DC 420 Week - Savings and Events You Can’t Miss

One of the biggest weed events in DC, you don’t want to miss is the National Cannabis Festival hosted after 4-20 every year at the RFK stadium. Prior to the event, during the week of April 20th is known as “420 Week” in DC.


420 Week is the entire week leading up to the actual festival, where you will find a host of carefully curated DC cannabis events and parties and see huge savings at your local dispensaries and I71 gifting stores. In this article, we go over some of the amazing events happening during DC’s 420 week and how to find amazing deals on cannabis.

What is 420 Week in DC?


420 Week works in partnership with the National Cannabis Festival, with a wide range of events for the cannabis community to join together in preparation for the NCF. While these events don’t sell cannabis, coming high is … highly encouraged, as the entire 420 week, runs for exactly 7 days starting from April 17 and ending on April 22nd.

Huge Cannabis Savings During 420

The Medical Cannabis Amendment Act of 2022 will offer a complete tax break during the week of 420 to all licensed DC medical dispensaries, so the savings the dispensaries gain allows them to offer you amazing deals on cannabis! If you have a DC medical marijuana card, you are definitely going to want to cash in on the 420 savings, during the week of this tax holiday. If you are an out-of-state patient, DC reciprocity allows over 38 state cards to work in DC.

If you don’t have an MMJ card, as long as you are 21 you can buy from any of the recreational I71 gifting stores through the Initiative 71 “gifting loophole”. The I71 gifting stores already have much better prices and amazing quality, so expect amazing savings here as well, we compiled a list of the best vendors to buy weed in DC from.

420 Food Week


If you are celebrating 420 week chances are you are going to get the munchies. The District of Columbia knows this and there will be over 9 restaurants participating in the 420 Food Week.

Restaurants and food trucks such as Dolcezza Gelato, H Street Country Club, El Sol, Peruvian Brothers, and Tight Five Pub will be offering special deals on munchies and meals through the entire week of 420!

If you’re a fan of frozen treats, I recommend visiting Dolcezza Gelato for their Munchies Gelato, which is a delicious, melt in your mouth, milk chocolate gelato covered with potato chips, peanut butter cups, and chocolate covered pretzels! This will hands down wipe away any munchies appetite no matter the depth.

4.2-Mile run through Meridian Hill Park


If you are a health conscious cannabis advocate, don’t worry 420 week has something for you too. Join Bouqé Rolling Paper Co. as you run through the upper lawns of Malcolm X Park (aka Meridian Hill Park).

If you don’t consume cannabis, you can still enjoy the runner's high on this 4.2-mile walk or run with hundreds of other cannabis advocates.

Coffee Club for Cannabis Entrepreneurs and Lawyers

Sit back and lounge at The Coffee Club located on Florida Avenue in Northwest, where you get to sip on gourmet coffee and dance or vibe out to tunes by DJ Confetti. The event focuses on bringing together cannabis entrepreneurs from all over the country.


This is a non-alcoholic event, hosted by promotion company Bently Brvnd and the National Association of Black Cannabis Lawyers, and the event includes yoga, sound healing, panel discussions, and so much more.

Kick back in a 4/20 Lounge

If you want to smoke some dank buds and vibe out to some mind-altering visual music, Songbyrd will be hosting live music right in Union Market DC during 420 Week. The 2023 event had appearances from Open Ge, DLVRX, and Footwerk, who absolutely crushed it, so I’m excited to see 2024’s line up.

Music will be performed alongside a trippy but utterly beautiful video performance that works in synch with the music. Expect splashes of colors and vibrant visual shifts to help elevate your high to another level. Currently, you cannot smoke weed in DC in public, so we recommend you arrived stoned or just opt for edibles (check out our list of best edibles in DC).

Official NCF Pre-Party

Washington, DC has an amazing night-life scene and each year, the National Cannabis Festival staff and committee throw a pre-party to the annual festival. The 2023 pre-party was at the Wild Days, a rooftop bar in Eaton, DC. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a chance to meet Caroline Philips, the founder of the Cannabis Festival.


Join dozens of DC cannabis enthusiast on a night out in Washington DC to celebrate the Cannabis Festival, network, drink, and dance until your heart is content.

Mushroom Cultivation workshop

With the passing of Initiative 81, which moved all entheogenic plants and fungi to the lowest level of DC Metropolitan police priority, now DC residents can plant, distribute, and use entheogenic plants like DMT, shrooms, and peyote, without worrying about local law enforcement investigating or prosecuting.

420 Week offers a sacred Mushroom Cultivation Workshop with Oakland Hyphae, focusing on teaching you the fundamentals of cultivating shrooms, step-by-step. You will learn everything from gathering the best equipment, how to inoculate your grain, evaluate the health of your shrooms, harvesting, and the drying and curing process. 

Final Thoughts

Even though 420 Week in DC has passed for 2023, it was still a remarkably unforgettable assembly of cannabis events. Whether you are a cannabis lawyer, entrepreneur, advocate, or just want to vibe out to good music or food, the entire week of 420 in DC is a cannabis lover’s paradise.

You can expect incredible savings on cannabis through dispensaries and I71 gifting stores, and dozens of local restaurants offering amazing deals on munchies. Stay tuned as we reveal the 2024 line up for the DC 420 week, trust me, you don’t want to miss out on all the amazing memories and people you will meet from all across the country who attend.