5 Ways to Find Cheap Weed in DC that’s Actually Good -  2023

Cheap weed in DC is easy to come by, but where do you get some decent quality strains that are priced below market value? As a DC resident for over 20 years, I’ve had times when I had to reanalyze my budget, and find ways to buy cannabis and save money at the same time.

In this article, I share the 4 ways to find the cheapest weed in DC without having to smoke any Reggie or pick seeds and stems out of your purchase. Initiative 71 is the DC weed law that legalized possession and consumption of marijuana, and also inadvertently brought about the cannabis gifting market. With over 100 gifting stores and 7 medical dispensaries, DC has tons of options for lower priced cannabis.

Know The Law Before You Buy

It’s important to understand that most of the amazing deals and free pre-rolls are offered by I71 recreational dispensaries, which are gifting stores. These gifting stores operate under the I71 loophole, where you must first buy an item like a sticker or digital art print and then be gifted the cannabis at the end of the transaction. Check out our guide on how to buy weed in DC which also has the most recommended I71 vendors updated each month.

1. I71 Gifting Stores Offer Bulk Savings


Whenever I want to save money on cannabis, I always shop at an I71 gifting store for two reasons. First off, their prices are much cheaper than a medical dispensary and second the more well established brands offer amazing pricing tiers that let you buy less expensive strains with even more cost savings.

When buying from an I71 store, just visit their website first and check for bulk or oz options. For example, Gift Givers is a popular option and if you click on their menu you will see four different tier options in order from the highest quality to lowest: Exotic, top-shelf, premium, and oz deals.

Click on the oz deals to get much lower priced cannabis. For example, currently you can buy an entire 28 gram ounce of Venom OG for only $60. That’s the same price as an 8th of weed from a medical dispensary!

Check out our list of the best I71 vendors with bulk option savings  in DC here.

2. Check Out Directory Deals For Free Deals


If you visit city specific directories for cannabis, like Gentlemantoker or UrbanAroma, you can find all the latest deals in DC. I’m talking about deals you would never see at a medical dispensary, from Legacy giving away free eighths to Gifted Curators offering free premiums Rosin, directories deals can save you a ton of money in the long run!

Directory deals change frequently, so make sure you check back each week as new deals are posted from different cannabis vendors in the District. If you shop with deals each month, you can save hundreds of dollars. Many vendors have excess supplies that need to be cleared before the new shipment arrives, so it’s a great opportunity for you to cash in on the savings.

3. Get a Free Pre-roll Today


Here is a little secret we have in DC that I tend to give to any friends or family visiting. If it’s your first time shopping, there are a few well established recreational dispensaries that will offer you a free pre-roll just for leaving a Google review. 

The best part about this is you can literally get a free pre-roll EVERY TIME you leave a Google review for these brands. The only requirement is you make a purchase, but what I like to do is just buy a smaller pre-roll set, so the total cost at the end of the transaction yields me savings.

When I’m short on cash I like to visit Legacy DC on 4th street Northwest, and I buy 3 pre-rolls for $25 to save $5 and then get the 4th pre-roll for free by leaving a Google review. That’s a total of 3 grams of weed for only $25! Best part about it is the weed is already grinded and rolled for you - ready to smoke.

There is no limitation to the amount of times you can do this trick, so you can return multiple times in one day.

4. Check Out Inflation Buster Deals


Many of the I71 gifted dispensaries also offer inflation buster deals. One particular DC weed delivery brand I love is Royale Dankness. They have some of the best inflation buster deals, and it’s premium cannabis, just a little aged or grown outdoors. You may get fewer terpenes, but the cannabis has always been decent from my experience.

What would normally be $360 an ounce would cost you only $150, that’s more than 50% savings just by shopping through the inflation buster menus.

Here are some of my favorite I71 gifting stores that include inflation buster deals in DC:

The savings allows you to spend a little bit extra to get these delivered right to your door so you don’t even need to drive to a dispensary.

5. 420 Week Has The Cheapest Weed In DC

The Medical Cannabis Amendment Act of 2022 will be offering a tax relief on the week of 420 for all licensed medical dispensaries. So if you have a DC self-certify card you can cash on huge savings the dispensaries will be offering the week of 420.

The week of April 20th is also home to DC 420 week which leads right into the DC National Cannabis Festival. This is one of the best weeks to stock up on in bulk because all of the I71 gifting stores will also be offering huge savings and discounts on all your favorite strains, DC cartsDC concentrates, and edibles.

Final Thoughts

DC has one of the most interesting marketplaces for cannabis, home to 7 licensed medical dispensaries and over 100 unregulated I71 gifting store fronts. As a DC resident, whenever I am looking for cheap weed in DC I always find the gifting stores to offer the best deals. You can get ounces as low as $60 and there are multiple tricks to finding free deals, free pre-rolls, all found in any DC cannabis directory like our Gentelmantoker’s deals.

Similar to Black Friday and Cyber Monday for ecommerce, when trying to find the cheapest weed in DC the week of 420 is the best time of year. DC dispensaries are offered tax breaks which allows dispensaries to offer you huge savings on all your favorite cannabis products.