Best DC Weed Delivery Services


How to Find the Best DC Weed Delivery

Sometimes, you just want to light up without having to trek across town to do it. Maybe it's cold and raining outside, or maybe you’re just doing something really important. We know that whenever we’re filing our taxes or writing novels, it's a lot easier to have our dank kush come to us. 

That’s why they invented DC cannabis delivery services. And you know what? Most of them are great! There are a few that are so-so, but that’s why we’ve put together this list to help you out. These are DC’s best weed delivery services.

Best DC Weed Delivery for Unique Bud

Exotic Organics

As you can tell from the name, Exotic Organics specializes in unique flavors and experiences. Their website is bright, simple, and easy to navigate—which can be weirdly rare for weed delivery in Washington DC. 

Their selection of premium, super-premium, and boutique strains is expansive and varied. We checked out their Gary Payton strain and had a pretty good time. They’ve also got a decent selection of edibles, mushrooms, and even some shake if you’re on a budget.

Voyager Club

Join the Voyager Club if you’d like to boldly go into a world of top-shelf weed. Their pesticide-free buds are never packaged in plastic or vacuum sealed, allowing their flavors to mature. 

Their menu includes strains like Oreo Cake x Mai Tai, Gorilla Butter Breath, Peanut Butter Pie, Flapjacks, Slurricane, Jokerz Candy, Peach Maraschino, and Sour Tangie. They also have a signature selection of vape carts, edibles, pre-rolls, tinctures, and more. 

Keep in mind that Voyager Club isn’t just a name—it is an actual club that you must apply to and get approval to join. Membership costs $120.

Best DC Weed Delivery Menu

Royale Dankness

Oh, what a pleasure it is to peruse a beautiful menu of flavorful buds. Royale Dankness has a menu befitting its name. With options to sort by flower type or collection, it's easy to find a strain that’s exactly what you want. 

Royale Dankess also has separate sections for weed on clearance along with their special “Inflation Buster” deals. They’ve even got a search function on their website! Web 3.0, am I right? 

Did we mention every order comes with a free mini beverage? Ours was a Mountain Dew. 

Fatbudz DC

There’s a hook to Fatbudz DC’s menu. The flower is categorized like racing fuel, by octane levels. Their buds don’t actually have octane in them—it's more of a metaphor. Honestly, we couldn’t tell you what octane is (we’re gentleman tokers, not gentleman racers), but all you’ve got to know is the higher, the better. 

They’ve got plenty of choices for every type of racer, and even a few that are marked “not for beginners.” Now that’s got us rather curious as to what happens when you get that in the tank.

Best DC Dispensary Delivery for Edibles

Athena’s Gifts

The last time we ordered from Athena’s Gifts, we just had to try the Booty Call Brownie. With 300 mg of Platinum Punch flower, it was one intense booty call—but it was also delicious! They’ve got cake pops, cheesecake cookie bars, red velvet cookies, juices, gummies, and even caramel turtles. But edibles aren’t everything at Athena’s—they’ve also got flower and tinctures.

Puff Kings

Another royal entry on the list, Puff Kings has some sweet gummies and Belgium chocolate edibles that we just had to try for ourselves. They’ve also got sour bears, Rice Krispies, and some mouthwatering brownies. Puff Kings could be called Tasty Kings if they didn’t also have a great menu of flower and concentrates.

Easiest Weed Delivery Orders

Up in Smoke

With one of the simplest and easiest-to-navigate websites in town, Up in Smoke is a great DC weed delivery service if you’re looking for a straightforward experience. They've got a few different strains of flower to choose from and a great variety of edibles available. They’ve even got lollipops!

Best Concentrates

Heady Club

Heady Club’s website might take a bit more time to navigate, but once you make your way to the concentrates, you’ll find one of the best selections among weed delivery services in DC. The last time we checked, they had live rosin, sugar, shatter, crumble, and hash in a variety of flavors. They’ve also got a solid selection of well-priced flower.

The Gift Givers

The Gift Givers has a great selection of edibles, including gummy worms and brownies, as well as a wide selection of flower. But they also have one of the broadest menus for concentrates among DC weed delivery services. Whether you’re looking for some Jungle Cake Hash Rosin, Pinabble Express Badder, Girl Scout Cookies Sugar, or LA Kush Crumble, they’ve got the goods. 

Best Customer Service

Trending Leafs

After you’ve experienced Trending Leaf’s friendly customer service, you won’t want to stop chasing those trends. They encourage their customers to check out their reviews and to even call them on the phone to ask questions or get help placing an order. They also have one of the best selections of pre-rolls of any DC weed delivery service. 

Most Informative Website 

Green Kings

Washington DC may have been built on the values of freedom and democracy, but it's flush with kings now, baby! One of the best things about Green Kings is just how much you’ll learn when you visit their website. Some of their products have paragraphs of information discussing reviews, flavors, effects, and everything else. Don’t they know that’s Gentleman Toker’s job? Well, these gentlemen doff their caps at those kings’ passion and dedication to their products. Also, they have Wonka chocolate bars that are guaranteed to make Grandpa Joe get up and dance.

Best Free Stuff

Violet City

Though Violet City started as a DC weed delivery service, they’ve since opened their own store. They’ve got a solid collection of edibles, flower, and smoking accessories. Also, at the time of this writing, every order gets a free king-size preroll. No one can say no to free! Well, technically every product mentioned here is “free” because of I-71, but you know what we mean. It’s extra free! Bonus free? We’ll keep free associating until we come up with a good name.

Your Local DC Weed Delivery Directory

These services are a great start, but we know you’ll soon be itching for more hot info on the best weed delivery services in DC. New businesses are always popping up, so be sure to check out the best recreational dispensaries and join our newsletter while you’re at it.