Peace In The Air

This week, I received an interesting primer in how I-71 gifting shops get started. Plenty of street culture stores, like clothing shops, record stores and art galleries, have become gifting locations as cannabis becomes decriminalized. The overlap in clientele of people who love cool clothes, music and art with those who also really love weed is no doubt behind the shift.

Since 1996, when California implemented the nation’s first medical marijuana law, cannabis has increasingly moved from the counterculture towards the mainstream. Now viewed more as medicine and a safer alternative to addictive and harmful substances, as well as being a staple of street culture, cannabis has seen a true retail revolution. In DC, cannabis has been a major boon for tourism since I-71 was enacted in 2016 —  there are now nearly 40 gifting shops in the District!

About Peace In The Air

What does it look like when a small streetwear shop transforms into a cannabis gifting service? Check out Peace In The Air for the answer. With roots going back to the late ‘90s/early 2000s hip-hop scene, Peace In The Air is an offshoot of the streetwear clothing brand Grindstone. The store is primarily a clothing boutique. Originally located at another spot in DC, Peace In The Air moved to its current location on 18th St. NW after I-71 was enacted. The shop has found great success in the area, where it is surrounded by plenty of restaurants and vibrant nightlife. 

Shopping at Peace In The Air

To get into Peace In The Air, you enter through the Grindstone store, where you can enjoy the streetwear vibe and shop for clothing. Once inside, head to the back of the store. There, customers can purchase digital music and receive cannabis gifts. The music is all from the store’s in-house artists, most of whom are local. 

Peace In The Air has proven incredible dedication to its customers in the city through their delivery service during the pandemic lockdown period, serving folks all over the city so they didn’t have to incur COVID-related risks to procure their stash. The store is also committed to making the space more engaging for customers by running events like the silent disco they held earlier this month. 

What’s On the Menu at Peace In The Air?

In the back of the store, the gift and merchandise selection is what I would consider optimized, especially for the size of the space, which is quite cozy and personal. Peace In The Air stocks about 10 strains of flower in 3.5g gifts with digital music purchases from $50-100. They also have pre-rolls, candy edibles and local edibles from brands like Rocket Chocolate. 

Peace In The Air menuThe staff are very knowledgeable about the products – and they’re also lucky enough to get to stare at a gorgeous mural of a giant cannabis cola from their vantage point behind the counter. Additionally, customers who drop more than $200 can spin a wheel for the chance to win merch prizes or coupons towards future purchases. I left the store after procuring 3.5g of Pineapple Breath and a pre-roll as gifts.

Reviewed: Pineapple Breath

The genetics of Pineapple Breath are disputed. My speculation is that it’s Pineapple Express x OG Kush Breath. The strain had a really distinct pineapple flavor with a little bit of skunky bitterness and sweet dough undertones. I was especially impressed by the combination focus and muscle relaxation effects from a cerebral head high, which I’ve rarely experienced. The staff member who recommended Pineapple Breath informed me that the strain was the most sativa-like one in their catalog. Normally, I don’t smoke a lot of sativas as a stubborn OG fan, but I really enjoyed the flavor, and the effect did right by me when I had to wake up at 4:30 AM to get to the airport.

The Takeaway

I’ve been hearing about Peace In The Air for a while now, and I’m glad I finally got to shop there. More so than many of the shops I’ve been to, Peace In The Air seems connected with the DMV culture, and offers a friendly retail experience. The partnership with the Grindstone brand marks the shop as a point of cultural significance in the District, and the whole vibe they bring is something I would recommend to all looking for an easy I-71 gifting encounter.