National Cannabis Festival Is Back!

National Cannabis Festival

National Cannabis Festival is the District's biggest weed event, bar none. Now in its fourth year, the event is legit! What else are you gonna do on 4/20, baby? Paint your toenails? Well, alright, book me a pedi too. But then we're going to NCF!

You'll get to meet and hear from DC and Maryland medical marijuana dispensaries, cultivators, and processors. You'll see live glass-blowing demonstrations. Collect mad swag, seeds, & headies from your local head shops and hydro stores. No doubt you'll find an abundance of CBD topicals, edibles, vapes, and more. Old faves like Phone Homie will be there!

Plus it's an all-day concert headlined by Ludacris! How many more reasons could you possibly need? Because there's more! You can check out my pics from last year right here. I didn't get any of Cypress Hill. My bad.

You can purchase tickets here. Military veterans can get a discount on tickets (see here) and access to the Veterans Lounge, sponsored by King Weedy Cannabis Collective and hosted by U.S. Army Veteran Jose Belen, founder of Florida Mission Zero.

Here's some crunchy details you probably want to know:

  • Where is NCF? RFK Stadium Grounds. I wonder why nothing's ever inside the stadium any more. That place used to be fun back in the HFStival days.
  • What Metro station is NCF at? Stadium Armory Metro Station (Orange/Blue/Silver lines)
  • Is parking available? Yes, $20. Designate a driver if you're gonna partake!
  • Can I bring an empty water bottle? Yes, plus there's free drinking water available. It'll be marked on your map.
  • Can I bring a bag or backpack? It's gotta be smaller than 14x14". Leave the keytar at home.
  • Can I smoke at NCF? Legally, no. But no one's gonna hassle you if you're discreet, i.e., don't do it in front of MPD officers.
  • Can I buy weed at NCF? Nope.
  • Can I get weed gifts at NCF? There's usually a few stands, yeah. They'll probably be really busy.
  • More questions? Here's the FAQ page.