GRADED: Sundae Driver (Green Kings)

Green Kings Sundae Driver


Need a little gas to get you goin' this week? HOW IS IT ONLY MONDAY?!? Well, don't you fret none, sugar-toots, cuz we gotta primo recommendation for ya. Sundae Driver coming in hot with a mighty impressive 3.3 GPA (out of 4.0 possible) from our friends at Green Kings. Have a gander at their report card:


AROMA: 3 (mango)
FLAVOR: 3 (same, & no defects detected)
SMOKE: 4 (exceptionally smooth)


TRICHOMES: 4 (absolutely laquered & woolly) 
RESIN: 0 (no stickiness detected)
SEEDS: 4 (none found)
MANICURE: 3 (a couple large stems hanging off)
STRUCTURE: 4 (plump, curvy buds)
MOISTURE: 4 (springy, stem breaks under finger pressure)
DENSITY: 4 (ideal)


I smoked some a little while ago and I fell light on my feet, like I could do some Tae Bo. Yes, of course people still do Tae Bo. We meet in caves and wear cloaks, we've got secret passwords and everything, you should come check us out. It's totally not a cult devoted to the Most Reverent Grandmaster Billy Blanks, glorious his name, if that's what you were thinking. Cognition checks out great, I'm still thinking clearly, obvi...dare I even say, creative? Sativa leaning for sure, and expect the munchies.


Sundae Driver is confirmed AVAILABLE when Green Kings reopens on Wednesday! I'd set my order up now if I were you, hoss. They're open 12pm-7pm Wednesday thru Saturday for Delivery & Meet-Ups in Washington DC. Text 202-656-5988 to schedule your appointment! Here's the link to their full menu:



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