Pop Rox (Exotic Blooms)

Long before the interwebs, mijos, we had the 80s. Ah, we were so innocent then. MTV had yet to discover reality television and played actual music videos all day. You had hair metal, synth pop, glam rock, and dudes on the corner rapping nursery rhymes. Movies (and their audiences) didn’t take everything so damn seriously. Hell, Tom Hanks did a movie where a lady was gonna bang a donkey at a party but it took too many drugs and died. That’s a fact. You can look that up. Some dude got rich off of Chia Pets, which were kind of clever, and somebody realized even that was too much effort and we’d buy Pet Rocks. Today we’re gonna keep the nostalgia train rolling and check out the Pop Rox flowers from Exotic Blooms.


We’ve already introduced you to Exotic Blooms’ sleek website where you can peruse a gallery of gorgeous weed gift photos for delivery in Washington, DC in my review of their London Poundcake. Once you’ve decided what you want, simply call or text them at 202-317-9158 to order your sticker pack.


My sample of Pop Rox is an exquisite bag of herbal emeralds. The buds are a light green with shocks of deep green and purple, surrounded by orange-brown hairs, perfectly manicured and absolutely smothered in trichomes. You’re gonna get some stuck to your fingers if you press on it to test moisture, which is ideal- it compresses under the weight of your finger and then springs back to its original shape. You can even feel some resin as you pull the tight buds apart. Overall, Pop Rox’s bag appeal is through the roof.


The nose on Exotic Blooms’ Pop Rox is similarly impressive. Candy-like sweetness with distinct fruit notes, it brings to mind Midsummer nights in the glen, where I shared dark cherries and passion fruit with wood nymphs below the stars as we made love…ah, but there’s nostalgia again. The smoke is rich, flavorful, and very smooth- no acrid bite, no coughing. You’ll want to take hit after hit after hit…

But you don’t want to do that til bedtime, cuz Pop Rox is a potent, knockout indica. Consider yourself couch-locked for the day at best, even accompanied by coffee, if you try to smoke just one full bowl. I’m not even attempting to write on this one, any such effort would be folly. If you can manage to stay awake, prepare for a ravenous hunger. I ate half a pizza, smoked, and my stomach was rumbling again an hour later.


Half a bowl is a more manageable dosage so you don’t fall asleep binging the American Horror Story 1984, which brings us back to a fun, fast-paced 80s slasher-fic set-up to enjoy with your Pop Rox. *Slaps roof* This bad boy can fit so many serial killers in it! Overall, the Gentleman is confident that Pop Rox from Exotic Blooms will exceed the quality standards of even the most jaded and be-monocled of cannabis connoisseurs. Give them a try, old chap, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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