All-Star Mondays with Butter Nugg Cookies

Monday's hottest new Initiative 71 compliant event for DC's cannabis enthusiasts is All-Star Mondays at the Spaceship DC. If you've been eyeing the scene for a while, then this is the juke joint, my little Jezebel. The details are all in the flyer above! So why am I still blabbing on? To point out all the hot brands on that flyer! Make sure you stop by and see Butter Nugg Cookies for top-shelf rosin, flowers, and strain-specific solventless-based edibles. I'm looking forward to some sampling of this new menu myself. Yes, I'll be there! Come out and snatch a hair from my head to drop into your cauldron of love potion! Just think, a heartbound Gentleman all to yourself. Swoon, amirite? All-Star Mondays Butter Nugg Cookies And check this thing out! It's called a Lock'n'Load. It's a glass one-hitter packed with flower except they tossed hash on top of that and made it, like, an eight-hitter. It comes with a cap so you can close it up when after a couple hits and finish it later. Ingenious! lock n load one hitter cannabis lock n load closeup Follow Butter Nugg Cookies on Instagram to keep up with all of their event appearances.