Purple Glue (Lucky Chuckie)

As you know, meeting leprechauns is usually such a tiresome affair. You have to find a rainbow, follow it to its end- which could very well be miles away- spook it towards your snare, then beat it about the head and neck with a phone book until it gives up the gold. Do you even know how hard it is to find a phone book in 2020? The whole business is rather...messy, no? What are you even going to do with that gold? Hoard it against the collapse of the American dollar, when we've seen that toilet paper will take its place as the most coveted of hard currencies? How very fitting, by the way. Quite quite. But now there's a better way to find a leprechaun, my friends! The Gentleman, at no small personal risk, what with my history of, uh, phone-booking its denizens, has ventured to the fabled lands of Arcadia to procure the services of one Lucky Chuckie to provide Washington, DC with pots of...well, pot. Is that...is that not what you were going to do with the gold anyway?



All you have to do to meet Lucky Chuckie is visit their website! Their weed gifts are listed on the menu page and include an extensive list of edibles. Once you've decided what you want, you can contact them by phone or text to place your order. They offer Pick-Up service for my on-the-go, A-type sativa peoples and delivery for laid-back, couch-locked indica crowd that's too busy searching for Ironwood DIY recipes to go out. Speaking of, if you can hook me up with a Cutting Board or two, it'd help me impress this super-cute chick, so shoot the Gentleman a Dodo code, c'mon.


lucky chuckie dc purple glue marijuana flowers close photo


Alright, no more soliciting Animal Crossing trades, let's get to the review! The Gentleman received a sample of Lucky Chuckie's Purple Glue to put through the paces. This Purple Glue is closer to a light green, approaching lime, offset by light brown hairs. The buds are narrow, but they retain some moisture and density is nice & tight. The manicure could have been done with greater care, as some extraneous stems remain, while trichome coverage is light. Overall, the bag appeal here is decidedly average.


While we have a deep appreciation for flashy, gorgeous flowers, you know that there are more important elements to consider than bag appeal- namely, the way it smells and smokes. Lucky Chuckie's Purple Glue certainly passes on both these criteria. Its aroma is spicy and herbaceous, like watercress with notes of mint. Every time I take a whiff of the ground-up Purple Glue, I think about applying it as a rub to some burgers cuz it reminds me of steak seasoning, but why waste such an excellent smoke? Easy and breezy like a Maybelline cover girl, this Purple Glue is exactly what we're looking for in our herbal medicine- smooth hits with no acrid bite, no coughing fits.


lucky chuckie dc purple glue marijuana flowers


Lucky Chuckie has this billed as an 80/20 indica dominant strain. I'd probably put this one at 60/40 from my own experience with it. If you smoke it when you're already tired, it'll help you drift off to dreamland, but it's not going to knock you out mid-day. More of a back-brain high, I'm relaxed enough to have a chuckle or two at some up-country degens, but my frontal lobes don't get bogged down in a fog. I'm still perfectly capable of both conversation and consideration after smoking a bowl, which makes it an excellent choice for working (from home) or socializing (at a state-approved distance, of course). Overall, we're not worried about the aesthetics with a smoke this smooth. The Gentleman is pleased with Lucky Chuckie's Purple Glue and can certainly recommend it.