CrossFader joint 

Shoutout to Top Notch Terps for their CrossFader! The Gentleman loves a good caviar joint, makes me feel like a fancy-pants. Now, flourish the pinky! The CrossFader starts with premium flower, coated in dry-sift kief, toss in some THC Isolate crystals, drizzle in longtime GT favorite Terpenstein! nug-run shatter. They come in Indica or Sativa varieties (I got the Indica). The CrossFader packs a punch meaner than Lohan's clique of Plastic frenemies. I had to put this thing out twice before finishing it! Plus it comes in the cutest little glass bottle with a cork lid. It'd make an excellent gift for your favorite stoner, so get two and we can smoke one now! And that's just a taste of the hotness Top Notch Terps has for you, DC! Jungle Boys flowers, Humboldt Cure x Nectar Stick collab vape cartridges, NUGbar and FlavRX edibles, oil from Bezel Extracts...damn. I want some stuff. You can find Top Notch Terps tonight at We Lit Tuesdays- 1544 9th St NW from 7-11pm. That's tonight, baby! 

CrossFader marijuana