Animal Cookies (Lucky Chuckie)
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Animal Cookies flower is available NOW for delivery in Washington DC from our friends at Lucky Chuckie. Check out their Weekday Special from 5pm-10pm- get three eighths of flower gifts and you'll get a fourth for free! Here's today's gift menu:


Premium Strains

  • Guava Cake (Indica 70/30)
  • Blackwater Kush (Indica 70/30)
  • Platinum Bubba (Indica 80/20)
  • Animal Cookies (Indica 75/25)

Exotic Strains

  • Purple Haze (Sativa 60/40)
  • Blue Cookies (Indica 90/10)
  • White Widow (Sativa 60/40)
  • GG #4 (Sativa 65/35)
  • Sour Diesel (Sativa 80/20)


  • 1 Gram Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid Cone
  • Available in 5 Packs!



  • Lemonade (300mg)
  • Sweet Tea (300mg)


  • Sweet Gummies (300mg)
  • Mercy Gummies (1000mg)
  • Nerd Rope, Assorted Flavors (400mg)

Chocolate Bars

  • Strawberry Kit Katts (325mg)

Baked Goods

  • Brown Sugar Banana Cookies (250mg)
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch (250mg)
  • Popcorn (300mg)
  • Rocky Road Brownies (300mg)
  • Banana Nutella Brownies (300mg)

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