420 Dispensary Deals

Halloween, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day are great, but every stoner’s true favorite holiday is 420. On this special day, we celebrate the joy weed has brought to our lives and blaze up in honor of our favorite plant. It’s also a time when many cities hold rallies and festivals. The best part of all is that dispensaries hold specials and 420 weed deals to celebrate the occasion. These are some of the best 420 dispensary deals in Washington DC. 

The Best 420 Dispensary Deals in DC

Legacy DC

As one of the top-rated DC dispensaries, it’s expected that Legacy DC is offering some of the best 420 dispensary deals. Customers who spend $150 or more receive 25% off their purchase along, plus a free edible!

Legacy DC has an amazing art gallery to browse while you shop. Their skilled curators will help you find the type of product you need, from flower and pre-rolls to edibles and concentrates. They also have some stylish clothing merch available.

Gifted Curators

Gifted Curators is the place to look if you’re after some amazing 420 weed deals. They are offering an incredible 25% off and gifting customers a free eighth of the budtender’s choice with any $150 purchase. Gifted Curators has several other deals, including a customer loyalty program. Check out their dispensary online or in person for cannabis flower, edibles, pre-rolls, concentrates, and store merch. 

Weed Delivery Deals

Weed delivery deals offer quality cannabis for fantastic prices without ever having to leave your home. If you plan to lay back and relax all day, you probably don’t want to endure the hassle of starting up your car and driving across town to secure your cannabis purchase. These dispensaries provide weed delivery services for residents in the DC area.

Tree of Life Art Collective

Free edibles? Yes, please! The Tree of Life Art Collective is offering a free 400mg Nerdz rope with any purchase when you use the discount code “G420.” They also offer free same-day cannabis delivery to any location in DC as well as curbside pickup! The Tree of Life Art Collective has cannabis flower, carts, edibles, pre-rolls, wax, accessories, and more.  

Gift Givers DC

At Gift Givers DC, they’re offering a special promotion. Customers get 10% off when they buy an ounce of cannabis. A free pre-roll and edible also come with every order! Based in Dupont Circle, they offer delivery for orders $50 or more. They carry top-shelf flower, concentrates, edibles, carts, pre-rolls, and more. Check their website for deals often because they regularly offer discounted items. 

420 Edible Deals

Exotic Organics

Exotic Organics is offering an abundance of free goodies for 420 this year. With any purchase of an ounce, you receive a free pack of edibles and a free eighth! All ounces are also 15% off. Their revolving menu of premium edibles is available for delivery in the DC area and includes unique items like jerky, gummies, strawberry puffs, and cereal treats. In addition to edibles, they also offer cartridges, flower, and pre-rolls. 

Capitol Danks

Starting on April 13 and ending on April 23, Capitol Danks has some great 420 deals going on. Ounces of select strains require a donation of just $150. They’re also offering 20% off all pickup and in-store purchases. 

Beyond just 420, Capitol Danks offers member rewards programs, including a new customer referral program, so tell your buddies about their deals on weed, too! Capitol Danks sells quality sativa, indica, and hybrid flower, as well as pre-rolls, edibles, drinks, resin, carts, pens, resin, and various other merchandise. 

FatBudz DC

Another deal with free edibles! Order an ounce from FatBudz DC and receive 10% off plus a free pre-roll and edible. Customers can conveniently text their order to FatBudz DC and receive discreet delivery to their door. FatBudz DC regularly has specials and flash sales, so make sure to keep your eye on this dispensary even after 420 ends. Their menu offers edibles, flower, cartridges, pre-rolls, and more. 

420 Events


This 420 Monko is putting together an elevated experience that will immediately lift your vibration. While we will all be celebrating in our own preferred method, Monko is planning to take you on a journey you have never been on before. They've told us that the event is "more than just a name but a lifestyle we can’t wait for you to experience". The event will be curating a space where merging culture, wellness, and education for the DC community. Their event will feature indoor and outdoor elements, local DJs, refreshments, and much more to explore! You do need to register for the event, and make sure you do so early secure some great Monko gifts! Registration is open now and can be done online right here.

Why Celebrate 420?

April 20 is the most weed-friendly day of the year. There are plenty of cannabis deals, festivals, parties, and other events to attend. It’s a chill, low-pressure holiday where leaning back and blazing up is encouraged. Plus, it’s a day of the year when nobody will judge you for rolling up to the corner store in the middle of the afternoon with red eyes and a case of the munchies. 

The origins of 420 as a cannabis holiday are uncertain, but most sources attribute the holiday’s emergence to a group of high school students in the 70s who decided to light up every day at 4:20 and started using the number as a discreet code for marijuana. Another common narrative is that 420 is used by California police as the penal code for cannabis possession. However the day formed, we’re just happy to have an excuse to consume quality kush. 

Inquiring About 420 Weed Deals

You can call up any dispensary or weed gifting shop in the DC area and ask about holiday specials coming up or ask about 420 deals specifically. Deals on weed during 420 have become commonplace, so workers expect these kinds of questions. Customers can also walk into the dispensary in person to inquire about 420 dispensary deals. 

Other Weed Holidays

420 isn’t the only weed holiday worth celebrating. 710, also called “dab day” is 420’s lesser-known but equally amazing best bud. On July 10 each year, weed enthusiasts indulge in concentrates and cannabis oils in celebration. Remember to check out DC dispensaries for deals on dabs this summer! 

Dispensary specials can also be found during Green Wednesday, known as the Black Friday of the cannabis industry. It takes place the day before Thanksgiving each year. There’s nothing better than loading up on marijuana before a feast, so keep your eyes on dispensary deals in November. 

August 8, CBD Day, and November 6, Weed Legalization Day, are also significant stoner holidays. Some dispensaries may be offering various deals and specials. With so many important holidays on the calendar, it’s important to check out local dispensary deals year-round!

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