Podcast Ep. 28 | The Grass Could Be Greener with Chris Becker

EP. 28 | The Grass Could Be Greener with Chris Becker



Jan 3 • 48 Mins.

This week we're joined by Chris Becker of The Honeybee Collective, an employee-owned, eco-friendly packaging company that aligns itself with sustainable farms, to explore his bold vision of how cannabis could be used to transform communities while reducing the industry's impact on the environment. We'll discuss the frustration among advocates at limited licensing opportunities in legal states and how The Honeybee Collective's creative workaround also allowed them access to crowdfunding. Plus! The Gentleman takes a look at THC potency lawsuits, a bipartisan bill to protect Kratom, and a roadmap for psychedelic legalization by 2037. Future stuff!

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