Speakeasy Weed Infused Restaurants in DC 2023

Are you looking for some delicious cannabis infused restaurants in DC, but don’t know where to start? Initiative 71 is the DC weed law that legalized possession and consumption of marijuana, but the law only allows consumption of cannabis infused foods and drinks in private spaces.

So while these are public events for weed infused goodies, they are hosted in private spaces to stay legally compliant. While not every one of these weed infused restaurants in DC offer THC infused foods, all of them allow you to dine, drink, laugh, and get high with other cannabis friendly residents on private property.

Before You Dine at a Weed Restaurant in DC

The Medical Cannabis Amendment Act of 2022 is permitting the use of cannabis “safe-use” facilities, so in early 2024 we can expect cannabis infused restaurants, tasting events, and cooking classes in the near future.

For more cannabis friendly environments in DC like comedy shows and cannabis Olympics, check out our list of DC weed events for 2023. For now, these are the hidden gems and currently the best cannabis restaurants in DC:

Elevated Brunch Experience (Dine-in Sundays)


One of the most popular weed infused restaurants in Washington, DC is hosted by the Secret 420 Lounge, and is known as the Elevated Brunch Experience. Located at Howard Universy on Georgia Ave, North West, the Elevated Brunch Experience event is open every Sunday from 1-5 pm.

Upon arriving to the event, you will be greeted with your very own free cannabis pre-roll, where you can relax at any of the tables or couches and get your smoke on before eating. There is live music, a VIP lounge, and an incredible luxury brunch experience which includes THC infused breakfast bar, fresh THC infused juices, and even an unlimited mimosa package if you’re feeling inclined for the true 360 brunch experience.

The only requirement is you are 21 years of age and you pre-purchase a ticket. Admission cost $80 which covers all the cost, and if you’re going with friends this event is well-worth it. The food is amazing, especially their Henny French Toast and Shrimp n grits, but really the infused cannabis foods will have you laid back, so the money is well worth it.

Jane365 Elevated Brunch (Dine-in Sundays)


Another popular option for weed infused foods in DC is the Jane365 brunch. This event is a bit more laid back than the Secret 420 lounge mentioned above, with a few tables and couches where you can eat, smoke, and drink. You will be offered a free cannabis pre-roll with options for smoking or non-smoking seats.

The menu is chock-full of savory foods and sweet comfort foods. They offer a variety of cannabis infused drinks, so if you want to skip the smoking, you can sip on some THC drinks.

Jane365 café is actually open 8 am to 8pm every day at a secret location, but the brunch experience specifically is held Sunday from 8 am - 8 pm. You must be 21 years or older to attend, and admissions are $50.

Cannabake DC (Delivery only)


If your focus is on finding the best cannabis infused treats and desserts, then look no further than Cannabake DC. Known for making some of the best edibles in DC year after year and delivered right to your door in just under one hour! Imagine freshly baked, doughy cookies from THC infused Salted Caramel Cookies to hand made Oatmeal Creamy Pies that give Lil, Debby a run for her money.

Cannabake offers not only cannabis infused cookies but gluten-free and vegan THC infused drinks, THC infused cereal treats, THC infused muffins, and their famous selection of THC infused brownies.

The best part is Cannabake offers delivery right to your door with an ASAP order delivery in just under an hour. Cannabake is a I71 gifting business so remember you are not buying any products here you are being “gifted” to stay compliant within law. If you don’t understand the gifting process, check out our article on how to buy weed in DC to learn how to correctly order gifted infused treats.

Paint Party (Free Pre-roll/Non-infused foods)


If you’re looking to meet other cannabis enthusiast in an environment where you can drink, smoke, eat, socialize, and get your crafting on, the DC Paint Party is the newest speakeasy event happening every Saturday from 7-10 pm.


While they don’t sell cannabis infused foods specifically, they do offer a full cash bar with food options. Admissions are $50-60 and include free treats, snacks, water and cannabis samples.

This is a hybrid paint party, but you don’t have to paint, you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy some edibles or smoke. Painting includes either following the local artist instructions that switch weekly, free style painting, moon planning, and my personal favorite building a fun vision board for yourself.

The event is hosted with live music and even Karaoke with a sort of trap vibe. You must be 21 years or older to attend and the $60 ticket covers all expenses except for the food and drink bar.

Final Thoughts

While smoking weed in DC is not legal publically, you can consume THC infused foods or smoke at privately hosted events. In this article we went over the four most popular weed infused restaurants in DC, that function more as speakeasies, with live bands, free pre-rolls, and plenty of THC infused goodies for you and your friends to choose from.

The Medical Cannabis Amendment Act of 2022 is issuing new licenses in DC as of 2023 for “Safe-use” facilities. These will be designated buildings that allow for the consumption of marijuana, including cannabis tasting events and cannabis cooking classes. By 2024 we can expect to see cannabis infused restaurants emerge in DC.