Terpenstein Shatter from Silly Bees LLC

Welcome to the future, baby! It may be a New Year, but we still got the same old problems. Global tensions rising in a surge of nationalistic furor. Ever-widening economic disparity that'll increase exponentially along with automation. Hey, don't look at Fritz! He's useless, I promise. And, wait, did anyone catch all those psychotic clowns running around last year?

Mike Pence Donald Trump

 Oh, right, they're in charge of the country now. At least I've got some fire hash. The Gentleman always has an eye out for new delivery companies to share with y'all, because he knows some folks just aren't going to make it out to events like the Hash Bazaar. And there's no question I get asked more than where to find concentrate in DC. So when I came across Silly Bees, LLC (www.sillybeesllc.com), a DC cannabis delivery service (UPDATE: they do a lot of Events now) touting photos of several top shelf extract options to choose from along with flowers and edibles, they shot to the top of my list of delivery services to try. 

Terpenstein Shatter

 Scanning through the available products, I was sorely tempted by the Mendo Breath shatter (I've seen so much on Instagram about this strain), but that OG Kush Breath sugar wax looked divine. There's no checkout, no credit card processing, this is old school. The website has a contact page but also lists a phone number. I prefer the more direct method, so I texted my inquiry at 9pm on a Thursday and heard back within minutes to confirm my address & the donation required. The rate was reasonable, so I acquiesced. They replied they'd be over in 30 minutes and texted me they were pulling up in thiry-five. Wow! That is crazy fast. The driver was friendly, introduced himself, and handed me my gift in a white paper bag with their contact info was stamped on the front. I ran upstairs to see unwrap the Gentleman's Christmas present to himself. Dabs! Oh, you shouldn't have! Nonsense! And look, they match your eyes just so...  The packaging on the concentrate itself was very impressive. Double-thick, folded silicon sheets in an envelope bearing the logo of none other than Terpenstein! Ok, now I was lit up. I had some Terpenstein shatter back at King Weedy's place at a DC NORML meeting a couple months back and was immediately impressed with the clarity of the effect. A single dab was like flipping a switch in my cerebral cortex- my brain was turned to ON. This product is advertised as zero PPM- it sure as hell felt like it. Oh, wait up. Did I mention the free sample of Gelato Cookies #55 that came with my order?  I didn't even say I was the Gentleman! This mission was incognito and fan-freaking-tastic so far. The proof, as they say, is in the dabbing. 

Terpenstein Shatter flower

 First, the product I got look exactly like the picture I saw online. The terps bloom off the sheet, wafting sweetness and citrus. Wasting no time, I took my torch to my Budder Glass lemon drop rig and took a smooth, tasty dab. Oh, yeah. This was the mad doctor Terpenstein's stuff, alright. Instantly, my mood was brightened. I felt relaxed but remained alert, mentally agile, and ready to take on my daily tasks. This OG Kush Breath sugar wax makes for excellent daytime medicine.

Terpenstein Shatter close up

Since, I've got to try both the Mendo Breath shatter I had my eye on (the clarity on this is incredible) and the rich, complex terpenes of the Strawberry Banana Fig Newton, all Terpenstein. Both of these lived up to the earlier hype. In fact, this whole review could have just said "Terpenstein delivered" and that would have been all the info you really needed to know, but I gotta make with all the fancy words or they'll just replace me with a pissed-off, hyper-intelligent ape who will no doubt conquer these lands under the prehensile thumbs of his mighty primate army... 

ape with primate army

 Honestly, would you even know the difference? So, there ya go. Terpenstein. Delivered. Are you still here, DC? Go call Silly Bees (and Follow them on Instagram)! And Happy New Year!

THE BEST WAY TO FIND THIS CRAZY FIRE- GO TO THE *FREE* MONDAY NIGHT SILLY BEES/PHONE HOMIE COLLAB SESHES! Follow @silly_bees_llc and @phonehomie on Instagram for details!