District organics

District Organics Delivery started back in 2020 with a vision of creating a quality cannabis delivery service at an affordable price. Their company motto is “We don’t chase vendors to supply you. We only deliver products of the highest quality right to your doorstep, through our fast and local delivery.”

About District Organics Delivery

In order to make things work, District Organics told us that, “We had to pivot during the pandemic. We used to do more of a subscription based model, but when Covid-19 happened and people became more transient, we moved towards a more traditional delivery service.” They take great pride in their service because, “It took a lot of time to garner the experience necessary to consistently grow quality flower and to cultivate the best edible recipes. All of our most popular products are locally grown, we don’t import all of our flower from out of the state like most businesses.”  

The menu and products at District Organics

District Organics takes most pride in their focus on identifying strains that service medical needs, saying, “We have different customers that have different needs and our focus is that all of them get the effect they are looking for.” The company has done extensive research on their products to figure out which strains best treat different symptoms. In addition to servicing their high quality flower, District Organics is actually most popular for their hard candies. They say that, "People love our hard candies because they can microdose and a lot of customers use them for chronic pain relief.” However, the owner feels that their most underrated products are their rice crispy treats because of how good they taste, telling us that, “Our rice crispy treats are delicious and I think most people would buy them even if they weren’t infused.”

District organic pink rose
District Organics Pink Rosé

How to order from the District Organics menu

You can check out the District Organics website at www.districtorganicsdelivery.com. The website makes it super easy for customers to place an order. It will first prompt you to confirm that you are over the age of 21, then it will take you directly to their menu. Their current menu features 17 different strains of flower organized by indicas, sativas, and hybrids. In addition to a wide range of smoking options, they also offer edibles including hard candies, rice crispy treats, skittles, and even "stoner patch kids!” After you make your selections and add them to your cart, it will ask for your address to confirm your delivery. District Organics will deliver to customers in Washington D.C, PG County, Montgomery County and Northern Virginia.

district organics hard  candies
District Organics Hard Candies

The District Organics mission

With their business now up and running, the owner says that their main goal is to destigmatize the cannabis industry and show people around the city that this plant isn’t just for stereotypical “pot heads.” They want to continue to show that people of all backgrounds use this plant everyday to treat their needs. To sum things up, District Organics said, "We want to show people that using cannabis isn’t just solely about getting high, we have lots of evidence now that it can actually make people more focused and productive members of society, which will ultimately make the world a better place.” That’s a message we can really get behind!