Sour Tangie Strain Review: The Perfect Morning Sativa 2023

If you are looking for an upbeat and energizing strain, perfect for a wake-and-bake session, then I recommend the Sour Tangie strain. This 80% Sativa dominant is a cross between Tangie and East Coast Sour Diesel and one of the primary terpenes in Sour Tangie is Caryophellene which is believed to increase focus.

In this article, I’ll be going over the effects I felt when smoking this marijuana strain and we will discuss flavors, aromas, and the overall entourage effects from the dominant terpenes and cannabinoids in Sour Tangie.

Key Takeaways on Sour Tangie strain


  • Sour Tangie is energizing and a fantastic motivator perfect for boosting moods.
  • One of the primary terpenes in Sour Tangie is Caryophellene which is believed to increase focus.
  • Sour Tangie is an amazing strain for smoking in the morning or for productive activities.

How does the Sour Tangie strain feel?

Sour Tangie Strain Review

Sour Tangie from Lucky Chuckie

Sour Tangie is a fantastic motivator, perfect for an amazing mood boost in the morning. The strain is deeply charging, energizing, and will give you zero brain fog. It’s great if you struggle with procrastination and at the same time it’s deeply relaxing and smile-inducing. 

Who this strain is for: This strain gave me amazing productivity, so if you need a Sativa dominant that pairs well with motivation and work I recommend this strain. I would recommend this for morning smokers and it can also work well as a social strain but can be over-stimulating in public if you have a lower tolerance. For the perfect beginner social smoking strain I recommend the Laughing Buddha strain.

What terpenes are in Sour Tangie?

When shopping for medical marijuana you are probably familiar with the two main cannabinoids: THC and CBD. As research advances, it’s now believed that the effects of cannabis aren’t just due to a single cannabinoid in isolation but instead the combination of all the chemical constituents in the cannabis such as terpenes, cannabinoids, and your endocannabinoid system.

In this section, we will go over the four most dominant terpenes found in the Sour Tangie strain which gives this strain its unique effects.

Disclaimer: The terpene profile may vary depending on what medical dispensary you purchased your Sour Tangie strain from. This section is meant to help you understand how the terpenes influence the effects of this strain, but more research is needed to understand the effects of the terpenes in cannabis on the human body,

Pinene: 0.11%

Myrcene: 0.35%

Ocimene: 0.01%

Camphene: 0.03%

Humulene: 0.04%

Limonene: 0.03%

Linalool: 0.11%

Terpinolene: 0.01%

Phellandrene: 0.15%

Caryophyllene: 0.17%

Why Sour Tangie is the best strain for productivity

The dominant terpene found in the Sour Tangie strain is Myrcene, which is a very common terpene found in cannabis strains. The Tangie strain (parent to Sour Tangie) is abundant with Myrcene with it taking 35% of the entire terpene profile in Sour Tangie.

Everyone reacts to myrcene differently due to the entourage effect and your unique endocannabinoid system, so it’s important to understand that research is just starting to understand the effects of cannabis terpenes on the human body. Early research suggests that Myrcene helps to promote a sedative and relaxing effect.

The second most dominant terpene found in Sour Tangie is Beta Caryophyllene. This terpene is often found in basil oregano, hops, and rosemary. It is one of the few terpenes that the FDA recognizes as “Safe” to consume in large doses and research suggests that this terpene was shown to enhance focus and mood. 

The two dominant terpenes in Sour Tangie promote both relaxation and focus, which is what made this strain great for me for productivity because I was relaxed enough to ease my morning anxiety but focused enough to stay on task and get work done on the computer.

When is the best time to take Sour Tangie?

Both the third and fourth primary terpenes found in Sour Tangie (Phellandrenee and Caryophyllene) help to elevate and promote wellness in moods. This makes Sour Tangie the ideal strain to smoke in the morning to start your day. It’s perfect for energizing and lifting your mood, making it perfect for a productive or relaxing morning.

The third most dominant terpene found in Sour Tangie is Phellandrene. This terpene is usually a secondary terpene in most cannabis strains and hasn’t received much attention in research until recently. Early research suggests that Phellandrene helps to boost moods. I recommend the Sour Tangie strain for morning smoking because of how fast it elevated my moods.

The fourth most dominant terpene found in Sour Tangie is Caryophyllene. Beta-caryophyllene is a common terpene found in most cannabis strains and is also widely found in rosemary, cloves, and black pepper. Your endocannabinoid system contains a vast network of receptors throughout your body. Usually, THC binds to CB1 receptors within the system, but the unique molecular structure of caryophyllene suggests it binds to CB2 receptors. Caryophyllene is believed to promote a feeling of wellness and boost moods, which was the overall effect I felt when smoking the Sour Tangie strain.

What are the primary cannabinoids in Sour Tangie?

The primary cannabinoids found in Sour Tangie are THC, CBD, and CBC. CBC (cannabichromene) does not promote an intoxicating high like THC but is believed to provide a feeling of happiness and relaxation. This is what makes Sour Tangie great for mood-boosting and productivity. When I smoked this strain there was no stupefying or overbearing cerebral high, just an overall sense of happiness and relaxation.


Disclaimer: The cannabinoids in your Sour Tangie strain can vary depending on what medical dispensary you purchased your strain from. I purchased this strain from Lucky Chuckies a local DC recreational dispensary. This section was meant to help you understand the effects of the cannabinoids in your strain.


THC: 20 - 22%

CBD: 0.66 - 1.02%

CBC: 0.18 - 0.78%

CBG: 0.27 - 1.27%

CBN: 0.06 - 0.26%

THCV: 0.33 - 1.09%

How does Sour Tangie smell and taste?

Sour Tangie strain has a very sweet and citrus scent when breaking apart the nugs with an undertone of dank and gas scents from the Sour Diesel crossover. The flavors are sour, skunky, and lemony, with a harsh aftertaste of a gasoline flavor from the abundant Myrcene terpene found in Sour Tangie. I recommend popping a mint after if you are not a fan of the fuel-like flavors at the tail end of the smoke.

Terpenes in cannabis play a critical role in the growth and survival of the plant but also contribute to the unique smells and taste as well. Below are the terpenes found in Sour Tangie and the different flavors it promotes with the four most dominant terpenes in bold.


Pinene: (earthy, bitter, herby)

Myrcene: (sweet, diesel, bitter)

Ocimene: (woody, herby, sweet)

Camphene: (minty, peppery, earthy)

Humulene: (bitter, spicy, herby)

Limonene: (citrus, sweet, tangy)

Linalool: (citrus, spicy, sweet)

Terpinolene: (pine, citrus, floral)

Phellandrene: (woody, herby, citrus)

Caryophyllene: (peppery, sweet, spicy)

What do Sour Tangie nugs look like?

Sour Tangie is an 80% dominant Sativa strain and the nugs will generally be longer, thin, and have an airy structure. The foliage will be a mixture of dark olive green, mint greens, and lime greens. It’s often said that Sour Tangie will have pink undertones and in some cases purples. 

In the photo above the Sour Tangie I purchased from Lucky Chuckies had a nice layer of crystal trichomes, and pockets of curling orange pistils. Your Sour Tangie strain’s appearance will depend heavily on the cultivation.

Final Thoughts

Here at Gentlemantoker, we review strains from medical marijuana dispensaries all across the United States. Whether you want to buy weed in NYCHawaiiNew York, or Pennsylvania, our team of cannabis experts buy, smoke, and give our honest opinions on each strain. In this article, I reviewed the Sour Tangie strain from my local Initiative 71 dispensary.

This strain is perfect for wake-and-bake because of the unique synergistic effects of CBC and the four dominant terpenes which promote a feeling of focus, relaxation, and elevated moods. After smoking Sour Tangie, I recommend it for productivity, mornings, and social smoking in moderate amounts. I do not recommend this strain for pain management or sleep, instead, you can try Cataract Kush.