Sundae Driver

Sundae Driver is a coveted hybrid originally bred by Colorado-based Cannarado Genetics. This well-balanced strain was recognized by High Times as a Top Strain of 2017, and a Top Trending Strain of 2019. The strain gained significant traction after, among 500 different phenotypes, Sundae Driver #12 was ultimately selected and showcased by SoCal cannabis greats, Jungle Boys.

Sundae Driver

In an interview with High Times, the breeder behind Cannarado Genetics described Sundae Driver’s success, saying, “Anything with Jungle Boys tends to go pretty well. I sent them the Pie Hoe and Sundae Driver when I initially made those crosses. You can see what he did with them. Those guys are marketing geniuses. It comes back to the phenotype runs. LA is its own country. Whatever does well in LA, pretty much does well around the country. That and the Bay stuff.”

Accolades alone don’t speak to the strain’s phenomenal popularity; resale value for these seeds jumped nearly 1900% after hitting the market. The stoner-doom metal band Bongzilla put it best in their sludge-soaked tribute to the strain, titled Sundae Driver: “Have you heard? Everyone is talking about that herb… Sundae Driver… The weed you need.”Sundae Driver is known for its appetizing fresh baked goods and fruit scent, a trait which can be attributed to its parent strains Fruity Pebble OG and Grape Pie. Fruity Pebble OG, a cross of Green Ribbon and Granddaddy Purps by Alien Genetics, is known for its distinct sweet, fruity profile and buzzy high. Grape Pie, an indica-heavy hybrid, is a cross of Cherry Pie and Grape Stomper, and was also bred by Cannarado. As the name suggests, Grape Pie offers aromas of sugary treats and grapes. Cannarado Genetics is known for quality and consistency. While Sundae Driver and Grape Pie might be the most popular and well-known flavors, CG is also known for cultivating greats such as Gushers and Egg Roll. Striving to breed world-class, flavorful (mostly feminized) seeds since 1998, Cannarado was recognized as one of the best seed breeders by High Times in March of 2019.

Sundae Driver Strain Effects: Indica or Sativa?

While its parents — notably Fruity Pebble OG — offer heavier, couchlocking experiences best suited for bedtime, Sundae Driver can be enjoyed earlier in the day, without the consumer feeling burnt out and tired. A true hybrid, Sundae Driver is known to provide a euphoric, mellow, inspired high. Despite its uplifting cerebral effects, Sundae Driver still maintains the key indica benefit of a pain-relieving body buzz. The smooth, easy onset and less aggressive effects make this a strain to be enjoyed by both novice and veteran tokers. 

Medical patients have reported that Sundae Driver primarily helps with symptoms of anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. One reviewer on Leafly wrote, “Most strains at least help, but seem to top out in the pain relief after a couple hits, from there I just get more stoned. Sundae Driver seems to cap out way higher, where having another hit usually adds more pain relief.” Less experienced users, as well as those with anxiety or PTSD, will be pleased to learn that Sundae Driver is known to be consistently relaxing, and should not cause any uneasiness or paranoia, even at higher doses. 

Despite its dessert-like profile, patients have reported that this is a great mid-afternoon pick. As in pretty much all cases, consumers should be aware that as dosage increases, the potential for couchlock or general drowsiness increases as a result. If you know what to expect, this could be great for patients who want a versatile option for daytime consumption, as well as something that assists with sleep at night. Some tests show high a-bisabolol (herbal, floral scent; anti-inflammatory properties) and linalool (floral lavender, spicy scent; sedative, anti-depressant, muscle-relaxing properties) which would likely provide the user with a more sedating experience. 

My first experience with Sundae Driver was after a long drive from DC back to Richmond, VA. After sitting through traffic-congested I-95 hell in sweltering heat for nearly four hours, I returned home to a power outage. Sweaty and miserable, I pulled out a pre-roll of Sundae Driver that had been gifted to me on my trip. After enjoying a rich, smooth smoke with sweet, fruity tastes and a wonderfully relaxing buzz, my mood did a full 180. Since then, I’ve thought of Sundae Driver as an ideal pick for bringing my mood up, even when it feels impossible. 

Reports of negative side effects for this strain are scant, but some have reported dry mouth and eyes after partaking. 

Sundae Driver Strain Characteristics and Terpenes

Sundae Driver buds are known to be generously coated in crystalline trichomes, most notably the Sundae Driver #12 cut curated by Jungle Boys. As High Times wrote in the December 2017 issue, "The phenotype hunted down by Jungle Boyz caused a ruckus online with high-definition macro photos showing almost-white nuggets that look like they’re covered in tiny diamonds." The coloring ranges from lighter to darker earthy olive green, sometimes with notes of a deep purple, and always completely blasted with vibrant orange pistils. Before being broken down, Sundae Driver’s aroma is usually described as sweet citrus, sometimes nutty or earthy with the occasional hint of chocolate and licorice. The post-grind nose adds a hint of pepper, with that distinct, musky note of kush on the exhale. The primary terpene for this variety is limonene. Limonene accounts for the citrusy nose, as well as the mood-elevating, relaxing effects that put the mind at ease. Caryophyllene is typically the secondary terpene, providing a musky, earthy scent and offering relief from pain and inflammation. 

Sundae Driver Grow Tips

Being a somewhat newer strain, a lot of the available information to do with growing Sundae Driver is based on experience from growing its parents, Grape Pie and Fruity Pebble OG. Both parents are notoriously tall, high yielders, and the same can be expected of Sundae Driver. Like its parents, Sundae Driver is tough and durable, making it ideal for high-stress training. Purple tones, courtesy of Grape Pie, are known to pop up when temperatures are dropped in the evenings. Grape Pie will occasionally produce inviable, hermaphroditic buds, so this is something to keep in mind while growing Sundae Driver.