Slurricane (DC TeaPad)

WOOOOO BABY YEAH! A deal has been reached to end the shutdown and we got three, count ’em three hot hot weeks of government-funded action comin’ at ya, baby! Hey, I’m just glad that so many of our friends and neighbors are getting back to work before we started outfitting armor-plating our cars with spikes. I’ve been kinda anxious about how long things could go before the snowball got, eh, unwieldy. Speaking of! Ya think those bastards will make another go at the Joshua trees before the rangers get back online? Not to worry, I’ve already come up with a plan! So, step one, we gotta dress Old Man Jenkins up like a ghost- no, you’re absolutely right. A ghost pirate is way scarier. Ok, next…

Anyway, I71 delivery fave DC TeaPad has got some awesome flowers to help you celebrate the good news! Photo above is Sluuuuuuurrrrrrricaaaaaaaaaaa- ahem, Slurricane. Also available today are Grapefruit Power Plant and Sour Dawg Lemon Haze.

Review: AK-47

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