Ordering Weed for Pickup in DC

As delivery services have grown more popular in DC, many dispensaries have also added weed pickups to their list of services. It’s a great alternative to delivery if you’re looking for a way to get your weed faster and potentially for less money. Like many services that enabled social distancing between employees and customers, weed pickup in DC became especially popular during the pandemic. The service has remained popular ever since.

Weed pickup is less work for businesses than delivery, so many will offer a lower minimum purchase for pickups than they will for delivery. Some may skip the minimum altogether. It’s also a great way to shorten your wait time if you’re willing to do a little bit of the work yourself.

DC Weed Pickup Options

Every service that offers weed pickup in DC will have its own designated locations where the pickup is available, which will be stated on its website. 


This is a pretty standard option for tokers looking to buy online and pick up their order inside the store to skip the line. Everyone else waiting in line will be jealous when they see you walk in, check your ID, receive your order, and head back out.


The perfect option for grabbing some dank kush without ever leaving your car, curbside weed pickup is one of the most popular services offered by dispensaries in DC. Every curbside weed pickup dispensary will likely have designated parking spaces where customers who have placed an order can park. When you arrive, an employee will come out to your car, check your ID, and hand over your items.

Set Location

Some dispensaries that deliver weed will offer a kind of middle ground between delivery and curbside pickup. They sometimes have set locations in their delivery area where you can meet them to receive your order. This is usually done in a secure, public-facing location to ensure that both you and your driver feel safe. Other times, the location can be a private apartment, AirBNB, or hotel room. If you don't feel comfortable with that set-up, there are plenty of other services out there!

How to Order Weed for Pickup in DC

While some dispensaries offering weed pickup in DC will have info about how to order on their home screen or in an FAQ section, others will make you put something in a cart and get to the purchase screen before they’ll fully lay it out for you.

Fortunately, many Washington DC dispensaries’ online experiences have improved significantly since Initiative 71 legalized weed gifting. Though a few can still be tough to navigate, there are some pretty clean and intuitive websites for buying weed nowadays. Be sure to look for a curbside pickup dispensary that has a lot of good information about its products, including specifics about their backgrounds and effects.

For some dispensaries, buying weed for pickup in DC works a lot like most online shopping experiences. You have a cart, you add products to the cart as you browse their stock, and then you finally checkout. During the checkout process, you’ll need to add some basic information about yourself, and they’ll probably ask if they can send you emails with new products and sales. 

But each dispensary will have its own method for buying weed for pickup. Some will require you to send an email or a text message with a picture of you and your ID. You may have to place your order through a phone call or video chat over Facetime. A few dispensaries try to make the process faster and simpler for returning customers by keeping your information on file or creating an account.

Finding a Dispensary with Curbside Pickup

Most any dispensary you find that offers delivery will also offer a pickup option. Some storefronts won’t offer delivery but may have an option for curbside weed pickup.

The fastest way to find a great dispensary that offers weed pickup in DC would be to look through our directory, which offers a list of dispensaries that we’ve checked out for ourselves and had positive experiences with.

Washington DC’s Online Dispensaries

If you’re wondering, ‘Where can I get a weed pickup near me?’ we’ve got your answer. Gentleman Toker is the weed pickup hookup, and these are our favorite places.

Athena’s Gift

A great choice for edibles and flower, Athena’s Gifts has an appealing and easy-to-navigate website. They also have some of the tastiest edibles we’ve tried in DC, including cake pops, cereal bars, cookies, and (our favorite) the booty call brownie.

The Gift Givers

The Gift Givers has a solid selection of flower, edibles, carts, pre-rolls, and concentrates. Their menu includes discount products for those on a budget and exotic flower for those looking to try something new. They also have a VIP program that includes exclusive deals and products.

Puff Kings DC

If you’re looking for a good selection of top-shelf flower, you won’t go wrong with Puff Kings. From Chemdawg to Kush Mints and their Intergalactic Special, they have some great choices. Puff Kings also stocks a few carts, concentrates, pre-rolls, and a nice selection of edibles.

Green Kings

Not only does Green Kings have a great menu, but it's also well-made and informative. Their site is great for ordering online due to its lengthy descriptions of every product and strain. You can spend plenty of time on there making sure you’re finding the right weed for your needs.

Trending Leafs

Not only does Trending Leafs have a great selection of flower, pre-rolls, and edibles, but they also have some of the nicest and most helpful staff that you’ll encounter. Customer service goes a long way in the short interactions you have when ordering weed pickup in DC, and Trending Leafs does it right. 

Royale Dankness

Royale Dankness has one of the widest selections of flower available for weed pickup in DC. If you’re looking for that special strain, Royale has the menu for you. They also have plenty of items available at a discount in their clearance section along with their handy inflation buster sales. Who needs the Fed when you’ve got royalty on your side?

Violet City

One of the newest dispensaries on the scene in DC, Violet City has been making a name for itself with plenty of flower, edibles, and carts. They’re also open seven days a week, have monthly raffle giveaways, and offer membership options.

DC Cannabis Delivery Options

If you’d rather not drive or walk down to a pickup location, DC has plenty of great delivery options as well. The ordering process works much the same as pickup, but you’ll need to enter some extra information. Many places will require a minimum purchase amount or a delivery fee.

Find Dispensaries that Offer Weed Pickup in DC with Gentleman Toker

Now that so many dispensaries are offering great services, ordering weed for pickup in DC is easier than ever. Plus, many are offering new deals all the time, so be sure to check back with Gentleman Toker for all the latest.