Reviewed: Tenth Planet DC

This week, I was in a pinch before a couple of big drops and needed some bud I knew for a fact was going to do the trick. Whenever I’m in that situation, I have one specific guy that I reach out to because I know he’ll never disappoint. Tenth Planet DC is an online gifting service that sells digital photos and marketing services and offers free gifts of premium and designer cannabis under I71. Their cannabis gifts are only available for purchase in DC, and they offer mobile delivery.

Shopping at Tenth Planet DC

When I first found Tenth Planet DC on Instagram over a year ago, I thought there was no way they could carry high-quality products and run smoothly, but since then I’ve placed seven orders with them, and every time I’ve received fresh potent bud at a competitive price. I would say they’re one of the few services with flashy mylar bags where the flower inside is worth the hype of the design.

Placing an order with Tenth Planet is very easy. Just message their number or their Instagram account with your order, and it should be delivered within a couple hours. I’ve never waited more than two hours from my first message for my order to arrive. Unlike most storefronts on Where’s Weed, Tenth Planet has photos of all their flower on their website and responds quickly to questions about menu options.

What's on the Tenth Planet Menu?

Tenth Planet carries imported stock out of Northern California, mainly from two brands: Gas Station 415 and verifiable, legit Backpack Boyz. Backpack Boyz is known for being revolutionary in creating some of the first hype designer and “exotic” marketing. It’s pretty exclusive by California retail market standards and commonly faked. Gas Station 415 is a Backpack Boyz affiliate brand based outside the Bay Area which produces small-batch flower from Backpack Boyz cuts and other new-age designer strains. 

When I met up with Tenth Planet most recently, the sample I liked the most was the No Name Gold Edition by Gas Station 415. I’ve seen No Name on the menu consistently for months, and it was specifically recommended to me by Tenth Planet. GasStation415 sometimes offers Platinum Edition samples and this Gold Edition was on the same level — I’m guessing that this is called Gold Edition because the regular No Name branding has a platinum trim. In any case, this sample is seriously dialed in.

Reviewed: No Name Gold Edition

Looks wise, No Name isn’t the most impressive bud I’ve seen, but that’s mostly due to the especially tight trim and dense buds. The leaves on this bud are mostly a deep green with a good distribution of purple tones throughout. The purple becomes even more apparent on blend. The nugs have the common multi-foxtail structure reminiscent of most Cookies crosses. The bud smells fairly sweet with some underlying fuel notes. 

no name gold edition
No Name Gold Edition nugs are dense, sweet and gassy.

I haven’t been able to find the exact genetics on No Name. One source has it listed as Cheese x Sensi Star which doesn’t match the scent and flavor profile. The flavor matched the same sweet, gassy notes I found from the scent, and the effect from smoking a regular sized joint was quite potent, with a pretty smooth comedown. It looked, moved and smelled like it was fresh after grind, and it burnt well and smoked smoothly. My speculation is that No Name is GasStation415’s cut of Biscotti, renamed to avoid discord with Connected over the cut. 

At $70 an eighth with free delivery, No Name is an excellent value for high-quality bud. For the money, I’ve gotten substantially worse samples, and I felt like I got everything I was looking for out of the No Name Gold. It’s got potency to throw any seasoned smoker in a slump, and hits better than many samples I’ve had that cost a lot more. It’s a strain I’d highly recommend to anyone that likes the current wave of Cookies/Gelato x OG crosses. 

Overall, I highly recommend Tenth Planet DC for their excellent products, extraordinary customer service and frictionless experience. They’re open from 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM every day, except for appearances at pop-ups. Working with them is always easy and this was no exception. If you’re looking for elite sub-retail scale NorCal bud, Tenth Planet should be your first stop. You’ll get what you need every time, and it will always be fast and fresh delivery.