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Gotham Apples was one of the highlights of my trip to check out the nascent cannabis gifting market in New York City that developed post-legalization. A year later and that scene is now thriving, and our friends at Gotham Apples are no exception. When we first met, they operated in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan, but their service area now includes Long Island, the Bronx, Staten Island, and all the way out to Westchester and New Jersey. I was expecting to hear how excited they were about the rapid growth of their brand when we caught up recently, but this traditional cannabis market veteran was more passionate about the job satisfaction they derive from working directly with customers after so many years behind the scenes. “Helping people find relief because of access to weed is the most rewarding thing for me,” Gotham Apples says. And speaking of access…  

gotham apples zonka weed flower

Gotham Apples' Zonka strain

How to Order from Gotham Apples 

Gotham Apples, like many other weed gifting delivery businesses in NYC, operate discreetly. For our local DC readers familiar with the brazen approach to cannabis sales under I-71, the Gotham Apples website doesn’t have a menu, hours, or anything that indicates what they do. Don’t panic! I’m going to explain the ordering process for you. 

You’ll notice the website steers you heavily to their Instagram page, but they do have a contact form you can use. You can skip that if you want and reach out directly using the WhatsApp or Signal apps at 646-204-0178. You'll need to send a photo of your ID to verify your age, then you'll receive the menu of their cannabis gifts and prices. And it is a very long menu- you’ll have to expand it and scroll through.

Gotham Apples Menu

Gotham Apples keeps a wide variety of NorCal and Maine flowers on tap, generally between a dozen and twenty strains at any time, not including their extensive list of pre-rolls. You’ll find Maine weed brands like Pine Tree Apothecary and Kind Farms in this category, including caviar joints coated with high terpene extract & kief, for those interested in an especially elevated experience. From their edibles menu, I’d suggest trying out the Southern Maine Kitchen gummies or the Punch Bars. If you enjoy dabs, then Gotham Apples’ menu is sure to set you salivating with a thorough selection of live resins, badders, and hash rosins.

Prices for your sticker purchase look to provide fair value in equivalent marijuana gifts, with the flower scaling at higher quantities as you’d expect- without having to compromise variety- and plenty of discounts for bundling edibles or concentrates with your order. Referring friends will net you some free goodies, too!

gotham apples oreo weed flower

Gotham Apples' Oreo strain

Gotham Apples Delivery Time

Gotham Apples is open everyday but Sunday for delivery within the 5 Boroughs of New York City along with all of NJ, Westchester, and Long Island. They offer a 5% discount for ordering in advance!  They’ll give you an estimated time window when you place the order and send text updates as you rise in the queue, so you’ll know to expect them. Gotham Apples also allows you to set your appointment in advance for orders that aren’t same day delivery, so highly organized stoners can take advantage to minimize their wait times. 

Gotham Apples offers contactless delivery options, too- just ask! If you don't want to wait for delivery, they have designated pickup locations in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Westchester, and Long Island, too.

Gotham Apples Weed Strains

The first time I checked out Gotham Apples, I was impressed with their Fozzie strain. This time around, I tried out their Apple MAC, Oreo, and Zonka flowers. Apple MAC was my easy favorite. MAC’s typical skunk aroma is present but tempered with a crisp, fruity sweetness. Miracle Alien Cookies’ trademark heavy trichome production and robust bud structure remains intact with this cross. Apple MAC is a smooth smoke with potent and well-balanced effects that improve my mood and focus.

gotham apples apple mac weed flower

Apple MAC strain from Gotham Apples

The Oreo strain from Gotham Apples is no slouch in the trichome department, either, and exhibits a huskier sweetness reminiscent of chocolate. Its heavy indica leaning effects make it a better choice as a late evening smoke, when you’re ready to sit outside and enjoy the warm weather a bit before bed. The Zonka strain was a great smoke in its own right- very smooth, sneakily potent, but a manageable buzz during the daytime with some coffee alongside. Otherwise, you should probably prepare the couch for a nap.

The Gentleman already thought highly of Gotham Apples, but this dazzling trio raises the bar of my expectations higher. You’re going to be very pleased with these flowers. 

What’s Next for Gotham Apples?

The New York cannabis scene is changing rapidly. While licensed recreational dispensaries are not expected to open until the end of 2022 at the earliest (with 2023 looking much more likely), gifting services are filling the enormous demand. The Big Apple is eager to exercise their newly legal right to smoke up!  

Delivery services have operated long before cannabis legalization took effect, of course, mostly by word of mouth. These brands are finding stiff competition against the many cannabis gifting smoke shops and storefronts that have rapidly proliferated in the city. I asked Gotham Apples about opening their own smoke shop. “I might, but I’m waiting to see what happens this summer,” they tell me, and I understand that they’re watching to see whether the government chooses to crack down on these shops. New York regulators have sent some pointed letters threatening to blacklist these businesses from obtaining licenses in the future, but that has not dampened the enthusiasm of these entrepreneurs. “It’s a lot of exposure, and I’ve worked in the industry a long time. It’s a difficult transition to embrace.”


Have you tried Gotham Apples? Leave your review on their brand page and let everyone know what you think!