How to Save Money on Weed

Do you find that a huge chunk of your monthly budget goes toward cannabis? It’s time to learn how to save money on weed. Whether you’re an occasional smoker or a hardcore stoner, grab a pen and start taking notes.

Dispensary Deals

Find Holiday Weed Deals

As with any other product, buying in bulk is a smart way to save cash, and weed is no exception. Plan in advance and stock up on cannabis products while weed is on sale. 420 sales and Green Wednesday dispensary deals are prime times of the year for scoring great prices on marijuana. Of course, be sure to keep an eye on the shelf life of the product you’ve bought. Many cannabis products don’t maintain their potency and levels of THC more than a year after purchase. 

Join a Customer Loyalty Program

Many cannabis gifting shops implement customer loyalty programs to incentivize repeat purchases. Plenty of DC dispensaries in our directory offer rewards for loyal customers. Gifted Curator’s loyalty program gives customers benefits like free premium pre-rolls, free jars, and 20% off their orders. 

Buy Weed Strains on Sale

Most marijuana dispensaries have leftover weed they’ve cultivated but haven’t sold. They’ll have these strains for sale at a reduced price in an attempt to get rid of them before the product goes bad. Use this as an opportunity to try new weed strains you normally wouldn’t. Even if you’ve gotten used to fancy celebrity strains, there are lower-shelf weed strains you may still enjoy. Try weed strains that you haven’t had yet, and you may find that you don’t need to spend as much on quality products as you previously thought. 

Shop During Happy Hour

Just like restaurants and breweries, many dispensaries have a happy hour in which weed is sold at a reduced price. Instead of hitting the bar for happy hour, research the happy hours of dispensaries in your area and make it a point to stop by your favorite weed shops during this prime buying time. Customers can find cannabis products at amazing prices if they shop at the right location. 

Make the Most of Your Cannabis

Use a Roach Clip

Trying to smoke a microscopic roach is a hassle. Smokers risk burning their fingers or mouth on blazing ashes. A roach clip protects fingers from lit joints and blunts by making them easier to hold. Instead of fumbling around with small roaches and accidentally dropping them on your carpet, invest in a roach clip that allows you to smoke almost the entire blunt. You’ll be able to smoke more of your flower before tossing out your roach.

Smoke from a Gravity Bong 

There are some methods of smoking weed that are superior to others in terms of maximizing your smoke inhalation. Because you can’t smoke all the weed you pack into blunts and one-hitters, even with the help of a roach clip, small bits of cannabis get wasted. Switching from blunts to pipes results in heavy hits and maximizes the use of the smoke. 

Gravity bongs in particular are the most cost-effective way to smoke weed. The smoke channeled into the user’s lungs causes their lungs to expand, resulting in heavier inhalation. The air pressure does the work of inhalation for the smoker, enabling them to inhale the entirety of the smoke plume. 

Roll with a Tray 

Nothing is more annoying than spilling ground-up bud all over the floor. A rolling tray provides a neat place to roll your blunts, reducing the likelihood of wasted and spilled cannabis flower. They come in a variety of fun designs with characters and artwork and are one of the best ways to conserve weed. There are also professional joint-rolling machines available. 

Vape in a Dry-Herb Device

If you’re curious about how to conserve weed, a dry-herb vaporizer heats dried cannabis flower, allowing smokers to consume the herb by vaporizing rather than combusting it. Vaping allows you to experience terpenes that you might not otherwise; if smoking, they would be burnt off at the combustion temperature.

Other Ways to Save Money on Weed

Grow Weed at Home

In Washington DC, adults age 21 and older can cultivate up to six cannabis plants at one time in their primary residence, with no more than three being mature at the same time. While residential growers cannot sell the product, they may give it away or exchange it. 

Growing weed at home can be a great way to save money on weed, but it does require a hefty upfront investment to get the equipment and knowledge necessary to produce high-quality kush. You won’t be guaranteed the quality or strains you might be used to if you start your own DIY operation. To paraphrase a wise TV chef, homemade can be great, but just as often, “store-bought is fine.”

Bake Your Own Edibles

Forget the days of mixing weed with boxed brownie mix and hoping for the best. With products like cannabutter and cannabis cooking oil (which you can buy or make yourself), consumers can bake their own edibles and make them as gourmet or as potent as they like. Create delicious gummies, brownies, ice cream, or even cannabis-infused pasta in whatever flavors you prefer.

There are certainly a lot more options for baking your own edibles these days, but the fact remains that getting the THC levels just right remains a skill often out of reach of the average home baker. The best part of buying edibles you’ve tried before is that you know exactly the kind of high you’re going to get. Baking your own edibles can be a fun way to experiment, but when you want a reliable high, stick with the pros. 

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