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Adose Wellness has a mission to integrate their clients into a more elevated lifestyle — one filled with zen, gratitude, and of course, quality cannabis products. The delivery service prides itself on educating the community about the connection between plant medicine and mindfulness. The business was recently launched by a DC resident after she learned how to make high-quality edibles. “I really wanted to consume cannabis, but I didn’t like smoking, and I didn’t like the edibles that were out there because the dosage isn’t reliable,” she says. 

The Adose website features articles that highlight the benefits of implementing THC or CBD products into your everyday life, as the owner says she does: “I take CBD every single day. When my mind and nervous system is calm, I’m a lot more productive and I want to help other people do the same.” 

Shopping at Adose Wellness

Adose Wellness is an I-71 compliant delivery service that functions as an art gallery, with a wide range of THC and CBD product gifts. The online art gallery offers various colorful stickers and artsy prints with titles like “Awareness,” “Bliss” and “Nirvana.” The owner says, “The artwork that we offer is very intentional and is inspired by the state of beings. We all go up in levels of happiness, and that is what our prints represent.” 

Points are earned through purchasing items from the Adose Wellness art collection, with every dollar spent equaling 1 point, regardless of discount. For example, if a piece of art costs $40, and you purchase it at a 10% discount, you pay $36 but still earn the full 40 points to redeem for gifts.

What’s on the Menu at Adose Wellness?

The website features an edibles dosage chart with recommended dosages for consumers depending on their level of experience with cannabis. “Most of our customers come back for our edibles, which is what we’re really good at,” the owner says. The most popular Adose Wellness products are infused gummies, which are available in all natural flavors and five different levels of potency. “The Level 4 (10mg THC)  and Level 5 gummies (20mg THC) are for our more experienced cannabis consumers, and also our most desired amongst our client base,” she tells us. “However, we would really love to attract new consumers because our Level 2 (2.5mg THC) and Level 3 gummies (5mg THC) also provide a lot of value for relieving stress and anxiety, without being as intense.” While Level 2 and 3 gummies have a lower THC content, they also contain small amounts of CBD, which can help treat chronic pain, improve sleep, and reduce inflammation. We got to try the gummies out for ourselves and were very impressed — check out our review here.

adobe wellness review

You can find all of the gifting options on the Adose website; in addition to edibles, the service offers prerolls, flowers, and infused Rice Krisps treats. Adose also offers THC and CBD infused Oil Elixirs (tinctures), which have tremendous versatility in regards to the different ways you can consume them: you can place them under your tongue, add them to your food, or mix them into a lotion or face cream. Tinctures are great for anyone that wants a discreet way to relieve anxiety and stress!

The Last Nug

The Adose Wellness service functions out of Washington DC, making deliveries for a $15 fee based on availability. Delivery is typically 2 hours from the time the order is confirmed. Although Adose Wellness does not have a storefront at this time, pickups can be arranged near the Navy Yard area, with the exact location provided to the customer upon purchase. Pickup is usually between 30 minutes to an hour from the time the order is confirmed.

Check out for more details. You can also call or text Adose Wellness at 202-599-0891.