Guide to Gravity Bongs

2023 - Guide to Gravity Bongs

Anyone who has ever smoked weed knows that there are many ways to consume it. Some people prefer blunts, some people prefer joints, and some people prefer bongs. 


But there is one type of bong that’s most famous, or perhaps infamous, to weed smokers: the gravity bong.


guide to gravity bongs


Gravity bongs are popular because they are easy to make and provide an intense high (as any bong will, if you’re using it right!).


In this article, we will teach you everything you need to know about gravity bongs. Find out how they are made, how to use one, and if they are safe or not. 

What is a Gravity Bong?

Gravity bongs are a type of smoking device that uses water to create suction and channel smoke through the mouthpiece into your mouth and lungs.  


The suction from the bottle being pulled out of the water causes the smoke to be pulled from the bowl as you light it. The smoke will fill up the bottle and stay in as long as you don’t remove the bottle completely from the water. 


When the bottle is full, and the bowl is roasted, you can remove the bowl, put your mouth on the mouthpiece, and push the bottle slowly down. 


The pressure from the bottle being pushed into the water causes the smoke to rush into your mouth, so be ready to inhale.

How to Use a Gravity Bong

Light your bowl of weed and simultaneously raise the bottle very slowly.


The vacuum effect caused by the water pressure should suck the flame and smoke slowly into the bottle. 


Make sure not to raise the bottle out of the water. This will cause you to lose your hit. 


Once the bottle is full of smoke, hold the bottle steady. Careful not to move it up and down. The pressure will cause the smoke to puff from the bottle.


Twist off the cap of the bottle and put your mouth over the cap. Inhale while simultaneously slowly lowering the bottle back into the water as you let the smoke push into your lungs.


The pressure of pushing the bottle back into the water will cause the smoke to be pushed into your mouth. Beginners, be careful. The powerful burst of smoke can be too much to handle and cause some coughing.  

Gravity Bong - The Details

If you are lucky enough to find this article before trying a GB, consider yourself lucky. There are a few things that can make smoking a gravity bong unpleasant if you don’t get it right. 


Those of you who have tried a gravity bong are probably here for a reason. You want your smoking session to go a little more smoothly. 

If you are on the fence about trying one yourself, here are some pros and cons to help with your decision.

gravity bong guide

Pros to Using a Gravity Bong

When you are in a pinch and do not have a smoking device, a bong may seem like a distant fantasy. However, you probably have everything you need lying around your home. 


Homemade bongs are not meant for the long term and should not be used too much. They will get dirty quickly. Luckily, you can just toss the bottle when you’re done with your sesh, and make a new one with a clean bottle.


The most obvious benefit of using a gravity bong is the big hits it allows with even a small amount of weed.

Risks/Cons of Using a GB

The gravity bong may allow you to take a bigger, more intense hit, but if you are clumsy, a GB can be hard to hit successfully. 


If the bottles bounces up and down, air is shot through the mouthpeace from the pressure of water suction. This will cause you to lose the smoke and miss out on your hit.


If you haven’t lit the bowl yet, your packed gravity bong bowl might puff out of the bowl if you are not careful and the bottle gets dropped or pushed into the water.


Additionally, if you do not inhale correctly, a gravity bong is a classic way of causing you to cough like crazy. 


Overall, gravity bongs should be used with caution.


How are Gravity Bongs Made?

Gravity bongs are typically made out of plastic, acrylic, or glass. Glass gravity bongs are the safest type to use because of the harmful chemicals that are emitted from heating plastic.

Glass gravity bongs are also easier to clean and are reusable most of the time.

However, we want to help everybody, including those in a pinch. If you have to go the homemade route, you will need:

  • a plastic bottle
  • a bucket to or container bigger than the bottle
  • a bowl for your herb that will fit airtight on the lid of the bottle
  • scissors or a sharp knife


Using a Gravity Bong - Bottom Line

Gravity bongs are simple, genius devices - a container of some sort with a small hole in the bottom and another container (preferably taller) filled with water that sits above it. 


To use a gravity bong, you pack your weed into the bowl on top of the smaller container, place your mouth over the hole, and light it up. As you smoke, the water in the upper container will be drawn down into the lower one, creating a vacuum and pulling the smoke with it. When you’re ready to stop smoking, just remove the bowl from the small container and blow out the remaining smoke.


There are a few things to keep in mind when using a gravity bong. First, because you’re drawing the smoke through water, it will be a little smoother and less harsh on your lungs than smoking straight from a pipe or joint. Second, gravity bongs can produce some pretty big hits - so if you’re not used to them, start out slow. Finally, they can be hard to clean.


All in all, gravity bongs are an easy and fun way to smoke a small amount of weed efficiently. However, the materials you use to make your gravity bong can be harmful.


Using a glass gravity bong will be better for your lungs as it will release far less carcinogens compared to a plastic bottle.