06%

Camphene: 0.13%

Humulene: 0.09%

Limonene: 0.1%

Linalool: 0.11%

Bisabolol: 0.07%

Terpinolene: 0.01%

Phellandrene: 0.06%

Caryophyllene: 0.25%

Why Animal Cookies strain is perfect for relaxation

The most dominant terpene found in Animal Cookies is Caryophyllene, accounting for a quarter of the entire terpene profile. Caryophyllene is a unique compound in which it acts not only as a terpene but also as a cannabinoid. According to cannabis specialist Charles Weng, MD, cannabis strains rich in Caryophyllene are recommended for patients needing to cope with pain or struggling with sleep. The most notable effect of smoking this strain personally was the total body physiological relaxation and how easy it was to sleep.

The second dominant terpene found in Animal Cookies is Camphene which is usually found in higher potency THC strains of around 15 - 20% THC. Camphene, like many other terpenes, does not give any psychoactive effects, but is believed to promote a feeling of “calming”. In a study with citrus oil and camphene, they found it to work as an antioxidant to naturally soothe stress.

The overall entourage effect of Animal Cookies

The third most dominant terpene found in Animal Cookies is Limonene. While Limonene is believed to elevate moods and relieve stress, more study is needed to test the smaller concentration of terpenes found in cannabis and its effects on the human body. In most case studies, higher doses of limonene were tested, such as inhaling limonene vapor which was found to increase serotonin and dopamine levels.

The fourth dominant terpene found in Animal Cookies is Linalool. Linalool is believed to help with stress, and pain, and help to relax the body to aid in sleep. Much more research is needed to see the full effects of Linalool with cannabis. 

The four primary terpenes found in Animal Cookies are Caryophyllene, Camphene, Limonene, and Linalool. All four of these terpenes are believed to help promote relaxation with three having research to aid in sleep in larger dosages. The overall entourage effect I felt when smoking Animal Cookies was total body relaxation.

What are the primary cannabinoids in Animal Cookies?

Cannabinoids are naturally occurring chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant that contribute to the overall effects you feel, whether through smoking, an edible, or a THC vape.

Cannabinoids can induce effects as far-ranging as sleepiness, happiness, euphoria, pain relief, and even increasing appetite (“munchies”). The three most dominant cannabinoids found in Animal Cookies are THC, CBD, and CBG.

Disclaimer: The cannabinoids in your Animal Cookies can vary depending on what medical dispensary you purchased your strain from. This section was meant to help you understand the effects of the cannabinoids in your strain.

THC: 21 - 23.75%

CBD: 0.43 - .08%

CBC: 0.18 - 0.64%

CBG: 0.48 - 1.36%

CBN: 0.11 - 1.08%

How does Animal Cookies taste and smell like?

The taste and smell of Animal Cookies have everything to do with the terpene profile. The primary terpene found in Animal Cookies is Caryophyllene which is abundant in all of the popular Cookies strains and contributes to its sweet/nutty yet earthy taste common with most cookie strains. 

I tasted a mix of vanilla, nuts, pine, and musky/pungent aroma. The overall smell of Animal Cookies is sweet and earthy, especially when I broke up the nugs.

Pinene: (earthy, bitter, piney)

Myrcene: (sweet, fruity, spicy)

Ocimene: (woody, citrusy, sweet)

Camphene: (minty, peppery, earthy)

Humulene: (woody, earthy, bitter)

Limonene: (citrus, zesty, sweet)

Linalool: (sweet floral, spicy)

Bisabolol: (sweet, floral, nutty)

Terpinolene: (fresh, floral, sweet)

Phellandrene: (woody, minty, herby)

Caryophyllene: (sweet, spicy, earthy)

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What does Animal Cookies strain look like?

Animal Cookies is an Inidca dominant strain so the nugs tend to be more round. In the Animal Cookies strain I smoked (photo above) you can see the bud is round, fluffy, and dense. There is a nice amount of minty green foliage, with plenty of darker forest green leaves. You should see a nice coating of purples, fiery orange pistils, and a sugary coat of crystal trichomes.

Final Thoughts

Here at Gentlemantoker, our team reviews cannabis strains from popular medical marijuana dispensaries across the United States. I’ve traveled to find the best weed in NYCHawaii, and Oklahoma. In this article, I reviewed the Animal Cookies strain from the popular Cookies family genetics. 

Animal Cookies strain’s four most dominant terpenes are all believed to promote relaxation, which made this the perfect strain for me when smoking at night and for deep sleep. I wouldn’t recommend Animal Cookies for beginners, productivity, or social smoking. This strain does promote couch-lock and in some cases increased appetite, making it better for smoking in the evening or at night. The overall feel is relaxation with no overstimulation or arousal of the mind and is great for relieving body pains and aches.