Blue Cookies (Cloud 9)

Blue Cookies Cloud 9 flowerBlue Cookies (Cloud 9) WARNING: BLUE COOKIES ARE EXTREME GAS. HANDLE KNOWING THAT EVERYONE ON THE SUBWAY IS LOOKING AT YOU. YES THEY CAN SMELL IT. I CAN SMELL IT FROM THE INTERNET, SON. Seriously, these Blue Cookies flowers have fill-the-room, blow-up-your-spot pungency. Get on the Blue Cookies from I71 delivery fave Cloud 9 right away, y'all. Also available today are Animal Cookies, Pina Colada Frosty, and the AK-47 pictured here. Now I gotta get back to looking for the Thoroughbred I lost cuz of my stupid bounties. Ooh, just wait til I can fast travel, then I'm gonna go full Micah on these fools.

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