Green Fairy (Cloud 9)

Green Fairy (Crack) Weed

Green Fairy (Cloud 9) Happy Saturday! Today our friends at gift weed delivery service Cloud 9 have Green Fairy flowers to share with you, aka the popular sativa Green Crack, but I'm changing it cuz mine's objectively better and it doesn't make me think of that time that I mistakenly let this cable guy into the house that said he was down to smoke but I meant weed and he meant crack and as I was trying to figure a way out of the situation (this was before cell phones) he excused himself to go to the bathroom, returned and asked if I had a boyfriend before confessing that he was in the bathroom dildoing himself cuz that's what he was into when he got high when out of the blue my buddy calls and saves the motherfucking day. "MONSTER TRUCK RALLY??? I'LL BE RIGHT THERE!!!" But I don't have any crazy absinthe stories so Green Fairy it is. Also available today from Cloud 9 are Afgoo and Classic Cookies!

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