Podcast Ep. 24 | The New Wave of Vape Tech with Davis Clayton Kiyo

EP. 24 | The New Wave of Vape Tech with Davis Clayton Kiyo



Dec 6 • 52 Mins.

This week our guest is Davis Clayton Kiyo, designer of the revolutionary Octave vape cartridge! How do you turn an idea into something you can toke? Kiyo explains his design process & philosophy from original inspiration to industrial scaling, points out how federal prohibition is holding back innovation, and weighs in on what the next generation of cannabis device tech could look like. Plus! The latest study to confirm teen use remains unchanged by legalization, important updates to the case of the Virginia toddler that overdosed on Delta 8 gummies, and the Gentleman celebrates an exciting new bill that would offer licenses to DC's gifting services instead of shutting them down.

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