Secret Cup DC - RESULTS!
Have you checked out the results from the Secret Cup DC yet? My own reviews of all the concentrate entries has been delayed by yet another broken wax pen. This is the third one where I got oil in the damn contact!  So it was back to the vape shop for a new one and I am hoping this one's inner cap solves this problem for me. I'll hold off on a review for a few weeks to see how it goes. Well, wouldn't you just know that one of the only ones I got to review and gave three stars was the winner overall. That's alright, folks, we aren't all gonna' agree on everything thing all the time! Entry # 3 is Big Worm Extracts' BHO Shatter. I spoke with the hashmaker, really nice guy from Massachusetts, and he informed me the taste was the result of some particularly smelly Skunk pheno in the lineage (was also Tangie x Chem, if I heard the guy right over the speakers). He also won the High Terps award at 2.43%.
The Secret Cup Judges and I did agree on all the Flowers! Dank by Pank entered #42, which turned out to be Gorilla Glue (I gave it 10 out of 10 but thought it was a Cookies strain it was so sugary sweet). Entry #43 was my other favorite (9 of 10)- that turned out to be Chemdawg 4 and Terplogic won second place for Flower and Best Solventless Concentrate (it was Entry #9). The blazin' hot gas that was Flower Entry #44 turned out to be a strain called Honey Banana (8/10 from me). Standing Akimbo won third place in Flowers and won both the Soil to Oil (awarded to best combination Flower & Concentrate Entries) and the Connoisseur's Choice award with their Live Resin (Entry #6). I can't wait to try that before my next work out. You can view all the results here: