Willie's Reserve Lady Silvia (Planet 13)

Willie's Reserve Lady Silvia

Willie's Reserve Lady Silvia (Planet 13)

After miles and miles of panoramic, nearly barren Utah desert, the bright lights of Vegas were a welcome respite on my way to the golden coast. Of course, you know what's Always On My Mind- the closest dispensary! In this case, that happened to be Planet 13, which happened to have Willie's Reserve prerolled joints on hand, which happened to make me very happy, cuz the country legend's cannabis was deelish.

A pair of delightfully aromatic, smooth-smoking, long-burning half-gram joints of Lady Silvia provide a relaxed, easygoing sativa buzz and cost a mere $18. The Gentleman is definitely impressed and looking forward to smoking more Willie Nelson weed! In case you're an absolute heathen and unfamiliar, here's his amazing cover of Paul Simon's Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Now you have Culture. You're welcome, baby!

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