Reviewed: Street Lawyer Services

I-71 has been frustrating for many storefront owners, but it’s also forced them to search for creative ways to maneuver around the roadblocks of the legislation. Street Lawyer Services is no exception. It joins several storefronts that have thought outside of the box to make their business stand out, like the shop that sells workout plans to cannabis enthusiasts, or the store where consumers can purchase streetwear in order to receive a cannabis gift. At Street Lawyer Services, you get legal advice along with your nugs!

About Street Lawyer Services

Street Lawyers Services joined the Washington, DC cannabis scene back in 2019 and took the industry by storm with a highly creative I-71 storefront concept: they included cannabis gifting in their marketing to attract potential clients for legal services at the law offices of Lonny Bramzon. Street Lawyer Services sells coupons for legal services, and gifts a wide range of cannabis products along with them. 

Obviously, we all hope that we’ll never need a lawyer, but the reality is, nobody’s perfect. Someday you may require legal counsel — and in the event that you need to hire a defense lawyer, why not use your friendly neighborhood Street Lawyer, Lonny? You’ve already bought SLS coupons, so you’ll be able to purchase his services at a discounted price, from a business that you’re already familiar with. “Let’s say you get a DUI,” Bramzon says. “Things happen, right? A lawyer costs $1500-$2000. Why not save a couple of hundred dollars?” Makes sense to us!

What’s on the Menu at Street Lawyer Services?

The Street Lawyer Services storefront sits on beautiful H street in NE Washington DC near tons of shops, delicious restaurants, and grocery stores. The shop carries several options of flower, edibles, live resin and cartridges. The grade of cannabis gift you receive is dependent upon the price of the coupon you select, in a range from $50-$90. 


You can choose from various strains of indica, sativas, and hybrids, as well as an assortment of edibles like  lollipops, brownies, candies, chocolate bars and more! You can browse all the product categories, including cartridges, edibles, concentrates, and vapes, on the Street Lawyer Services website, which offers nationwide shipping for Delta-8-THC products.

The Street Lawyer Services Mission  

Founder Lonny Bramzon a.k.a. “Lonny the Street Lawyer” is a high-profile criminal defense attorney located in Washington, D.C., whose mission is to “get cannabis to the people, proliferate the culture, and change the stigma around this medicinal herb.” 

Street Lawyer Services

Street Lawyer Services describes itself as an “East Coast cannabis lifestyle brand,” with storefronts located all along the East Coast in New York City, Miami, and of course here in Washington, DC.

Check out Street Lawyer Services and start collecting your coupons for legal services at 409 H Street Washington, D.C. NE, or visit