Purple Punch Strain Review: The Most Versatile Indica 2023

Purple Punch is a one-two punch of euphoric relaxation and increased focus, perfect for any Indica lovers looking for a social Indica. This strain is a cross between Larry OG and Grand Daddy Purple, and one of my personal favorite Indica dominant hybrids. The primary terpene found in Purple Punch strain is Geraniol, which early studies suggest can help with pain, mood, and focus.

In this article, I share my experience smoking Purple Punch from Lucky Chuckies dispensary. I’ll go over how this strain felt, what it looked like, how it tasted, when to smoke this strain, and who this strain is best for. I also will dive deep into the terpene profile for those of you cannabis nerds out there. Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways for Purple Punch strain:

  • Purple Punch packs a powerful body and head high promoting euphoria, and relaxation with no overstimulating effects.
  • The primary terpene found in Purple Punch is Geraniol which is rare in cannabis strains and is believed to help with pain and focus.
  • Purple Punch is perfect for anyone looking for pain management, sleep, and a great Indica strain for social smoking.

How does the Purple Punch Weed Strain feel?

Purple Punch strain review

Purple Punch from Lucky Chuckie's

Purple Punch will make you cough so you want to take the hits slow. The effects are felt first in your body as all tension and pain melt away. As the body high increased that’s when I felt the cerebral effects, which felt like waves of cosmic bubbling energy. The incredible combination of both body and head high makes this Indica dominant unlike most, as you won’t be on the couch lost in oblivion.

My mood was improved and with an amazing outlook on life, it seemed as if time honed in on the present and I was floating. Unlike most Indica dominants I was able to engage in productive activities but at a very relaxed pace. If you are an experienced smoker with Indicas, this is the perfect for social settings. Best of all, Purple Punch will undoubtedly help you drift off into the best sleep of your night.


Who this strain is for: If you are looking for pain relief, mood stabilization, and sleep, then Purple Punch strain is perfect for you. This Indica strain is great for anyone who loves to smoke during the day, go on hikes, and socialize with Indicas. Purple Punch is a versatile strain that Indica and Sativa lovers will both appreciate.

What are the primary terpenes found in Purple Punch?

The primary terpenes found in Purple Punch are Geraniol, Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene. Cannabinoids like THC and CBD usually steal the spotlight for delivering the psychoactive effects of cannabis. As the cannabis industry progresses early research now suggests that minor compounds like terpenes and flavonoids also work synergistically with THC and CBD to give Purple Punch its overall effects that THC and CBD wouldn’t be able to deliver alone. 

In this section, we go over the primary terpenes found within Purple Punch and the effects of each of these cannabis terpenes.

Disclaimer: The terpene profile may vary depending on what medical dispensary you purchased your Purple Punch strain from. This section is meant to help you understand how the terpenes influence the effects of this strain, but more research is needed to understand fully how terpenes affect the body from consuming cannabis.

Carene: 0.03%

Pinene: 0.05%

Myrcene: 0.13%

Ocimene: 0.02%

Geraniol: 0.21%

Humulene: 0.04%

Limonene: 0.2%

Linalool: 0.09%

Bisabolol: 0.03%

Terpinolene: 0.01%

Phellandrene: 0.06%

Caryophyllene: 0.12%

Why Purple Punch is unlike any other Indica strain

Purple Punch is unlike any other Indica strain because not only does it have the powerful body high like classic Indica dominants, but it also has a very strong heady high as well. Indica lovers are usually not a fan of the head high, but the primary terpenes Geraniol is believed to help promote focus while the Limonene terpene works to counteract any THC-related anxiety spikes. This makes Purple Punch, give a double dose of both head and body high without any of the downsides.

What makes Purple Punch unique is the primary terpene Geraniol. This terpene is not typically the most prominent, making Purple Punch such a unique smoke. While more research is needed to understand the relationship between cannabis terpenes and the human body, early research suggests that Geraniol can help with pain while providing uplifting effects that can improve both mood and focus. What I loved about Purple Punch was that I got all the bodily benefits of an Indica, such as muscle relaxation, but at the same time, I was focused enough to not just get lost on the couch. 

The second most dominant terpene found in Purple Punch is Limonene. Limonene is believed to help decrease THC relaxed anxiety spikes, and promote an overall feeling of relaxation. While the cerebral effects were strong in Purple Punch, I never felt overstimulated to the point of racing thoughts or anxiety. The overall feeling of Purple Punch is euphoric, calm, and relaxed.

When is the best time to smoke Purple Punch strain?

Purple Punch is a versatile Indica strain that can be smoked anytime in the day, but the best time is at night. After a long day of work, this strain will help melt your pain away and help you drift into the best sleep of your life. This has to do with the third and fourth most abundant terpenes found in Purple Punch strain: Myrcene and Caryophyllene.

The third most prevalent terpene found in Purple Punch is Myrcene. This terpene is widely found in most cannabis strains and is believed to promote a relaxing and sedating effect, that aids medical marijuana patients for sleep. Early research also suggests that Myrcene can aid in the reduction of pain, but little is known about the degree of impact cannabis terpenes have on the human body. 

In my personal experience, Purple Punch had amazing pain management attributes, relaxing all of my muscles while also soothing every ache. While I recommend this Indica strain for all times of the day, the sleep I get is so amazing I reserve it for nighttime smoking. It’s not just the Myrcene terpene that aids with pain management, the fourth terpene most abundant in Purple Punch also is believed to aid in pain as well. Beta-caryophyllene is believed to help reduce pain, making this strain perfect for anyone looking for physical relief.

What are the primary cannabinoids in Purple Punch weed?

You can expect around 20% THC for Purple Punch with upwards of 5% CBD. CBD is known to counteract the psychoactive components of THC, which is why I didn’t experience any overwhelming effects. While this Indica dominant has a powerful body high, the third most dominant cannabinoid found in Purple Punch (CBG) is believed to help patients feel energized and focused. This allowed me to enjoy the powerful physiological effects without feeling lazy. I was able to be productive and even social on this strain.

Disclaimer: The cannabinoids in your Purple Punch weed strain can vary depending on what medical dispensary you purchased your strain from. This section was meant to help you understand the effects of the cannabinoids in your strain.

THC: 19.12 - 20.52%

CBD: 0.64 - 5.56%

CBC: 0.11 - 0.53%

CBG: 0.25 - 0.62%

CBN: 0.22 - 0.22%

THCV: 0.4 - 1.14%

How does Purple Punch strain taste and smell?

The primary terpenes found in Purple Punch are Geraniol and Limonene, which gives this strain its fruity and citrus Purple Punch taste and smell. On my first bong rip, my mouth was hit with the pungent taste of sweet berries with a touch of grapy tartness. This strain gives off a fruity aroma when you crack open the nugs with your finger. There are soft underlying notes of spicy and earthy as well.

Pinene: (earthy, pine, sweet)

Myrcene: (sweet, spicy, earthy)

Ocimene: (fruit, citrus, earthy)

Geraniol: (citrus, sweet, fruity)

Humulene: (bitter, earth, woody)

Limonene: (citrus, tangy, fruity)

Linalool: (sweet, floral, spicy)

Bisabolol: (berry, pine, diesel)

Terpinolene: (pine, floral, citrus)

Phellandrene: (woody, minty, citrus)

Caryophyllene: (pepper, spicy, musky)

What do Purple Punch nugs look like?

Purple Punch is covered in sparking white trichomes with bright lime-green foliage and an abundance of orange pistils. The flower is intoxicatingly purple, but not in all cases. The buds will be wide, dense, and bulky to the touch. I reviewed Purple Punch from Lucky Chuckies dispensary in DC, and it wasn’t overwhelmingly Purple but the smoke was amazing, so don’t fret if you’re flower isn’t entrenched in purple foliage.

Final Thoughts

Here at Gentlemantoker, we review marijuana strains from medical marijuana dispensaries all across the United States. Whether you want to buy weed in DCHawaiiNew York, or Pennsylvania, our team of passionate cannabis experts buy, smoke, and give our honest opinions on each strain. In this article, I reviewed the versatile Indica strain Purple Punch, from my local Initiative 71 dispensary.

Purple Punch is unlike any other Indica dominant because of its primary terpene Geraniol which is not typically abundant in cannabis. This terpene is believed to not only aid in body relief but also with focus. If you are looking for an Indica strain that is great for smoking anytime in the day, Purple Punch is the strain for you. Both body and head high are strong but never overstimulating, making this strain great for social settings and nighttime smoking for sleep.