Where to Go When You Get the Munchies in DC 2023

It’s 8 p.m., you’ve been sharing a bowl with a few friends, and you’ve got some cravings, some hankerings… some munchies? And now you want to find a spot with some tasty treats, chill vibes, and a few other tokers to hang out with. 

As always, Gentleman Toker has your back. From cannabis infused restaurants to late night craving hot spots, here are the best places to go when you’ve got the munchies in DC in 2023.

420-Friendly Restaurants in DC


When it comes to eating stoned, DC has tons of options. The question you have to ask yourself is do you want to eat or do you want to eat and smoke

A lot is in flux surrounding DC cannabis laws, but as of 2023 the Initiative 71 law does not allow you to smoke weed publicly in DC, which includes restaurants, bars, and lounges, unless you are smoking on private property.

There are a few THC infused restaurants in DC, that not only offer a delicious brunch style menu, but also gift you a free pre-roll. Both the Jane365 brunch and the Secret 420 lounge offer free pre-rolls, a savory and sweet menu, music, and mimosa options.

For more cannabis friendly environments that serve food, like Monday night cannabis comedy shows, check out our guide to the most popular DC weed events in 2023.

Kochix “Candy Chicken” in NorthWest


Do you like your chicken sweet or spicy? Both? Neither? At Kochix, you can take your pick! Kochix is located on Florida Avenue in the NorthWest district, and is home to what DC locals call “candy chicken”.

Kochix has a range of mild and hot honey sauces for their Korean chicken wings. The chicken is first fried at lower temperatures to get the chicken as tender as possible, and then fried at a much higher temperature to get a unique crisp on the coating. The result is a crispy exterior that shatters in your mouth, and a mouth watering bite of juicy and tender chicken.

Kochix also has cheeseburgers, cheese steaks, fish, shrimp, onion rings, french fries, and all the usual munchy cravings, but I absolutely recommend the drums and wings to quelch any munchies you may have.


Stoney’s in Logan Circle NorthWest


Stoney’s is a perfect name for a place to eat when you’re ready to rock and roll—no, that’s not it. When you’re in the mood for the 2000s post-grunge band Stone Sour? No… Oh, I got it! Stoney’s is a great place to go when you’re stoned

Stoney’s is a cozy little bar with more than 50 years of history in the DC community. This bar/restaurant is home to the famous super grilled cheese sandwich. Loaded with American cheese on a salty, buttered toast with layers of bacon, tomato and onions - it’s the perfect munchies quencher no matter who you are.

Insomnia Cookies for late night munchies


No, this isn’t the name of the latest weed strain we’re reviewing, Insomnia Cookies is a shop that has almost every kind of tasty cookie your baked little brain can think of. We’re talkin’ peach cobbler filling, vegan double chocolate chunk, and strawberry shortcake. 

While you can buy cookies just about anywhere in DC, Insomnia Cookies specializes in delivering the cookies to you fresh, warm, and in all hours of the night. There are currently 5 locations to order from in DC, and best of all you can order from Uber Eats or DoorDash, right to your door.

In case, you didn’t know, warm cookies isn’t the only thing you can get delivered straight to your door. There are tons of I71 DC weed delivery brands that will also deliver cannabis straight to your door without a DC medical card. Cookies, milk, and weed - what’s not to love?

Ted’s Bulletin on Capitol Hill


If you are stoned in DC and are looking to dine in to some amazing comfort foods, Ted’s Bulletin in Capitol Hill offers amazing options just under $30 per meal. With over 800 five-star reviews on Opentable Ted’s Bulletin has become a staple for stoners in the DC community.

While Ted’s Bulletin has plenty of great burgers, tacos, pies, and alcoholic shakes, we’re here to tell you about the tarts. Pop-tarts may be one of the go-to lazy foods for us toker types, but Ted’s tarts are the real deal. They’ve got strawberry, brown sugar and cinnamon, blueberry cheesecake, and seasonal flavors too. 


Shouk Creative Vegan Eats


For all you vegan smokers out there, you’ve got to try Shouk next time you get the munchies in DC. They’ve got all kinds of creative plant-based meals that include pitas, shawarma, soup, fries, and cookies and currently have two locations in Union Market and Georgetown. 

They’re also dedicated to sustainable practices that save on CO2, water, and animals. Currently, Shouk has served over 3,500 tons of CO2, 420 million gallons of water, and 220,000 animals. Everything in their menu is made from plants, nothing is processed and the food is absolutely delicious. 


Lucky Buns Giant Burgers


Lucky Buns has some of the biggest, fattest burgers around, plus a full menu of chicken buns, hot wings, mac and cheese, and some crab rangoon. We won’t judge you if you need a fork to put a dent in their burgers. But you’ve got to at least try chowing down with your bare hands, as nature intended.

Lucky Buns currently has three locations in DC in Adams Morgan, Union Market, and The Wharf. What I love the most about their burgers is the produce is sourced locally within 50 miles of DC and all the buns are baked fresh right from Pops Buns in Washington DC. 


DC smoke friendly eats coming soon

The Medical Cannabis Amendment Act of 2022 brings additional changes to the DC cannabis retail space, by offering new endorsement licenses which will offer medical patients with a DC medical marijuana card to be able to smoke cannabis and eat food on site. Both the Safe-use facility endorsement and the Summer Garden endorsement will be launched by early 2024 and offer a lounge style settings in rooftops, patios, and indoor spaces.

You can expect to dine in, smoke, and even consume edibles in DC all by early 2024.


Final Thoughts

DC is home to over 2,000 restaurants, many of which are open late to the public. So if you're stoned and are looking for the best munchies restaurants, you’ve got tons of options. From warm cookies delivered straight to your door to innovative vegan dishes, you can get your munchies on no matter who you are. In this article, we share the top cannabis friendly and non-cannabis restaurants for any stoner to quench their munchies appetite.