Buying weed in ok safely

Welcome to the Wild West of cannabis. 

Like so many states stepping into the world of weed legalization, Oklahoma is hosting a whole new industry thanks to a new set of medical cannabis laws. Only a few years after lawmakers approved medical marijuana, the state has become home to thousands of licensed dispensaries. With low qualifying barriers to getting a medical marijuana card, many Oklahomans are finding that approval to buy cannabis is just one consultation away. 

With more than 2,000 dispensaries, Oklahoma now leads the nation in per-capita dispensaries. Does that mean anyone can buy weed in Oklahoma? Not exactly. Despite the legalization of marijuana, the rules are still strict. The use of cannabis in the state is still strictly medical, which means you’d need to qualify for a medical marijuana card to buy weed in the state. 

Before you run to the nearest dispensary, there are a few things you need to know if you want to stay on the right side of the law. Don’t worry, we have the inside scoop. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to buy weed in Oklahoma safely in 2023.  

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Where To Buy Weed in Oklahoma

One of your first questions is probably: "Where can I buy weed in Oklahoma?" 

We understand your excitement, but you’ll need to hold your horses for just a second. Before you can legally buy Oklahoma weed, you’ll need a medical marijuana card issued by the state. We’ll get more into that later. 

If you already have one, feel free to skip that step and jump right into it. Let’s explore all the details you need to know about the dispensary scene in the state of Oklahoma. 

Buying From a Licensed Dispensary 

In only a few short years after medical cannabis was legalized in 2018, the medical marijuana industry exploded. Now, we find ourselves in a state with thousands of dispensaries and even more eager customers. 

That being said, you still need to be mindful of the law before you visit one in person, especially if you want to avoid any unwelcome encounters with law enforcement. All dispensaries must have a business license to operate in the state, whether growing or selling medical marijuana. 

Buying From a Licensed Online Dispensary 

Another option available to you is ordering online instead of in-store. Online dispensaries allow you to choose which cannabis products you want, all from the comfort of your own home. 

When buying online, it's more important than ever to rely on a trusted dispensary. While it might be tempting to skip the medical marijuana card altogether and order from black market sites, this could land you in serious legal trouble — not to mention the risk of ending up with contaminated bud. 

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Top 5 Cannabis Stores in Oklahoma 

Even with strict cannabis laws in place, not all dispensaries are as authentic as they might seem. From low potency or harsh cannabis to harmful contaminants, you don’t want to venture into the wrong dispensary. 

To help you find safe, reputable sources of Oklahoma weed, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best stores in the state. Here are the top five cannabis stores that come up when you search “weed Oklahoma.” 

1. Mango Cannabis Medical Weed Dispensary 

With several locations across Oklahoma, Mango Cannabis Medical Weed Dispensary offers one of the largest range of marijuana options — flowers, concentrates, topicals, edibles, extracts, and more under the umbrella of “all things cannabis.”

Operating in full compliance with state law, each product in-store is vetted to ensure consistency and safety. The staff at Mango Cannabis are also well-equipped to help guide you toward the right product for your lifestyle and medical needs, so you feel supported starting your medical marijuana journey. 

2. World of Weed 

Located in both Tulsa and Collinsville, Oklahoma, World of Weed is home to a huge selection of different strains, each with its unique flavor and effect. It's built a reputation for its “hands-on service,” allowing each customer to inspect and smell every flower before they buy. 

Known for both its high-quality products and competitive prices, each sales associate is ready to provide guidance on which product to choose, depending on your medical needs and your preferences. 

3. PlantMed

Established in 2019, PlantMed was one of the first to open a dispensary in the state and the first marijuana retailer to set up shop in Oklahoma City. It's also home to the first cannabis lounge in Oklahoma City, hosting parties, get-togethers, and casual smoke sessions all year long. 

This boutique retailer focuses first and foremost on wellness — physical, emotional, and spiritual. Its priority is providing premium-grade, award-winning cannabis products, from pre-rolls to flowers to CBD gummies. 

4. Star Buds Medical Weed Dispensary 

With eight locations in the state, Star Buds Medical Weed Dispensary serves patients all over Oklahoma. It offers an industry-leading selection of premium products, including flowers, extracts, concentrates, tinctures, topicals, and edibles from the top manufacturers in the industry. 

At a Star Buds dispensary, customer service is always a top priority. The knowledgeable staff is on hand to make sure you get exactly what you need at the best possible price. 

5. Oklahoma-Kush

Founded in 2020, Oklahoma Kush is dedicated to providing medical marijuana patients with the best quality, prices, and in-store experience. Known for exotic strains and premium products, the brand offers daily deals on their flower, edible, and wax products for each day of the week. 

This Oklahoma City-based brand is also focused on building culture and community in the cannabis scene. Its goal is to provide the best possible in-store experience so that each patient feels at home when they step through the doors. 

How To Buy Weed in Oklahoma Safely 2023

According to the Oklahoma legislature, the only way to legally buy weed in the state is to get your hands on a medical marijuana card. Thankfully, this is a pretty straightforward process. As long as you qualify, the process shouldn’t be too hard to navigate. 

That doesn’t mean that the process will seem easy, especially if you’re starting out. You might be wondering: "Where do I go? How do I know if I qualify?" These questions are valid, but there’s no need to stress. We’re here to help. 

We’ll talk you through the process of getting your medical marijuana card in Oklahoma, step by step. 

What Is an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card? 

After weed was legalized in 2018, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) created an official registry for cannabis. The purpose of their medical marijuana program is to verify that patients or their caregivers are qualified to access cannabis for their medical needs. Once they’re approved, the OMMA issues a patient license.  

The agency also has a list of registered physicians who can approve or deny a patient’s medical marijuana request. Despite this list, any licensed doctor can recommend a patient for cannabis treatment. 

How Do You Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Oklahoma?

What does it take to qualify for a medical marijuana card? First things first, you have to be a resident of Oklahoma, with valid proof of residency and an ID. Then, you’ll need a cannabis recommendation from a doctor in Oklahoma. 

Unlike most medical marijuana states, there isn’t a list of qualifying conditions to determine whether or not you’re eligible. Instead, it’s up to each individual doctor to decide whether or not cannabis would be an asset to your treatment. 

Once they decide you’re eligible, they can issue a marijuana certification. With this certification, you can then apply for an Oklahoma medical card, which will let you access cannabis at any licensed dispensary in the state. 

The fact that there aren’t any qualifying conditions can make it even easier to access a medical marijuana card. But it can also be frustrating for potential patients. How do you know that your condition qualifies? Given the wide range of health benefits that cannabis provides, any number of health conditions could qualify. Only a doctor can tell you whether or not you fall into that category. But for now, here’s a quick list of conditions that are commonly recommended medical marijuana by doctors: 

Alzheimer's disease

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)


Crohn's disease

Epilepsy and seizures


Multiple sclerosis and muscle spasms

Severe and chronic pain

Severe nausea or vomiting 

Keep in mind that this list is just a starting point. The use of marijuana to treat different conditions is still under extensive research today — just because it’s not on the list doesn’t mean it couldn’t still help. If you think cannabis could be beneficial to your health, it doesn’t hurt to bring it up with your doctor or another specialist. 

You Qualify For a Medical Marijuana Card — What’s Next? 

So you found out that you qualify for a marijuana certificate. What happens next? Once you have the certificate in hand, it’s time to submit your application. 

To apply, you’ll need to submit the following forms through their online portal

A digital copy of proof of Oklahoma residency 

A digital copy of proof of identity, like a state ID 

A full-face digital photograph 

An Adult Patient Physician Recommendation Form, dated within 30 days of your application submission 

If applicable, proof of Medicaid or Medicare enrollment

The application fee of $100, or $20 for people enrolled in Medicaid or Medicare (or disabled veterans) 

If a caregiver is submitting on your behalf, they’ll also need a Patient Caregiver Designation Form signed by the patient, or if they’re a minor, the parent or guardian. Once you’ve applied, OMMA typically responds within 14 business days. As long as you meet all the requirements, they’ll send out an approval letter and a license to your mailing address. 

A patient license is valid for two years from the date they’re issued. For a minor, this also applies — unless they turn 18 earlier than the two years, in which case they’ll have to reapply as an adult. 

What If You’re Visiting From Out-of-State? 

Oklahoma offers temporary reciprocity to those visiting from out-of-state. A temporary license offers the same rights as a regular adult license — you can buy, possess, and grow marijuana within the state. However, a temporary license is only valid for 30 days. This also can’t exceed the expiration date of your out-of-state license. 

To apply, you’ll need digital copies of your out-of-state medical marijuana license, as well as proof of identity and a clear, full-face photograph. The application fee for a temporary license is $100. 

Is It Easy to Get a Marijuana Card in Oklahoma? 

While Oklahoma still limits cannabis use to authorized medicinal patients, the process of getting approved isn’t as strict as in other states. There’s no list of approved conditions — as long as you can get a doctor’s approval, you can apply for a medical marijuana card. 

Now, you may be wondering: "Is it easy to get a marijuana card in Oklahoma? Is it a medical marijuana state in name only?" 

The relaxed medical marijuana laws in the state have created a thriving market. With thousands of busy dispensaries across the state selling all kinds of flowers, edibles, and vape products, there’s clearly a strong consumer demand. There’s still a process each person has to go through to get approved, but many patients find it easy to get a license in the state. 

On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that the marijuana industry in Oklahoma is free from restrictions. Unlike in states where recreational marijuana is legal, you can’t just pop into a dispensary, show your ID, and get any cannabis products you want. There are still some strict laws surrounding cannabis use, even if it’s easier to get approved than in other states.

Understanding Marijuana Laws in Oklahoma

To make sure you’re compliant with the law, you need a solid understanding of the current laws surrounding cannabis in Oklahoma. 

The bottom line: Medical marijuana was legalized in 2018. Recreational marijuana use, however, remains illegal. 

What's the History of Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma?

In 2018, Oklahoma joined over 30 states by legalizing medical marijuana. Voters approved Oklahoma State Question 788, or the Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, on June 26, 2018. 

In 2020, a few petitions were made to the court to legalize recreational use, in the hopes that Oklahoma would soon join states like California, Oregon, and Colorado. But these petitions failed to gather enough traction and were later withdrawn. 

After the initiative was passed in 2018, the state created the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA). This agency oversees the rules and regulations of the medical cannabis program. This includes issuing licenses for patients and caregivers as well as growers, testing labs, transporters, and dispensaries. 

Is It Safe to Buy Weed in Oklahoma?

As long as you’re authorized by the state with a medical marijuana card in hand, it’s perfectly safe to buy medical cannabis from a state-licensed dispensary. 

There aren’t any daily purchase limits at the moment, but there are a few possession limits for flowers, plants, concentrates, and edibles which set the maximum purchase amount per transaction. You’re only permitted to have: 

3 ounces of cannabis on you

8 ounces at home 

1 ounce of cannabis concentrates

72 ounces of cannabis edibles 

Those rules only cover people who are buying cannabis from a dispensary, online or in-person. If you’re more hands-on and prefer to cultivate your own bud, you’re limited to only six mature marijuana plants and six seedlings at any given time. These plants can’t be visible from the street. 

What Happens If You Break the Law? 

Those who don’t abide by Oklahoma weed laws could be facing some serious consequences. 

If you were to be caught with cannabis products without a valid registry license — or proof of an approved medical condition — you could be facing a misdemeanor charge. According to the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, this could mean a penalty of up to one year in prison or a fine of $10,000. If you’re caught multiple times, these penalties could increase. 

Selling recreational marijuana in Oklahoma is considered a felony, punishable with up to 10 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $5,000.

Is It Legal to Smoke Weed in Public in Oklahoma?

Up until 2018, Oklahoma was subject to some of the strictest cannabis laws in the country. With possession carrying up to a year in prison, most people who chose to smoke did so in the privacy of their own homes. 

Today, the rules are a little different. According to the “ Smoking in Public Places and Indoor Workplaces Act,” people smoking cannabis face the same rules as those smoking tobacco. What does that mean? Any outdoor space is fair game, for both cannabis and tobacco smokers. The same goes for any private residence if it’s your own or you have the permission of the owner. For public indoor spaces, it’s illegal unless it’s designated as a smoking area. 

Many businesses have designated rooms or porches for smoking purposes. With the rise of medical marijuana, some businesses have even started catering to their marijuana-minded customers by allowing people to smoke cannabis anywhere on their property. 

The Future of Marijuana Laws in Oklahoma

So we know what the laws look like now, but what about the future of cannabis? With attitudes about cannabis quickly changing — and legislation following suit — we can expect to see some changes coming up for the cannabis landscape in Oklahoma. 

SQ 819, also known as the Oklahoma Marijuana Regulation and Right to Use Act, seeks to legalize the possession of up to eight ounces of marijuana for those aged 21 and older. The measure also creates pathways for resentencing and record expungements for those who were convicted of marijuana crimes. Although Oklahoma has one of the most robust medical marijuana programs, it also has some of the harshest punishments for marijuana sale or cultivation. This bill has the potential to take the state in a different direction in terms of marijuana penalties. 

Another bill, SQ 818, or the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Enforcement and Anti-Corruption Act, seeks to expand the state’s medical cannabis program. It would establish a new agency to replace OMMA, known as the Oklahoma State Cannabis Commission (OSCC). This new agency would oversee all marijuana-related laws. It would also replace the existing marijuana tax with a 7% retail tax, which would go towards marijuana research, rural impact and urban waste remediation, agricultural development, mental health response programs, substance abuse treatment, and more. 

While these could have a lasting impact on the cannabis scene in Oklahoma, it’s unsure yet whether or not these bills will pass. 

Another change we can expect to see in 2023 is an increase in marijuana enforcement. The OMMA now has more power to shut down cannabis businesses that aren’t compliant with the law. It also increased funding to boost its staffing levels by 75%. 

That means the OMMA is going to be more strict with cannabis businesses going forward. With higher barriers to entry, there might be fewer business licenses issued by the agency. We can also expect to see fewer illegal or non-compliant businesses on the streets, making the scene safer overall. 

Steps to Buying Weed in Oklahoma in 2023

Once you have your medical marijuana card, it’s time to set out to your nearest dispensary. With over 2,000 dispensaries across the state, you have plenty of options to choose from. 

Buying In-Store 

With so many locations available, you can probably find a storefront location in your area. Showing up to a dispensary in-person means you can take your time browsing and asking any questions you have about each product. 

Before you buy, make sure that the dispensary is licensed for operation by the state. A reputable and legal facility should be operating during normal business hours and checking everybody’s IDs and medical marijuana cards. 

Buying Online 

Not all dispensaries have websites, but most of them do. It’s easy, convenient, and can get you whatever you need with the click of a button. When you buy online, you can research and compare different products to find the perfect one for your needs. 


Due to current Oklahoma law, dispensaries aren't able to deliver packages to your residence. They may require that you come to pick up your order in store after you’ve ordered online. 

In these cases, you can order online and then swing by to pick up your cannabis when it’s ready. You’ll still need to bring a proper ID and your medical marijuana card to complete the pickup. 


As of 2023, it’s still illegal to get cannabis delivered to your private residence, even if you have a card. But that could be set to change. 

A bill currently pending in the courts would make it legal to get weed delivered to your home, provided that it’s not more than a 10-mile radius from the dispensary. If there isn’t a dispensary within 10 miles, you can still get delivery from any dispensary in the same county. 

For some patients, delivery is more than just a convenience. Medical marijuana delivery could make treatment more accessible for people who are homebound or have a disability that restricts them from traveling. 

While the bill has yet to be approved, it got widespread support from Democrats and Republicans alike, which means it's very likely that we could see marijuana delivery in the near future. 

Growing weed in Oklahoma

Can You Grow Your Own Marijuana in Oklahoma?

Thinking about growing your own marijuana at home? Cultivating your own marijuana plants isn’t as easy as growing vegetables in your garden or keeping your house plant alive. With rules, costs, and all the time it takes to tend your crops, you’ll have a lot on your plate. 

But if you can pull it off, investing in home cultivation could mean reaping the rewards of a cheap, long-term supply of medical cannabis. What are Oklahoma’s grow laws? Let’s get into it. 

The Rules For Marijuana Cultivation 

Yes, growing marijuana yourself is legal. But there are a few requirements you’ll need to keep in mind. 

First off, you need a medical card. The next rule is that you need to either own your property for growing or have permission from the property owner to grow. That means if you’re currently renting, you need to get written permission from your landlord. 

There are also a few restrictions on the plants themselves. Currently, Oklahoma law only allows you to have six mature plants and six immature plants or seedlings. These plants will need to be kept out of sight from any cars or pedestrians on the street.

Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds in Oklahoma

If you’re ready to start your growing journey in Oklahoma, you’ll first need to buy seeds. Not all dispensaries will sell marijuana seeds, but there is a handful across the state where you can source your first seeds or clones to start growing. 

To be compliant with HB2612, you should only be buying seeds from a licensed dispensary. As it’s illegal to send marijuana or marijuana by-products across state lines, you can’t buy from out-of-state. 

If you search for cannabis seeds online, you might run into some shady online seed banks. Most of these companies ship from outside the U.S., often hiding the seeds in inconspicuous packages containing other items. 

To stay compliant with Oklahoma law — and keep yourself safe from illicit products — it’s best to avoid these companies and stick with in-person dispensaries. At best, you could end up with fake seeds. In the worst-case scenario, the package could get intercepted and you run the risk of being charged with trafficking.

Growing for Commercial Purposes 

So now we’ve covered all the basics of cultivating marijuana for patients. But what if you want to grow commercially from your house? That’s where things get more complicated. 

If you want to start a home business — including a commercial cannabis operation — you need to first check with your city zoning department to see how the local zoning rules might apply to a commercial license. In many Oklahoma cities, you can’t start a business anywhere that’s not a commercially or industrially zoned area. So if your home is a residential property, you’re out of luck. 

If the zoning laws allow for at-home businesses, you can apply for a commercial grower’s license. Once you have this license, there won’t be a cap on the number of plants you can grow and sell. The application, which costs $2,500, has the following requirements: 

You must be at least 25 years old 

You must have proof of at least two years of residency in the state, or 75% of the owners must be Oklahoma residents 

You must submit a Certificate of Compliance from the city or county your at-home business is located

Top Weed Strains in Oklahoma

Top 5 Weed Strains Found in Oklahoma

Especially in a state without as many medical restrictions, there are so many reasons Oklahomans might turn to cannabis: To relieve pain, lower anxiety, reduce tension, or help to manage other side effects.

But that doesn’t mean that every strain is the right fit for every person. From indica to sativa, each strain can have a different effect on the body and mind. Some strains also aren’t suited for certain lifestyles. For instance, you wouldn’t want to take an indica-dominant strain for pain relief during the day if it’s going to put you to sleep. 

So with that in mind, you’ll need to select your weed strain carefully. Here are the top five weed strains you can find in Oklahoma dispensaries. 

1. Wedding Cake (Mango Cannabis)

Wedding Cake, also known as Pink Cookies, is a potent indica-hybrid strain. This strain has a rich and tangy flavor with an earthy undertone. The high it creates is calming without completely sapping your energy. 

The soft sedative feeling makes this strain an appealing choice for those looking to relieve pain, insomnia, appetite loss, and anxiety. In general, the strain works well to calm the nerves and control stress responses. 

The high THC content delivers a powerful effect, so users should be careful with dosing. 

2. Truffletini (World of Weed) 

Truffletini is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid strain. It has a rich and slightly sour orange flavor with a powerful, long-lasting taste. It produces a high with a buzzy, uplifting effect. Users say this strain makes them feel happy, unbothered, creative, and giggly. 

With a THC content of 20%, many medical marijuana patients turn to this strain to relieve symptoms like stress and fatigue. It’s a great way to perk yourself up and build energy throughout the day. 

3. Zkittlez (PlantMed)

Zkittlez, also known as Skittles or Island Skittles, is an award-winning indica strain known for its powerful flavor and delightful effects. This strain has a sweet, tropical blend of different fruity flavors, just like its namesake. The high feels calming, while still leaving users focused, alert, and happy. 

The smooth, multi-faceted high makes this strain a great choice for those looking for something more balanced. It can help you relax and unwind after a long day, relieving pain and anxiety, without making you feel too drowsy. It has a balanced THC content between 15% and 23%, depending on the type.  

4. Lilac Diesel (Star Buds)

Lilac diesel is a sedative cross of several different strains, including Citral Glue, Forbidden Fruit, New York City Diesel, Cherry Pie, and Super Lemon Haze. The odor also offers an intoxicating blend of each parent strain, including notes of citrus, berries, and pine. 

As an evenly balanced strain with 50% indica and 50% sativa, it produces a uniquely balanced high that’s perfect for a slow afternoon. The high offers a slow, subtle euphoric build, with a relaxing energy that still leaves room for a touch of focus. 

The balanced feel of this strain makes it a great choice for people with nausea or appetite loss, chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, or chronic stress. 

5. Nilla Wafer (Oklahoma Kush) 

Nilla Wafer, also known as Vanilla Wafer and Vanilla Waferz, is a hybrid strain with an uplifting effect. The strain features a powerful vanilla flavor profile, with an undertone of sour grape. It produces a blissful and uplifting high, while still keeping your body physically relaxed. 

Many medical marijuana patients choose this strain because of its balanced, pain-relieving effect. Users report that it helps stimulate appetite, relieve pain, and relax both the body and mind.  

The State of the Cannabis Market in 2023 

After the legalization of medical weed in 2018, Oklahoma weed laws have paved the way for a wave of new dispensaries in the state. In 2023, the state is home to a thriving cannabis culture. With more dispensaries than any other medical marijuana state, you have no shortage of options ahead of you in your cannabis journey. 

To stay compliant and enjoy your weed legally, make sure to follow all the rules. Get your medical marijuana card, go to a licensed dispensary, and do your due diligence when picking a strain. Then, you’re free to enjoy the fruits of your labor and puff away.