Secret Cup DC Flower Entry #42 (Gorilla Glue)

Wow. Just wow. Ok, not just wow. I don't get paid unless words get made! I have opened three of the flower bottles and two of them were really dried out. I expected they'd all be like that, and this one was a bit, but it's so damn resinous it's still fresh. My sample of this one is just one big, gorgeous, light-green bud. It's got frosting that'd make Tony the Tiger jealous. It has a delicious, sweet aroma that instantly makes me think of the Cookie strains. I've had some Platinum Girl Scout Cookies from Tahoma Flavors out in Seattle and that batch left me unfulfilled, so I was a bit disheartened when I only had a light head buzz after the first bowl of this Secret Cup entry. This stuff's a creeper. After about ten minutes I was enjoying a sensual full-body high. I wasn't ready to go out and run a marathon, but I was definitely ready for something else! At this point, my mind was comfortably relaxed, as well, but what stood out to me most is how good my feet felt! They were light and weightless as these fine cannabinoids worked their way across my frazzled nerves. I'd recommend trying it if you have foot aches! I am going to be sad when all my Entry #42 is gone. Confession, I already smoked half of it today. I love this stuff right here. My Secret Cup Score- 10, baby, it's a 10!


Secret Cup DC Flower Entry #42 Gorilla Glue

 Flower Entry #42 (Gorilla Glue)