Sugar Cookies Strain Review by Gentleman Toker 2023

Sugar Cookies is a popular medical marijuana strain, and is uniquely balanced at 50% indica and 50% sativa. The most dominant terpene found in the Sugar Cookies strain is Phellandrene which gives the popular strain its candy and dessert aromas similar to a batch of freshly baked cookies. 

I purchased this strain from DC TeaPad, and in this article, I review my experience on just how this strain feels and the overall entourage effect. From aromas, cannabinoid profiles, and terpene notes, I break down everything you need to know about the Sugar Cookies strain.

Key Takeaways on Sugar Cookies Strain

  • Sugar Cookies strain is great for relaxing your body and elevating moods.
  • The primary terpene in Sugar Cookies is Phellandrene which is believed to increase energy levels and gives this strain its dessert-like aroma and taste.
  • This strain is best for night time smoking, as it helps relax the body and promote sleep.

How does Sugar Cookies strain feel?

Sugar Cookies Strain

The Sugar Cookie Strain Sample Reviewed


Sugar Cookies feels much more like medicinal cannabis due to CBD being its third most prevalent cannabinoid. The strain makes you feel warm and floaty but at the same time, there is a nice potent body high flowing from head to toe. 

The cerebral effect was very balanced and the hit was instant starting from head to body. This strain is a cross between Crystal Gayle, Blue Hawaiian, and Sensi Star sitting at about 22% THC depending on what medical marijuana dispensary you purchase it from. 

The Sugar Cookies strain is definitely a nighttime strain, perfect if you relaxing aches and pains and elevating moods, while at the same time helping to promote a deep and restful night’s sleep. Other popular strains that help with sleep and body pain are Blue Cookies strainPurple Punch strain, and Cataract Kush.

Sugar Cookies terpene profile

Cannabis terpenes play a vital role in not only how the strain tastes and smells, but also the overall effects. The Entourage Effect is how the terpenes in Sugar Cookies mesh with the cannabinoids to give the strain its unique “high” that only Sugar Cookies can deliver. In this section we go over all the most notable terpenes found in Sugar Cookies and how it influences the overall feel.

Disclaimer: The terpene profile may vary depending on what medical dispensary you purchased your Sugar Cookies from. This section is meant to help you understand how the terpenes influence the effects of this strain. My experience with this strain may be different than yours because of how the strain was cultivated and my unique endocannabinoid system.

Pinene 0.08%

Myrcene 0.09%

Ocimene 0.06%

Humulene 0.1%

Limonene 0.15%

Linalool 0.05%

Phellandrene 0.25%

Caryophyllene 0.23%

Entourage effect for Sugar Cookies

The most dominant terpene found in the Sugar Cookies strain is Phellandrene. This terpene is one of the more mysterious terpenes but it is known to give Sugar Cookies its unique dessert flavor profile. While research is still underway, A-Phellandrene is believed to reduce pain and increase energy levels. 

Personally, I felt a total sense of relief physically, but the increased energy levels were entirely cerebral. Almost as if I had pleasant news to share, but because of the body high, I was more inclined to relax. That’s because the energy boost from Phellandrene is countered by the next most prevalent terpene found in Sugar Cookies: Caryophyllene.

Caryophyllene is a terpene that binds to CB2 receptors. While more research is needed it is believed to help relieve pain, soothe, and relax the patient. When you think of Caryophyllene you can think of total body relaxation. The perfect mixture of energy boost from Phellandrene and soothing effects of Caropyllene makes the overall entourage effect of Sugar Cookies a very relaxing and uplifting strain that left me feeling amazing.

Why Sugar Cookies is the perfect night time strain

The second most abundant set of terpenes found in Sugar Cookies is Limonene and Myrcene. These two terpenes make this strain perfect for sleep. That’s because the Myrcene terpene is known to help promote sleep for medical patients because of its sedating effects.

While the Myrcene terpene can help you to sleep the Limonene terpen may have the ability to improve mood and relieve stress. This nice combination of terpenes may help to relax your mind and calm the body making it the perfect strain for nighttime smoking.

Cannabinoid profile

Sugar Cookies strain has a THC% of about 22%. You can expect a little more or a little less depending on where you buy it from. I picked mine up from my local Washington DC recreational dispensary. The three cannabinoids that make Sugar Cookies unique are CBD, CBC, and THCv.

Disclaimer: The cannabinoids in your Sugar Cookies can vary depending on what medical dispensary you purchased your strain from. I purchased this strain from DC TeaPad. This section was meant to help you understand the effects of the cannabinoids in your strain.

THC 21.5 - 23.75%

CBD 0.37 - 0.64%

CBC 0.38 - 0.9%

CBG 0.12 - 1%

CBN 0.16 - 0.28%

THCV 0.22 - 0.78%

A general rule of thumb is the higher the CBD the lower the psychoactive effects you will feel with THC. This is what I felt made Sugar Cookies the perfect medicinal strain. I didn’t feel overwhelmed in any way, just a warm cerebral float.

CBC (cannabichromene) is believed to help the brain and nerves reduce pain and swelling. This cannabinoid works alongside the Caryophyllene terpene to promote waves of body relaxation from every muscle and nerve in your body.

The third most notable cannabinoid in Sugar Cookies is THCv. THCv may help decrease appetite which is why this strain doesn’t give you the munchies. THCv is a clinically useful remedy for weight loss management for type 2 diabetic patients but more research is needed.

What does Sugar Cookies taste and smell like?

The taste of Sugar Cookies depends on the different terpenes found in the strain. Phellandrene is the most dominant terpene in Sugar Cookies, which gives this strain its unique candy and dessert-like aroma and taste.

Pinene (dry, woody, resinous)

Myrcene (sweet, spicy, earthy)

Ocimene (fruit, citrus, pineapples)

Humulene (bitter, spicy, herbal)

Limonene (citrus, sweet, tangy)

Linalool (sweet, floral, spicy)

Phellandrene (citrus, candy, dessert)

Caryophyllene (sweet, spicy, cinnamon)

In the above list of terpenes found in Sugar Cookies, the four most dominant terpenes (Myrcene, Limonene, Phellandrene, and Caryophyllene) all promote a sweet aroma and taste.

The Caryophyllene terpene also gives off a touch of cinnamon, that’s why when breaking nugs apart or smoking Sugar Cookies I tasted a coffee vanilla, but how your mind interprets the flavors may be different than mine. Ultimately, the strain gives off a very sweet smell and taste, with the smallest touch of citrus from the Limonene terpene.

What do Sugar Cookies look like?

Sugar Cookies will always have a nice coat of sugary trichomes, entangled with thick orange pistils. You will find nice neon green foliage with some blues, blacks, and purples depending on how the strain was cultivated. The darker colors are purely cosmetics turning the temperature much higher during the later flowering stages. In the photo above, you can see my Sugar Cookies has a bright neon green with plenty of orange pistils. 

Final Thoughts

Here at Gentlemantoker, we review cannabis strains from all across the United States to help you find the best weed strains and avoid the not-so-good strains. From New JerseyPhilly, and even the best weed in Hawaii, the Gentleman has got you covered.

If you are looking for the perfect medical marijuana strain that soothes and calms the body physically, while boosting moods I absolutely recommend the Sugar Cookie strain. The unique Entourage Effect of the terpenes and cannabinoids in this strain makes it the perfect nighttime strain. A strong and instant high with no couch lock or munchies makes it a powerful yet responsible strain.