Verano Chewable Troches

verano chewable cannabis thc infused

Maryland's medical marijuana program doesn't allow what you'd traditionally think of as edibles, but companies have been able to get around the restriction with various tinctures, elixirs, tablets, and so on.

Above you see Chewable Troches from Verano, pronounced tro-key not tro-shay which sounds more elegant, or at least I think so, medicated lozenges infused with 5mg of THC apiece.

They are not "watermelon-flavored gummies." You can tell the difference because these are chewable troches. Got it? Wunderbar.

I've been experimenting with these a bit and 10mg seems to be enough to help me get a really solid 8 hours with just a smidgen of psychoactivity.

Well, either that or it increased my hearing level to the point that I could hear the blood traveling through my arm, so we're gonna go with "A Bit Buzzed" for 500, Alex.