Cookie Monster Strain - A Heavy Indica

Cookie Monster Strain - A Heavy Indica

When it comes to weed that will deliciously drop you into a deep relaxation, the Cookie Monster strain wins the ultimate prize. 

An Award-Winning Marijuana Strain

In fact, this award-winning strain took first place at the 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup, earning the title of Best U.S. Indica for the year. 


Cookie Monster Strain History and Origin

Cookie Monster is a pure indica cannabis strain with an unknown origin story. 


It’s crossbred from the one and only OG Kush and the popular Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strains, making for a dank nug that is both a beauty to behold and a sweet treat to smoke. 


Cookie Monster has a sole identity, so make sure not to confuse it with Monster Cookies! Monster Cookies is also a relaxing indica strain, but its parent strains are Girl Scout Cookies and Grandaddy Purple. An honest mistake, but an important distinction none-the-less!


Cookie Monster Strain Review

cookie monster strain review

Like the beloved Sesame Street character, the Cookie Monster cannabis strain makes its presence known. 


This heavy indica strain has a strong visual appeal and hits with a hefty high.  



One look at Cookie Monster’s nugs, and you’ll want to gobble this bud down as fast as its beloved namesake gobbles down actual cookies. 


Cookie Monster’s dense nugs are covered with sticky trichomes. It is a tri-color delight, with a mix of green flowers decorated with dark purple and bright orange pistils.


Terpene Profile and THC Content

cookie monster terpenes and aroma

Cookie Monster’s terpenes and THC levels make this cannabis strain a tasty delight that will leave you feeling good.



Myrcene is the primary dominant terpene found in the Cookie Monster marijuana strain. 


It has a spicy aroma that carries sweet undertones. 


Myrcene acts as a mood enhancer that brings out a balanced calmness. It is great for stress relief, calming anxiety, and assisting in sleep and relaxation. 



It should come as no surprise that the terpene pinene has a piney scent and taste. 


In fact, pinene is the most common terpene found in plants. 


Pinene works hard in the human body, helping to ease depression, inflammation, cancer, and respiratory ailments. It is also neuroprotective and antimicrobial. 



Linalool is a terpene with many attributes reminiscent of lavender (another plant you can find linalool in!). 


It carries a lavender-like aroma with a spicy mix blended in. 


Linalool helps to bring on a physical and mental state of relaxation, helping to relieve stress, ease depression and lessen anxiety. 


This terpene helps to boost the immune system and is antimicrobial. 


THC Content

The Cookie Monster strain averages a THC content of 17%, though it has been reported to come in as low as 14% and as high as 23%. Depending on where you buy this bud, you could be in for a potent ride!


Flavors, Aromas, and Effects

Thanks to its terpenes and THC levels, Cookie Monster will create a full sensory experience when you smoke it. 



Your tastebuds will love the effect of this strain’s smoke when it hits your tongue. 


The Cookie Monster cannabis strain has a sweet and vanilla-like minty taste on the inhale. 



Not only does this bud taste good, but it smells good, too! 


Once you take out these delicious nugs, you’re sure to experience a sweet scent wafting around you, with earthy tones and notes of mint and citrus aromas mixed in!



Ironically enough, you’ll want to take it slow when you smoke this green and not gobble it down as fast as possible as its namesake character does with actual cookies.  


The Cookie Monster strain has a slow burning high that will creep up on you, so tread lightly on your tokes. 


The high that this strain delivers will provide an immediate relaxation that will increase as time progresses. (And speaking of time - Cookie Monster creates a sensation of time distortion, so don’t worry too much about that clock or watch in the room.)


If you smoke too much, too fast, you’ll most likely find yourself suddenly melted into your couch and hunkered in for a nice stoned-out sleep session. 


When you find that happy medium with this strain, you’re in for a nice and long chill high that is euphoric and relaxing with a nice body high. 


The body high that Cookie Monster creates makes it a great cannabis candidate for managing chronic pain and migraines. 


Its relaxing effects make it a good green for reducing anxiety and stress levels. 


Cookie Monster is also a good strain to smoke before bed if you struggle with insomnia. Take a few solid tokes of this green at nighttime, and you’ll be counting Z’s with Cookie Monster’s friend, The Count, in no time!


Cookie Monster is also well known for bringing on the munchies, so keep your cookies close!


Where To Find Cookie Monster In DC

Are you looking to find some Cookie Monster in the DC area? Check out these I-71-compliant options.



District Organics is a solid choice for having your cannabis delivered straight to your door. Either order online or text your order, and District Organics will have it delivered free of charge in no time!



Out and about and looking for a good curbside pick-up location? Puff Kings is the dope spot to get your dank bud. This business will treat you like the king or queen you are, selling mystery digital art with the wonderful gift of green. 


Store Front

If you are looking for a dispensary to do some active shopping, check out Gifted Curators. This street art gallery has a wide variety of product offerings and a well-versed staff to help you find what you want!


Growing Tips

Cookie Monster is an easy weed strain to grow, so it’s a great option for beginner growers. 


Be careful, though! This sweet treat has a strong scent. So if discretion is your goal, you’ll want to set up some good air filtration and odor-blocking systems if you are growing this green indoors. 


Where To Purchase Seeds

Several online seed banks will ship Cookie Monster seeds straight to your door discreetly. 


The Seed Fair and Pacific Seed Bank both offer feminized Cookie Monster seeds that are available for shipping. 


Flowering Time and Cultivation Process

Cookie Monster grows into a medium-sized plant with an average cannabis flowering time. 


This plant produces high yields, which is another reason it is a great option for beginner growers. 


Growing Indoor Vs. Outdoor

Cookie’s Monster growth will vary depending on if it is grown indoors versus outdoors. 


When grown indoors, it will grow to a medium size of two to four feet. It has an indoor flowering period of eight to nine weeks and yields around 600 grams per square meter. 


When grown outdoors, the Cookie Monster plant will thrive a little better and can grow up to more than four feet tall. Flowering time outdoors comes in at a little over nine weeks, with a yield of anywhere from 450 to 550 grams per plant. 



The Cookie Monster cannabis strain is a great choice for those lazy Sundays when you want to smoke up and check out. Take a few hits of this gorgeous green and sink into some solid relaxation for the day!